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  1. USFBULL2014

    Gasparilla Bowl Game Thread

    Charlie strong can get on a plane to Huntington, WV any time now
  2. USFBULL2014

    USF player in Jail

    Innocent until proven guilty
  3. USFBULL2014

    USF player in Jail

    “Hey man what’re you doin time for” murdered my neighbor “what about you man ?” unpaid traffic ticket and forgot my court date .
  4. USFBULL2014

    USF player in Jail

    He’s an 18-19 year old student athlete, likely doesn’t have much time for a job and probably doesn’t have much money. Bring him straight to court and give him mandated community service to pay for whatever fine he owes. Picking up trash, or doing community service somewhere that’s beneficial . Don’t put a dent on a young persons record for dumb **** like this
  5. USFBULL2014

    USF player in Jail

    ******** excuse to get an arrest . You don’t have to have a drivers license, yet they can arrest you for having one suspended . Just suspend his drivers license and if he gets caught driving without one take him to jail. Don’t take him to jail off an unpaid ticket lmao. I’m really not a fan of them arresting people for **** like this when you got rapists, murderers, and people selling pills, cocaine and other drugs . Figure the big problems out. An unpaid ticket doesn’t make you a criminal yet in the eyes of the ******** law you are
  6. Antigua was bad, very bad. But the expectations for the basketball program and the football program were very different . Antigua sucked and his staff was equally as bad. Strong sucks, his assistants are idiots and he doesn’t know what he word accountability means . It’s always players fault not his.
  7. USFBULL2014

    Buying a boat

    Bad day on the water is better than what we’ve witnessed
  8. USFBULL2014

    Buying a boat

    Same here. Can’t miss a football game but god knows I should’ve missed watching the last 5. Red tide is pretty bad but hasn’t touched the waters in Tampa bay near gandy . Just gulf side really. We’ve been also going offshore and producing grouper and big snapper . Good times . But definitely excited for this dreadful season to be over, more time for the boat !
  9. USFBULL2014

    Buying a boat

    No doubt but can make for a fun couple days a week . A lot of people get scared to take it out in the winter months. I was just out a couple days ago in 3-4 footers 15 miles offshore lol
  10. USFBULL2014

    Buying a boat

    Yeah I have actually and I fish all the time. Just cause they’re a licensed captain doesn’t mean they catch a ton . Maybe some enjoy boating and fishing as a hobby and not an in your face thing if you you take care of your car or boat it will take care of you
  11. USFBULL2014

    Buying a boat

    Buying a preowned boat is silly but you got warranties and what not with a new boat. Learned the hard way with a preowned boat. But hey @MaltLiquorBull any time you want to go fishing on that new boat let me know !
  12. USFBULL2014

    We suck

    Someone has to be fired after this. Inexcusable. They have their backup and they’re running away with it. Our coaches are clueless.
  13. Do they want to call #13 Davis for holding or
  14. Strong will tell us he thought kean played well