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  1. USFBULL2014

    Student attendance so far

    I’ve been sitting in the student section, and there isn’t even enough seats for the students. Standing in the aisle most of the time. Definitely need to open up more seats
  2. USFBULL2014

    Pregame announcer

    That he’s gone ? Me too... would’ve been nice . It’s bad. Whole student section cringes
  3. how does he still have a job. It’s really bad everytime he comes out but this year he’s even worse . FFS “Are you feeling HOT?” Of course we are it’s ******* 90°
  4. USFBULL2014

    Welcome Phoenix3

    If this game is close it’s gonna be a long season
  5. Chris oladewkin and Brett Sean will lead us to the promise land
  6. USFBULL2014

    Nate Ferguson Transferring

    Meh not a big loss
  7. USFBULL2014

    The thrill is gone....

    You guys want excited and energetic ? Probably shouldn’t sit in the 113-115 areas... you get told to sit down regularly. It’s a football game if u want to sit the whole game watch it on TV. Anyone that wants to is more than welcome to sit in our group in the student section. There’s always a party there and we have a good time regardless of th opponent. I’m more excited this year than most. It’s a nobody knows situation with the whole conference so I’m ready to see how it all plays out .
  8. USFBULL2014

    DJ’s non-TD

    I was standing at the fence on that play. Sure looked like he was in
  9. I was told from USF the tickets would be opposite the press box
  10. USFBULL2014

    Skip Holtz

    You know how the words like **** and ***** and ******* get blocked out .....so should Skip Holtz on this board. Man was the worst coach ever and torched our program. I’m hoping he considers the UCF gig
  11. USFBULL2014

    Out of Curiosity

    I like it. This man (or woman) is dedicated
  12. Who is going to the bowl game? If yes, how many in your party? i have 5 with me .
  13. USFBULL2014

    Birmingham bowl plans??

    Where’s the pep rally ? Is there a list of events somewhere
  14. USFBULL2014

    What Texas Tech thinks of USF

    I don’t believe flowers is that type of person . He’ll play and show out
  15. USFBULL2014

    Birmingham bowl plans??

    Hotel plans ? Looking to stay at team hotel with me and 4 friends.