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  1. I hope this is a good hire. Arkansas fans don’t miss him on Twitter.
  2. Yeah I never got those class rankings. If you have fifty 2 star players you beat a class with twenty 3 star players.
  3. NFL future? Did you watch the same Franks As I did at UF?
  4. Bo Pelini. If he could win at Nebraska, he can win here. He’s also a ****, which would be a nice change from Charlie.
  5. Club access. Two different brands. Henry’s is one of them and there’s another. One is sweet and another not sweet.
  6. If the #9 team beat Tulsa by 7, then the #23 team beating them by 1 sounds about right .
  7. After Skippy, I told myself I’ll never complain about a 9 win season ever again. So anything better than that, I’m happy.
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