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  1. 'Member 0-12??? Hey 'member 44-3??? Oh yea, I 'member!!!
  2. The disrespect is real.
  3. We are beautiful, no matter what they say.
  4. Horns out for Harambe.
  5. #BullsBuckNoles #BuckEmBulls #BuckFSU
  6. #LosTorosTerrorization
  7. Yes, and it was on display for everyone to see. I give them this game to shake it off but honestly, what I saw from Kean, he could sling better than Flowers. I expected more from Flowers and our entire offense for that matter. Let's hope we shake it off come next game.
  8. We turned up in 6 as well. Was a lot of fun. We had some 8 year olds come play beer pong with us, no alcohol during those games obviously and they actually had their parents coaching them and teaching them how to play. A bit awkward for us, but to each their own.
  9. Sat in 135 row k. Pretty weak, had the entire row free and could have moved up freely. Overall nice crowd though. Student section was filled nicely.
  10. Don't really know how merch is distributed among Marshall's but ours in Plant City has the all white UA Jersey for $19.99.
  11. Bealls is hit or miss most of the time on USF gear. Been getting most of my gear lately from Marshalls or Lids Locker Room.
  12. So my boss' wife works for USF Athletics right, so she gets 4 tix with club access for home games. So he gave me and his son their extra tix to the FSU game a few months ago. Then, this morning, I'm told that he forgot he gave them to us and gave them away to our VP of Sales, y'know a guy who can afford those seats in the first place. Just wanted to share my pain and contribute to 1,000.
  13. Will admit that I like seeing a QB for us who can scramble well, again.