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  1. Looks like if we saw less of Sawtelle, we would have lost this game!
  2. Like a few others, I have been mostly a reader these days and rarely have time or substance to contribute that hasn't already been said. Also having been around here since 2000, I have seen and been looking forward to each and every post you all write on this board. Charisbb's posts were great, and entertaining, and I (we) will miss his wit and insight. Each and everyone of you are a part of my life these days, and I wanted to thank you all for giving me hours and hours of wonderful and interesting reading each and every week. If we can all live our lives with the passion that Charlie has lived his, perhaps this world will be a lot better and more fun! Cancer and Diseases in general suck! My condolences to all of his friends and family and those he left behind when he was taken from us too soon!
  3. Keep in mind our best RB is not playing, and has some moves...
  4. No one plays half hearted when they are on the field. I just hope the coaches can watch the film and make adjustments to their run defense schemes.
  5. http://www.espn.com/college-football/game?gameId=401019472 Gamecast online as well so you can follow the stats
  6. https://www.iheart.com/live/usf-bulls-unlimited-7424/
  7. Bullumni

    WBB vs Tulane

    Yeah, seems like it was just last year... My bad.... 2 years ago... But nevertheless, she has taken over the team much Like CW did in her years here. Everyone thought it would be Laksa, but I think MJ has been more consistent in her play! As for the Level of competition, Yes we should win those games, but As you and I know. Every dog has it's day, thus any halfway decent great player can play lights out, and therefore can help a bottom feeding team beat competition much higher than them with a hot shooter or 2.
  8. Bullumni

    WBB vs Tulane

    To have such sloppy play and hot and cold streaks, and still come away with a win, is a testament to the determination of this team. We play lights out defense when our offense goes cold. I think K. Laksa is so frustrated with herself, but she will break out of her 3pt slump. She just needs to relax and have fun out there. Maria J., certainly is having fun out there and has taken over the team much like C. Williams did last year. You can tell Maria is having fun and working hard at the same time! I also like all the playing time our bench and freshmen are getting in these games. Getting them ready for the Big Show
  9. Bullumni


    Please keep in mind that these players are still young, & not being paid (other than a scholarship for some of them). Having a thread that declares that one sucks or is over rated is quite inappropriate at least until they are professional and getting paid. The internet has a long memory, and can you imagine how you would feel if someone searched your REAL name and up comes a bunch of Negative, Hurtful, Rude, and Name calling articles or threads on a message board about a time where you were still a kid (yes most college students are still kids while they are in college). I think I would like to have an unwritten rule of RESPECT that you can put names in titles but no "name calling" or "sucks" or "overrated" or things with negative connotations in the titles. Do on to others!!! We are just fans, but they have to live their lives as well. We should allow them to without harassment or embarrassment. Just my 2 cents worth
  10. Bullumni

    Reactions to the game

    You have seen all the talent we get and I doubt this will do much at all to help UCF recruiting over us in the long run. Look at what all the great recruiting did for FSU and UF this year. They would be middle of the pack at best this year in the AAC and you KNOW it. Don't try to deny it, or else I call shenanigans on you.
  11. Perhaps someone can put all these top plays into 1 YouTube video if they can find the clips?
  12. Bullumni

    Reactions to the game

    As much as we all hate the outcome of the game, this will be great for the AAC as a conference. I am not saying that it would have always been great for the conference, but the night we lost to Houston, the conference had a new torch bearer for the CFP, AP, and Coaches polls. Yes, we should have won last night, and had a few opportunities to either pull further ahead or score at least score the equalizers to get us to OT, but it didn't happen. I don't live in the past. No one should live in the past. Our fate is now sealed and we have to live with what we have in front of us and not behind us. That said, UCF has the opportunity to go Undefeated and represent the AAC in the New Years 6 Bowl, and also at the highest ranking (again, now that we lost the Houston game weeks before) than either USF or Memphis would have attained had we (they) won the conference championship. Can you imagine the wrench we (AAC) are about to throw into this mess of a CFP now that ALL MEDIA and everyone on Reddit, Twitter, Yahoo, Fox, CBS, ESPN, and practically all of social media are calling Last night's game the BEST COLLEGE GAME OF THE YEAR!? After the fact (Still I hate that we lost because most of my local friends are Gnats Alum or fans), I am going to love the chaos that will come of the CFP not even looking at UCF for a spot in the playoffs, even more so because of Miami losing handily to PITT?!?!?!?! There will also be other upsets on the horizon this and in Conference Championships. What a great time to have the CFP fall into disarray and anarchy!!!
  13. Bullumni

    WBB vs WSU

    Now that Football is done until the Bowl Game (whatever it may be) I hope that the rest of the Bulls Pen gets on board with Women's BB. So much talent, and so much fun to watch. We have a great team and if you can't get behind them because you think Women's BB is boring, then you are just another loser who really doesn't support USF. These ladies put their ALL out on the court each and every night, and deserve to be supported by ALL USF students, Alumni, and fans. This team will ONLY get better.
  14. I think if Mike can get the AAC into the P6, he deserves to have a HUGE pay raise!