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  1. Bullumni

    WBB vs Ohio State

    This team has a lot of potential Freshmen stars. Jordao & Harvey seem to be picking up for losing Jesperson & Flroes respectively. It looks like it's going to be another fun season!!!!
  2. Women's Soccer tomorrow at noon plays Memphis for an auto-bid (They already have a seat) to the NCAA Post season. For those who haven't seen them play, they are quite exciting if you like spots, & consider yourselves a USF fan. We have the most exciting player in the sport in Evelyne Viens with 19 goals scored this season so far. Our Freshman goalkeeper has been playing lights out lately and has only allowed 10 goals all year with some acrobatic stops. We also have the most prolific offense in the NCAA scorring an average of over 3 goals per game. The game will be on ESPNU Women's Basketball starts up soon, and Coach Fernandez has yet another great team this year. Kitija Laksa is looking to become the highest scoring player in USF history this year as she only needs to have 688 points this year to take the record. She has a great supporting cast, and will be sure to make the post season yet again this year playing some crazy good teams. Ranked #22/21 and even as low as #9 by one of the more respected voters. All the other teams (MBB and WSB) are also poised to have great years in their own right. So please remember that Football is not the end all be all as a source of pride! Go Bulls!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. You can listen to it on iheart radio until it hits TV https://www.iheart.com/live/university-south-florida-7424/
  4. Someone had tweeted a question to JK earlier this week about how USF seems to be playing to the level of our competition. He said he does not believe this is an actual thing. So my question is does anyone else seem to think that this is a possible thing, and that sometimes teams or players seem to take it easier for games they know they can beat and thus the games seem to be a lot closer if they were just a little more "into" it? I know in the sports that I play once in a while my teams seem to under perform against inferior teams, however not often.
  5. Bullumni

    War on I4 at the Cocktail Party

    Lets let this thread die, and concentrate on getting to 8-0 and get back to business. All is good in this world. We beat UCF in w Soccer and took the conference regular season title, and today we will beat the Coogs! Go Bulls!!!!!!
  6. Bullumni

    War on I4 at the Cocktail Party

    next to some What?
  7. Bullumni

    Women's Soccer Killing It

    It was a great game. UCF has some talented players... Their Goalie, one of their strikers.... and one of their defenders is from the Jamacian national team... She's crazy good. But we controlled the tempo of this game, took more shots on goal throughout most of the half (untill the desperation 5 min left where we just tried to keep the lead) and our perseverance won out. Viens is a BEAST for us... best all around player in the nation imo.
  8. Bullumni

    Women's Soccer Killing It

    Not to mention that they are the #1 Scoring offense in the NCAA D-1 Soccer at 3.21 goals per game & have the #2 best offensive player in the nation with Evelyn Viens scoring 17 goals so far this season. This team is stacked with a LOT of underclasswomen and will be potent for a few more years with lots of great players in the pipeline.
  9. Listening to today's press conference from CCS and hearing him talk about the youth of this team has me excited for our future season. We have a LOT of talent at most positions, and we have had a LOT of injuries to pre-season first teamers. With that being said, does anyone have a run-down of how many starts does each player have on 1st team Offense and Defense? With so many r-Fr/So and t-Freshmen starting on our team the past few weeks, it's no wonder why the teams have a few lapses in quality play. I think it shows that we have a ton of talent to be playing all these green players who would normally be inserted situationally throughout the year, and learning from the Juniors and Seniors on the team, and be managed by the team leaders. Can you imagine what next year will be like when everyone has some experience under their belt? This team is going to be a monster team when all the cogs are playing with confidence, experience, and in positions they are meant to be playing.
  10. I think its hilarious that the War Flamingo actually started in this very forum and has gained traction throughout the years to have become a tradition for some people. I think that anyone who has a problem with this should lighten up, because you see all kinds of strange traditions at EVERY sporting event and EVERY team's fans have the right to have fun and get excited about anything as long as they are rooting for their own team. Wouldn't it just be a crappy game if we all just sat in our seats and clapped and shouted "YAY" in a collective unison single inanimate "yay" for each good play the whole game? Lets let people show their individual joy for the team they love in the way they see fit. Fun = Fun
  11. Looks like if we saw less of Sawtelle, we would have lost this game!
  12. Like a few others, I have been mostly a reader these days and rarely have time or substance to contribute that hasn't already been said. Also having been around here since 2000, I have seen and been looking forward to each and every post you all write on this board. Charisbb's posts were great, and entertaining, and I (we) will miss his wit and insight. Each and everyone of you are a part of my life these days, and I wanted to thank you all for giving me hours and hours of wonderful and interesting reading each and every week. If we can all live our lives with the passion that Charlie has lived his, perhaps this world will be a lot better and more fun! Cancer and Diseases in general suck! My condolences to all of his friends and family and those he left behind when he was taken from us too soon!
  13. Keep in mind our best RB is not playing, and has some moves...
  14. No one plays half hearted when they are on the field. I just hope the coaches can watch the film and make adjustments to their run defense schemes.
  15. http://www.espn.com/college-football/game?gameId=401019472 Gamecast online as well so you can follow the stats