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  1. Given the amount of whiners, complainers, & questionable comments on here, I'm not so sure anyone on the team would WANT to be associated with the board even for money unless it got scrubbed. Even for money. Wouldn't that kind of be like a player supporting a (albeit small) group of people who at times bad mouth the individual players, coaches, & team as a whole?
  2. ahhhhhh, the retired life!!! Florida pictures in the background ✅ Tropical button down shirts ✅ Bourbon in the glasses ✅ Not much could be better than that!
  3. Next year we should easily repeat our success, and hopefully some of our younger players will emerge as superstars (ala Viens)
  4. TAM came with a lot of luck on their side, we had the better players, but they had the great fortune to having us commit a few mental errors with one in the box and a we just have had no finishing today.
  5. Now we have to keep them from wasting time or holding the ball
  6. We are getting many chances to come back, so we just need a good cross, or a great individual effort
  7. Plenty of time left. just gotta press and make your passes clean and in open spaces
  8. Not a very good Defense there to let that ball by and then trying to make up for it totally whiffed on the defense IN THE BOX
  9. Martinez has been playing loosey goosey this game. Very fortunate her teammates to cover for her
  10. 23 min to go and it's been evenly played on both sides of the field.
  11. It's easy to set up a recurring monthly donation using Paypal! Been doing it for years now!
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