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  1. One thing to consider with this record. ECU, UMass, and UConn each had two weeks to prepare for USF and Tulsa had three more days than we did.
  2. I had to leave open a loss on the third down play but that didn't happen
  3. Well, I think Kronkrite failed to get to 100 yards so his streak is broken. On a side note 602 yards.
  4. I think our team is Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hyde.
  5. Apparently not anymore. Haven't heard from Vivonetto since the first game. Can't still be sick can he?
  6. Pulled something or got a cramp he started stumbling before the defender got there
  7. back to the halfback dive to the right now.
  8. Good play by Felix,, broke a couple of tackles and tookl it to the house.
  9. according to espn we have 243 yards of offense and only 7 points (UConn has 170 yards of offense). This offense does not make sense, gets lots of yards, no points, and the plays do not seem to be anything other than going through motions.
  10. Gilberts offense gets yards but no points. This team doesn't start moving the ball until its uptempo and still can't seem to get mismatches.
  11. The problem is Gilbert, this offense is not good. Poorly designed, worse execution.