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  1. I've noticed this over the last few games. I know we play a 3-3-5 defense but why do we only rush 3 on third and long?
  2. Not yet, we still need to fumble the ball away and throw and interception.
  3. Obvious that the way to attack the defense is go to the edges. USF has nothing out there.
  4. Talk about different perspectives. Lets win this. The other don't suck.
  5. It was legit under the rules, but it really wasn't targeting, he began the tackling motion before the slide.
  6. There are always examples of quick turnarounds. USF could quickly turnaround if the coaching staff went out a recruited a lot of JUCO players, they have good talent to start with, and the players buy into the system immediately. Under that way your will have quick success for three years (long enough for the coach to get a contract with a high- paying school). The coach that follows up has nothing to build on so the program sinks back into mediocrity (at best). If you don't have those three items it takes more time. The rebuild path listed is not built out of some fantasy. This is how p
  7. Now that the board has had a chance to do its meltdown and appropriate exaggerations and overreactions, let us take a more serious look at how the rebuild is going. Remember that a rebuild follows specific patterns First year: There are lots of losses and many of them are ugly, the key is improvement over the course of the year. There are steps forward and backward during the first year. The performance in one game is no indication of performance in the next game. One or more parts of the team will play poorly in most games. Second Year: There are still many losses but there should a
  8. I doubt that CJS loses anywhere near $250,000. Once again pay attention to what is said. First, its a reduction in salary. If CJS has a standard head coach contract he has a base salary and guaranteed endorsement money. The endorsement money is probably not subject to the reduction. I suspect that only the guaranteed amount would be subject to the reduction and if USF has the endorsement money to cover the guarantee there will be no reduction in this portion at all since that is not salary. The second part is that the reduction is until the end of the year. Is the year the contract year or the
  9. View this quiz Defensive Game Records Quite a few of our records have been repeated multiple times so the format of the questions is a bit different. Once again many of the answers are back in the day. Submitter Buller64 Type One Right Answer Time 5 minutes Total Questions 10 Category Member
    • One Right Answer
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    Quite a few of our records have been repeated multiple times so the format of the questions is a bit different. Once again many of the answers are back in the day.
  10. Should be interesting. The stoppable force against the moveable object (USF offense vs ECU defense).
  11. In one series McCloud has mnore completions and yards than Marsh and Fortin.
  12. Our offense will not improve until the passing game improves. Right now the defense is just playing run and daring us to throw and we can't do it.
  13. Well, anybody can support whoever they want for QB. None of them have shown that they deserve the spot.
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