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  1. There is an interesting article on recruiting during the stay at home period. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/ncaafb/mapping-the-fallout-will-recruiting-become-more-regionalized-in-wake-of-coronavirus/ar-BB128Xa0 Jeff Scott thinks this will help USF recruiting. USF coach Jeff Scott pointed out a potential benefit for his program. The under-the-radar players in the Tampa area who are identified in spring ball and get one offer – setting off a domino of others – will likely stay unknown. That could give USF, and schools like it, an advantage in keeping some hidden gems local. “Some of the guys you know about in your local area may stay a little more protected, if you will,” he said.
  2. I actually thought Strong would work out as USF coach. I'm a believer that that coaches should stay near where they developed because they understand the style of football played by their recruits. So I thought that Strong's problem at Texas was trying to put in a style of play that was new to the Texas players. Since he was most familiar with Florida and southeast U.S. style of play that he would do better here than in Texas. I didn't realize that his real problem was lack of accountability on the football field. He never put in any effort here. When we look back at our previous coaches the successful ones put in a lot of work effort (Leavitt, Taggert) and the unsuccessful ones didn't put in the level of effort (Holtz, Strong). Now to be fair, Holtz did put in the effort on offense but definitely not on defense. Strong doesn't appear to have put in effort anywhere.
  3. And here I was thinking it would be Puc who would be the first.
  4. After seeing that, I gotta get a filling.
  5. And since you are watching the races with her who do you "cheer" for?
  6. Friend: Do you watch racing? Me: Yes Friend: Who's your favorite driver? Me: It's complicated .... If you are really starved for sports competition I can suggest Marbula 1. A marble racing circuit based on Formula 1 racing. The teams competing are listed below and here is a link to the first race qualifying. Qualifying Savage Speedway Race 1 Teams are: Savage Speeders, O'rangers, Rojo Rollers, Team Primary, Team Galactic, Team Momo, The Hornets, Balls of Chaos, Midnight Wisps, Green Ducks, Mellow Yellow, Thunderbolts, Raspberry Racers, Hazers, Snowballs, and Limers. I was bored one day so I watched one of the races and decided to pick a team before the race. I found it interesting and watched a second. I guess its just like potato chips, you can't watch just one. FYI, I "cheer" for the Savage Speeders.
  7. Naturally on most football teams the most popular player is the backup quarterback. Usually the backup is a backup for a reason. That may not be the case with Quinton Flowers. He has seen limited action and did have a poor week 2 performance but three weeks into the season he appears to be the Vipers most explosive quarterback. Maybe it doesn't translate well for a full game. Maybe Flowers has been playing so well because the other teams aren't preparing for him. But with a QB rating of over 90 in two out of three games, Flowers is the highest rated quarterback on the Vipers. I know I've heard it, he is too short, he is sometimes inaccurate. These are true but with the performances that have come out of the QB position over the last two games Its time to try Flowers, full time. From Pat Yasinskas, XFL.com Week 3: What we learned In a league with a three-game season, it’s time to panic when you start off 0-3. That’s happening in Tampa Bay. In a Week 3 loss to Houston, coach Marc Trestman turned play-calling duties over to offensive coordinator Jaime Elizondo. Things went relatively well as the Vipers, who had not scored an offensive touchdown in the first two weeks, scored 27 points. But they still lost and their quarterback situation is muddled. It’s time to clear that up. It’s time to turn things over to Quinton Flowers. Original starter Aaron Murray played poorly in the opener and has missed the last two games with a foot injury. Backup Taylor Cornelius has started the last two games, but he’s not the answer. He completed just 52 percent of his passes and threw an interception Saturday. Flowers, a fan favorite who played at the University of South Florida, got some playing time against Houston and looked like the Vipers’ most explosive quarterback, posting a 93.1 passer rating and running for a touchdown. Flowers should get the start next week against the DC Defenders.
  8. Instead of retiring numbers, retire the jersey. This is what the Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers, and San Francisco 49ers do. The Bears have more HOFers than any other team (been around longer too) and the only number they have ever retired is #40 for Brian Piccolo. They honor their greats by retiring the jerseys, which means that no one can use that number on that jersey. So when the jerseys change they can use the number again. Honors the great players but doesn't cause number issues in the future. Since NFL trams can change jerseys every 5 years keeps things fresh. The standard needs to be pretty high. For most professional teams having a great career and winning isn't enough. It pretty much needs to be indisputable and frankly USF hasn't had that type of player in football yet. In women's basketball you do have Wanda Guyton who won the Division 1 National Player of the Year (85-86, I think).
  9. Yeah but they got no passing game so can they get into field goal range? If they can they win, they have a field goal kicker, we don;t.
  10. Ugh we have 300 yards and only 17 points. Cinci has only 190 yards and 17 points. Is Sterling Griffin on the sidelines running the offense?
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