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  1. Wow 55 pints in this game, after that Wisky game I wouldn't have thought 55 all year.
  2. Realisitic assessment, good game by USF but they truly do out talent SCST. There are still far too many mistakes on defense and the offensive line needs a lot of work. It is goign to be a long season but if these issues are addressed USF could be bowl eligible but not much more than that.
  3. Our best defensive play so far tonight has been a SCST drop or turnover.
  4. We are also playing a much worse team than the past two weeks. Maybe the O-line will learn how to block during the off week.
  5. Our Oline stinks, there is no other way to phrase it. Well, actually there is but not politely.
  6. Barrington is really stretching to find something positive to say on the radio.
  7. I think temple defense is decent but they have given up a lot of yards. I think TDs will be hard against them but not ball possession. Maybe temple is living on borrowed time defensively.
  8. Temple: 2 goal line stands in less than 2 minutes. Great D by Temple or lousy offense by Maryland?
  9. Yep Syracuse being ranked to start the season shows how much guessing is going on.
  10. Maybe they won;t blow it, After giving up 55 yard return they had a great goal line stand.
  11. Cinci righted the ship in the second half, 35 -14 with m 5 minutes to go.
  12. He just doing that so he doesn't fall asleep while watching this offense.
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