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  1. You mean them beating up on a team with just one win against a FCS and that one was UConn. I think Houston this year is the second worst team in the conference. WE at least beat ECU and BYU in addition to UConn. They play at Tulsa to determine which team finishes last in the West. UConn is worst team by default.
  2. Before everyone goes crazy about Rygol, remember a QB that has no tape on him always looks good. His performance is so-so on completion (5 of 11) and it may look better because he is throwing the ball further downfield than McCloud. Teams offense looks good when there is good blocking so it still revolves on the OL. The question is if the OL can do it against a team that matches up well with them in size. I know the offense ddn't do well against Navy but the OL did.
  3. Rygol looks better but he is 4 of 9, so there is no evidence that he is better than McCloud, but he can throw it further right now.
  4. Hmm, admittedly it is ECU, but we are playing better against them than UCF did. Quick drive 66 yards, 6 plays 3:18.
  5. Pretty risky offence being played right now. Running the QB on designed plays, when you have no backup, with JM and JE both hurt.
  6. Wow a sustained drive 15 plays 7:11 off the clock. Old time football
  7. Does seem like USF is doing a bend but don;t break defense this year. BYU moved the ball a lot on USF but couldn't convert them into TDs. Same thing this game.
  8. Sorry puc but thats not what most people were saying. They said that we needed a more mobile quarterback because the OL was so bad. You were even agreeing with it. The OL has improved over the year (still not where it needs to be) the QB does have time on most passes but is not hitting the passes.
  9. Even if not an INT its a third down stop which is amazing.
  10. JM started 4 of 5 but is now 6 of 10. Passing goes away if he tries to go downfield very far. Not real good cause this offense is set for intermediate level passes.
  11. 4 penalties so far and we are still int eh first, now thats discipline
  12. 47% third down conversion rate, Defense needs to learn how to count to 3, they seem to stop playing after 2.
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