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  1. USF turns ball over, running into our own player on a break away. Embarrassing.
  2. Mad Cow Lounge password?

    Sign me up as well for the password-train, por favor!
  3. National Signing Day '17

    Strong on ESPN2 right now.
  4. Fans today

    How did that happen? Was he in the stands at the time?
  5. We will almost certainly be in the final Playoff Poll though. #23-#25 have already lost their bowl games, and more will follow. I have to imagine we were right on the outside, and they would have to be idiots to fail to recognize an 11 win season. Then again, this is the College Football Playoff committee we are talking about...
  6. What in the hell was Harris thinking there...
  7. Why this evening specifically? Are decisions expected to be made that rapidly? Either way, I am absolutely loving the offensive playcalling so far. Loving these formations, and TD Flowers!
  8. How well do we need to do for Weist to be retained as offensive coordinator? Or is it a forgone conclusion at this point that Strong will bring his own man (Gilbert) in?
  9. Thanks everyone for the interest!! I knew of one of the other Bulls podcasts, I didn't realize there were three out there (granted some are infrequent). My goal is to make this a weekly effort, I don't think there should be an issue there. And rather from being from the perspective of insiders/recruiting experts/professionals, I want this to be a "by fans, for fans" effort. Lighthearted spirited conversation on our favorite college program.
  10. Once I get the engine rolling, I would love to be podcasting weekly starting next season. Until then, intermittently while I set up the structure/foundation of this podcast.
  11. If/when I make this a regular thing, then absolutely! At the moment, just on Soundcloud (I'll try to figure out other ways to download it) EDIT: Here's a downloadable link for those who would like one: https://tvjunkie93.podbean.com/mf/download/zm23kn/USFBullsPodcast.mp3