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  1. What, exactly, does "recognise" mean here ???
  2. charsibb

    Welcome JoeMama

    we now officially need an army boots emoji!
  3. charsibb

    Welcome BANDITBULL

    Those were some fun games, to be sure!
  4. charsibb

    Did You Know?

    Nice stats, now add the SOS...
  5. charsibb

    Welcome BANDITBULL

    Steve Spurrier? That you? LOL
  6. charsibb

    Skip Holtz Son Is GA At Ohio St

    why is this on the main board?
  7. Don't see his name on the roster.  Didn't he just die in Arizona ???
  8. You have an interesting definition of "worst" considering how that game turned out, LOL
  9. charsibb


    Forty-some years ago, my big brother was in town for a visit so we all went to Bern's. When he ordered a $200 bottle of wine ($600 today after inflation), I nearly pooped my pants! No way some spoiled grape juice could be worth that kind of money, LOL
  10. Curses, foiled again !!!!!!!!!!! LOL
  11. Grammar Police here. No proof of multiple chairs!
  12. Unlikely. Running up the score is not CCS's style. He doesn't play the politics and is happy to win by a single point. Big part of last year's "gutless" indictment.
  13. Ronnie something or another. I think he ended up going to USCe Ronnie Bass. Yes he played 4 years for the Gamecocks
  14. charsibb

    Critiquing Joey Knight

    maybe he just wanted to take the wife and kids to mickeyworld and stopped at the campus so the paper would pay for the trip over and back.... #PadThatExpenseReport