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  1. charsibb

    You just got hired...

    Hit the Bull, get a Steak Dinner!
  2. charsibb

    Scheduling Philosophy

    Love that we are doing this. We should keep BCC and FAMU on a rotation.
  3. charsibb

    100 days

    Hey, if we're going to do dance moves, at least let's make it USF related
  4. ...and that’s friggin quick...”too shy”... You Bas***ds! Now it's stuck and won't go away.
  5. charsibb

    You just got hired...

    So offering 2-for-1 discount coupons at Mons is off the table? Bring back the Boxcrusher ad! Hire former athletes and alums for an ad campaign and blitz the local media Put the Big 4 billboard back up and leave it up.
  6. charsibb

    Scheduling Philosophy

    and nobody will schedule us. Home OR away.
  7. charsibb

    100 days

    Best cuban sandwich can be found at __________ .
  8. charsibb

    AAC Tournament

    #2 in the regular season, #3 in the tourney, and a punched ticket to the NCAA's with at least a shot at Omaha. In a rebuilding year. With a new coach. I'll take it. Go BULLS!!!!!!!!!
  9. File that one under "Be careful what you wish for..."
  10. charsibb

    Scheduling Philosophy

    As long as we win, I'm fine with payday one-fer's
  11. charsibb

    New kicker!!

    Hey. A little bit of a kicker is better than no kicker at all...
  12. charsibb

    100 days

    WTF?!?!>? Baseball is still alive for the conference title, and both BB and SB are playing in the postseason tourneys. Purgatory is still a ways off!
  13. charsibb

    AAC Tournament

    No, only 2 games max today OK, that makes sense. We still want UH to beat ECU today so we don't have to beat ECU twice.
  14. charsibb

    AAC Tournament

    Say what? We have to play 3 today and UH doesn't?