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  1. Strange that he would announce it such a short time after the new AD arrives. Wonder if there's a connection?
  2. charsibb

    USF Volleyball Schedule

    Sorry, but 4 straight shutout losses to the kannigits is already too much patience.
  3. Don't see how she could be #1 PLAYER in Europe when she was only the #4 FORWARD in Hungary,
  4. charsibb

    Well, there's a missed opportunity . . .

    In your place, I would absolutely liked to have heard from Athletics, even if it was 5 minutes. As a student, I would have also liked to know about the intramural program possibilities!
  5. charsibb

    USF Volleyball Schedule

    Losing to the kanniggits in straight sets four times in a row without scoring is a fire-able offense. In any sport. She's gotta go.
  6. charsibb

    Your Breakout Footbulls for 2018

    A solid 225 would certainly do the trick. I wanna see him stay away from the 205 range. Even though he played for WVU rather than USF, I miss watching Owen Schmitt. Wish we had a fullback in that mold.
  7. Wow, another great get from a tiny nothing town in the middle of nowhere. How does he do it?!!! Would love to see her wok on her jumping skills and be able to dunk it before she graduates!
  8. charsibb

    Alton Voss lead GFL in Sacks.

    Has this become a thread for proclaiming the accomplishments of folks who never saw the field as a Bull? I bowled a 250 once, the night after staying in a Holiday Inn...
  9. charsibb

    The year in review

    Very nice. Proud to be a BULL!
  10. I'm guessing they're getting room and board, and some spending money? How does this not kill their college eligibility? In any other sport, it would, no?
  11. Like I said. Mediocre would be an improvement
  12. There's an old saying, "If you want to be the best, you have to beat the best." It's pretty clear we just want to be mediocre. That said, after the past couple of years, mediocre doesn't sound so horrible.
  13. Biggest news since the University was founded!