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  1. Looks Like UCF is Almost Sold Out

    I’d be worried if I attended. That stadium has serious structural issues.
  2. UCF will beat USF by +21

    After all the upsets this year I say it’s up in the air.
  3. Make sure you visit the article for the entire content, plus the photos are alarming. UCF stadium has failing areas, report shows; some fixed, school says Mary Shanklin The decade-old University of Central Florida football stadium is rusted and corroded, with some “immediate life safety concerns,” according to an engineering report that says repairs could cost $14 million. University officials say they have fixed the worst problems and are weighing long-term plans. According to the report, which was contracted by the university and completed in August, Spectrum Stadium’s rust problems have affected the structural integrity of the 45,000-seat venue at the university’s main campus in east Orange County, Corrosion affects more than 80,000 square feet of the stadium, it said — four stairways had heavily rusted supports and a potential for “significant section loss” at the time, the TLC Engineering report found. Areas of the stadium’s fireproofing were cracked, corroded and graded “failing.”..
  4. "I was right" - Charlie Strong

    “Let’s go for it on 4th”, lost the game. Who said that, repeatedly?
  5. TBO's Baker is such a piece of ****

    UCF has scored a min of 38/gm and not allowed over 17 so I’m not sure what you mean about being more caught up with schedule than performance on the field.
  6. CBS Sports Network

    What I mean is the apps for the different channels are like a dvr because they will have the episodes. Can you sign into the AMC app? ESPN? Destination America? Thanks
  7. CBS Sports Network

    I might switch in the off-season to directv, they have History and CSpan which Vue doesn’t. The one thing I wonder about though is what apps you will have access to with DirecTV. Even if they don’t have a DVR yet you can use apps as a DVR. With PlayStation Vue you virtually have access to every single one of the channel apps using your Vue credentials.
  8. CBS Sports Network

    Vue has all the Discovery networks. You also get access to all their Go apps. Vue doesn’t have History.
  9. CBS Sports Network

    Yes, there is a time gap streaming vs live, no big deal. I’m more concerned with saving money. I have more channels at half the price when I had Dish. And I can access my dvr on any device.
  10. CBS Sports Network

    No NFL Network or RedZone. Only Sling and Vue have them. Vue also gives access to every channel’s go/now apps. i use Comcast Business for my internet, no cap, but only get ~18mbps. No buffering issues. I could go residential with their 1tb data cap and get a speed boost but of course it’s not easy to switch.
  11. CBS Sports Network
  12. The direct result of monetizing college sports. Not surprised at all.
  13. CBS Sports Network

    Nope, I tried to be sure.
  14. Tulsa Game Needs to be Moved

    It’s the national stage. Other schools would kill for the exposure.