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  1. One of my friends in the 80s, when I attended USF, was Wisconsin's HC Steve Yoder's son. He's the director of operations of MBB now at U of Houston. Just reminded me of that when you mentioned Wisconsin.
  2. They did one on the 0-26 Bucs. Great series, as good as anything NFL Films has done.'-'The-Timeline'-Tells-Story-of-the-0-26-Tampa-Bay-Buccaneers.aspx
  3. Snyder wasn't much better. He's left a trail of tears as D.C.
  4. Serious isn't the issue. It's economics. And what has a pretty fantastic facility in the updated Sun Dome done for the MBB program? And is it packed every game? Reality is that even successful P5 teams have attendance woes. And my sister, also an alum, was telling me that her alumni friends in Sarasota love going to games at Ray Jay, especially compared to the cost of a Bucs game.
  5. And the athletic department would be broke by now after all the losing seasons with an empty stadium.
  6. Awesome. Probably means Mizzou won't be trolling here for awhile.
  7. Did he interfer with the investigation too? I think for any potential employer of a HC, this is a huge red flag.
  8. I'm hoping his contract has a no games on CBSSN clause.
  9. So...what happened at Texas? Why did he fail?
  10. I said head coach. I saw the 40 burger put on his defense, sure. And that set of LBs in SF, I could have coached. Conversely, Holtz has head coached in the FCS playoffs, and two different FBS conference championship games, multiple times.
  11. Don't like the guy one bit.
  12. Skip has head coached in more championship games than Leavitt.
  13. The powers at the NCAA that have created a football system of haves and have nots. The salary caps in pro football, if they did it to college coaching staffs, would do a lot to end the dominance of a few well funded programs.