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  1. UCF cancels another game

    It was luck that Irma jagged East. Otherwise USF would be doing the same.
  2. Memphis

    Is going to cost Jim Mora his job.
  3. He did on espn, "responsible for 5TDs" graphic on Goal Line today.
  4. She's in the orchestra and is starting volleyball. I think she is doing either flag or band next year. I think she only wants to play Madden when it comes to playing football.
  5. The best thing about tonight, my 14 year old daughter is finally interested in football, being her first year in high school, and watched the first half of the game with me.
  6. Wait, so that 30 second blurb was them discussing USF at the half?
  7. The refs are going to ice their arms during the half. Flag fatigue.
  8. Game on!!

    They know about it in St. Louis
  9. Game on!!

    They started watching film as soon as UConn was cancelled.
  10. Ray Jay

    What a mess.
  11. Ray Jay

    So if Raymond James is damaged beyond ability to use, what alternative venues are available?