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  1. I have watched several of the old games (thanks again python) and wished each time we had a defense like they did then . I was thinking that "if* we had a defense like that last year and with the offence last year we would have likely been 12-0 and in a new years bowl game...nice to dream . Hopefully we get the old style defense back next year with a new and improved O... Come on Strong take us to the highest level !
  2. Maybe we should go with a proven loser...
  3. Great story. Put out by a reporter in Orlando. Hmmmmm mole
  4. thanks for the final score ! Was listening to it on gobulls audio and wouldn't you know it suddenly quit around the 4th inning . Why can't they do better with the audio beats the life outta me . I give up on bulls vision long ago .
  5. 46,000 in first game ! Really fun to watch .....side note: Wished Harlan would pull out the stops by having fireworks , live bands etc . Anything to fill the stadium like they did for that game ..
  6. Hire Bartow Bring Back Heath Bring Back Greenberg None of the above!
  7. Great looking little lady....Dad is gonna have fun ! Ah the good ole days
  8. I know that we have had some good ones. But there are more misses than hits and the misses take up scholarships . But someone has to be on the practice squad I suppose so I guess it is a wash .
  9. With the way Antigua messed this team up staying within 20 of a ranked team is a win in a sort of way . At this point I take anything positive as a plus .
  10. I see what you did there...I screwed up . .I had high hopes for Cherry and did not know he had left the program . Seems like transfers are not worth thew hassle as most never accomplish much and are duds .
  11. I hope Voss gets a shot in the NFL even if it is on the practice squad
  12. Hey if they keep the score within 20 or less that is a win for Bartow
  13. If they is gonna go please take two lane with em,, then give us Air force and Colorado state . I doubt that Conn goes anywhere.
  14. Arkansas State would be a good fit And with it being only 100 miles from me I would be able to see my Bulls live once and a while .