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  1. Quiz: QUIZ: USF - UConn Series

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 40/100 My Time 136 seconds  
  2. Ranking Prediction

    24 ---- Unranked
  3. Predict how high USF will go in the polls this season

    #12 at the end of schedule . #10 after we win the conference championship . #5 After we win the first round of playoffs We lose championship game but still finish the season ranked at #2 in the nation.....
  4. If our schedule is hot garbage then we should be unbeaten this season . But if we lose to anyone then that puts our Bulls just a hair above garbage no ?
  5. why we all know it was Skippy Boy that righted the ship
  6. Classic Football Game Videos

    Thank everyone for these videos . I have watched almost all these games and am looking forward to see the "new" ones . I traversed a lot from City/state so I missed most all televised games . But now that I am retired I have lots of time to watch
  7. I have watched several of the old games (thanks again python) and wished each time we had a defense like they did then . I was thinking that "if* we had a defense like that last year and with the offence last year we would have likely been 12-0 and in a new years bowl game...nice to dream . Hopefully we get the old style defense back next year with a new and improved O... Come on Strong take us to the highest level !
  8. Head Coach Basketball

    Maybe we should go with a proven loser...