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  1. The renewal option was made available at 10am as advertised. I renewed my 6. Out of curiosity (the answer may not yet be known), will there be an option to request jersey size?
  2. FazaUSF

    USF Future Scheduling Strategy

    So does 2019.
  3. Somehow the way this conversation turned reminds me of reading a Dilbert comic strip.
  4. FazaUSF

    Tom Jones mention of Flowers

    No way Tom Jones wrote that. Someone else wrote it and submitted it under his name so he could have a <100% rate of shameless hate on USF.
  5. They were generally dismissive of USF, the AAC, and highly arrogant. I was humored by their frequent cheerleading for their B12 conference. They were fairly uneducated about football outside of their conference as well. Generalizations, but deserved.
  6. FazaUSF

    AAC > ACC

    We used to have a lot of pride and support for our Big East brethren. How times have changed...
  7. FazaUSF


    I havent watched ESPN in 10 years except for when I am forced to because it airs USF games. They are destroying college football, and have been for some time. Boycott that ish, I say. Wish the AAC would sign with some other network which would promote us and pay more than beans.
  8. FazaUSF

    McCants Thread for next year

    I will never forget watching Jesse Hester Jr. catch the game-winning pass from Matt Grothe in 2007. McCants has already proven himself a hell of a talent, and I believe he will play on Sundays too. The awesome TDs he scored this year and that video of him dragging the UCF player will live on. I just hope he gets that moment like Hester had, like Amarri Jackson had against Louisville, etc.
  9. FazaUSF

    Birmingham bowl plans??

    Anybody wanna hit Jackson's for lunch? Plan to be at the pep rally at the Uptown district before 5, then the USF fans are hitting Cantina Laredo for happy hour 6-8
  10. Hey yall - prior planned attendee had to get surgery. I have 2 BHam Bowl tickets in the USF section 37 if anyone needs them. Best Offer or most beers offered...
  11. FazaUSF

    So Who's Going to B-Ham?

    I am flying up tonight, staying at the Aloft. What are everyone's Friday night plans (after pep rally)? Is anyone tailgating? Like... a real tailgate....
  12. FazaUSF

    USF @ UCF Game 11/24/2017

    The lots we used to go to (B12-13) are now retention ponds, and UCF hasn't updated its campus maps. Lots 10&11 across the street are where the USF fans are gathering. Across Libra from the water tower, just before intersection with Gemini. 3-story Rocky will be up in an hour. Accountant check ur DMs
  13. FazaUSF

    2 UCF Tickets for Sale

    If you have not sold them, let me know!
  14. FazaUSF

    Bring your rain ponchos to Orlando

    I will be inebriated and screaming my head off to cheer on the Bulls. Will never leave a game early and will never be deterred by the elements. Rain, you say? Tears of broken UCF fans' spirits, says I. May there be a tsunami!
  15. FazaUSF

    USF @ UCF Game 11/24/2017

    Yes. SW corner of Gemini & Libra, Lots B12-B13. Lots open 6 hours prior to kickoff. Craig will have the 3-story Rocky. Work kept me from scheming food but will try tomorrow to book a food truck (fat chance). Regardless, the lots B12-B13 across from the water tower has kept us reasonably unmolested the past few trips to C.