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  1. Week 8 Games of Interest

    So what I mean to say is that you should come out to the game - and these days you don't have to expect your car mirrors to be bashed in, to have beer bottles full of urine thrown at you, or to be an uninterested defendant in a drunken brawl forced upon you by being in the wrong place with the wrong colors on. Better to add your voice to the 12th man!
  2. Week 8 Games of Interest

    I have attended every game against UCF we have played, including away. The first four we played, their fans were absolutely in a class(lessness) of their own. However, since they have joined the same conference, and the school organized a lot more security for game days, the issues seem to be more scattered - and more the exception than the rule - as happens with most with most fanbases. That includes our own, to my dismay, because it wasn't always the case.
  3. Week 8 Games of Interest

    Nice meeting you officially as well! We used to do Bullspenner meetups. We should have another one of those soon
  4. Week 8 Games of Interest

    While I can see the value of a battle of unbeatens for all the G5 marbles, I would dislike if UCF gets a College Gameday to their campus before we do. Luckily it's a Friday game so its not likely a risk.
  5. Welcome The_USF_Wizard

    War Flamingo was pronounced dead a long, long, long time ago, considering it was dead on arrival. Wizard, if you would like to further ingratiate yourself to most of us, consider wizarding away the thought of a "war flamingo" from the minds of a few confused USF fans.
  6. TBO's Baker is such a piece of ****

    P.S. Baker isn't bad. I think if you're going to pick on a local writer for trolling for clicks, Tom Jones is the one who should be singled out for unnecessary negativity.
  7. TBO's Baker is such a piece of ****

    The general population of the city and area has its opinions influenced by beat writers which is why most hometown newspapers are in the corner of their local programs. It would be nice if Baker looked at it a tad more that way, considering just about everyone else has local AP writers favoring the local product a bit more than far-away programs. I can't disagree with some of his reasoning... I also recognize inconsistency in its application via his submitted rankings, but there will always be some of that depending on the lens through which it is viewed.
  8. At the game - was that 4th &1 run actually across the line for a legit TD?
  9. 2017 ECU game

    Six of us coming in the FazaUSF crew. Anybody know where to tailgate? I was disappointed to hear the Raleigh Alumni section went through ECU to buy tickets. That means USF doesn't get credit for all the USF fans that are there, and away game fan counts matter for things like bowl games and conference invites.
  10. Lack of fanbase smack talk in AAC

    No whining here, just pointing out that smacktalk is fun when the teams and fanbases it involves are formidable, and our current conference offers no significantly formidable foes with whom to engage. It was a response to the initial subject of the thread. In addition, anyone who believes our complete meltdown in football coinciding with realignment had NOTHING to do with our being left out is fooling themselves. It was far from the ONLY reason, in fact not even the biggest reason, but I am sure TCU can offer so much more than USF aside from football success to explain why it should have deserved a P5 invite.....
  11. Lack of fanbase smack talk in AAC

    Pointless to smacktalk to a bunch of nobody fans whose teams play in a conference full of nobody schools. Big East football was exciting, and it was fun to both hate on and defend our fellow conference brethren. Our current conference is the college football equivalent of the land of the misfit toys, to quote a certain misfit coach whose miserable failures contributed towards keeping us in the AAC. It plays boring football and is full of never-weres.
  12. I just can't shake this image in my head of some gap-toothed Jersey idiot running around chopping things while yelling "Illegal Forward Propulsion"!
  13. I do not understand all of the pointless haterade being served to the Memphis fan. Just who do you think we are? We are certainly not a fan base remotely deserving of judging others... NOT that if we were, it would make you a class act for doing so. Play nice in the sandbox with our conference mates; they are the only ones who understand what its like to be us. Another team's fan who contributes positively to this board should be treated like the diamond unicorn they are. Stop embarrassing (and annoying) the rest of us by crapping on the diamond unicorn.
  14. ESPN: Storyline for each top 25 team this spring

    Bae Felicia!
  15. NY6 How Many?

    I usually offer to pool resources with other Beef Studs alumni to help get students (usually current members of the spirit organization) to away games and/or bowl games. There's never guarantees, but when you offer to help with transportation and they split lodging, it reduces excuses. In the end, commitment to the university tends to overcome all. I used to find ways to make away and bowl games on quite a minimal budget while a student then as a grad student in Miami. The Student Bulls Club helped with that on a number of occasions, as well as help from fellow alumni along the way (like the amazing Wilbankses). That's part of the reason I try to do the same for current students... I remember well what it is like.