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  1. Did anyone read the narrative? It's for the first scrimmage, not even a game ball...
  2. I've only been there twice, but it seems more to me like Harvard is more of an area of town than a traditional campus. I never felt like I was on a campus per sea, although there were a couple areas like that.
  3. It's like we are in in opposite world.
  4. Screw that. They ended up better than us in all of this. That is on Kelly. Maybe this will work out, it did for the gnats and FAU. It sure seems a better bet was on people that have done this before.
  5. I think folks overstate how easy it is to win in this conference. We just need to recruit, and that takes passion. The fact that we went from 2 to ten wins so fast, also look at the other teams similar turn around like Memphis, Unmentionable Crotch Filth , etc... These were teams The Jim wiped the floor with.
  6. Close. The school needs to fix it somehow, a statue is probably not enough. Secondly the team needs someone with CJL's passion and fire. It has been missing.
  7. I was there in some username form or another, although this one is dated 2001. Its crazy to think about how long this has been around for. Back in the early days (before rivals) it was this site and usfbulleye that was also a publication... Those were the days. I stopped buying my season tickets when they fired leavitt, but got some from an inside source for a couple years... As others have mentioned, I'm 120% back in if they hire him. I would say this site is special... https://web.archive.org/web/20000302070822/http://southfloridabulls.com/
  8. I mean think of it from his side. This is his baby. How hard do you think it is to not come around and kick the tires for the next couple days?
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