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In our efforts to raise funds for USF Football, the site is giving away a football season full of ad-free surfing at The Bulls Pen.

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  1. Well the golden question is, does he still care. I doubt it. It is no longer his baby. I'm kind of going through this right now with another scenario. The only sane way to deal with it is to cut your loses and move on.
  2. It's not real, the rest of college football is laughing. It's a shame too, because it tarnished a great story.
  3. So the NCAA has recognized their national championship, as a single computer poll has them as #1. This is what i was told.
  4. One can only hope that Pitt is their Rutgers.
  5. The future has not looked bright since he left. It was all fluff.
  6. The even bigger tragic event was the death of o ur ambassador LRS. The timing of that mixed into the firing of our coach and the collapse of the Big East. I think we would have landed softly if he were still around during the conference realignment.
  7. The timing of losing LRS is also a big part of the Big East implosion. I think he brought stability and reason opposite Woolard/Genshaft.
  8. Hottest in the Tampa area is actually the 54 corridor in Pasco, Wesley Chapel to Trinity. Odessa around the Suncoast/Veterans is central to the entire region. If you are looking for urban, then while Tampa Heights, West Tampa, and Seminole Heights have interesting booms going on, you are going to deal with some blight and crime. Those areas have been "up and coming" for the past 20 years if you catch my drift. Pretty much south of Kennedy is where the money mostly goes, but you get so much less there.
  9. We were taking that attitude way back when, but it was BCS to BCS more than it was about how "awesome" we were.
  10. I mean dressing up in tights to petition a TV show is a clear path to victory both on and off the field.
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