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  1. I guess I've been out of the game too long? Who is that guy?
  2. I'm a little delirious, perhaps giddy over this. Hope it's true.
  3. It was a perfect storm of the firing of leavitt and the implosion of the BE
  4. His offense did nothing, he was shown the door if he kept it . The Gulf Coast spread stuff was not his. Second to that all the statistics being brandished were against nobodies. His lack of coaching talent was exposed at Oregon and FSU. The smartest thing he did was hire Leavitt.
  5. I'd show up to campus and cheer him on his first day. Last time I did that we beat WVU on the road.
  6. I would totally come back if they fix the leavitt situation.
  7. A college athlete performing their job to their abilities should not have to apologize for anything. It's the coaching.
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