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  1. It works for managers in IT organizations all the time.
  2. ZeroBullChip

    UCF catching flack for not scheduling UF

    We were taking that attitude way back when, but it was BCS to BCS more than it was about how "awesome" we were.
  3. I mean dressing up in tights to petition a TV show is a clear path to victory both on and off the field.
  4. ZeroBullChip

    That UCF pic

    I like this one.
  5. ZeroBullChip

    Martin Fennelly?

    He literally stank of beef and cheese back when I worked at ma trib... He isn't decent.
  6. ZeroBullChip

    Georgia Tech Fans

    Jesus loves turnovers more than the flying spaghetti monster.
  7. **** straight, Joey can suck it. Other florida teams do not have problems with local rags, though it is deserved.
  8. ZeroBullChip

    That UCF pic

    It's nice when the world is brought back to reality...
  9. ZeroBullChip

    Taggart SBNation Comment on USF

  10. ZeroBullChip

    New USF Academic Logo

    The original looks like default photoshop. The new one looks like what was printed on t-shirts back in the day with a less classy font
  11. ZeroBullChip

    Taggart SBNation Comment on USF

    Crazy how that worked out for him thus far. It's funny because stuff like that happens in the professional world too...
  12. Sad stuff. I remember sparring in the Mad Cow with him for years. Rest in Peace brother...
  13. https://www.wsj.com/articles/college-footballs-growing-problem-empty-seats-1535634001