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  1. Why are you (a UCF fan) on this site? Shouldn’t you be on www.flyoverstatecollegefootball.com or big12replacements.org instead? Your school decided to leave the conference; it’s time for you to move on. Good bye!
  2. I think a lot of CJF. He has one of the best programs on campus. We have WBB season tix, and his is the only Coaches Club that we donate to. I appreciate that he is supporting another coach. However, It’s not CJF’s place to call out fans for expressing their opinions. To be blunt, CJF needs to concentrate on getting his team into the second weekend of the NCAA tournament (something he has never done),instead of telling the fan base (the same fan base that supports his program) what to think or how to act. Go Bulls
  3. UCF - Well on the way to becoming the Vanderbilt of the Big 12 - but without the academic excellence. Go Bulls
  4. We’ve had problems with the app also. Takes more than one try to download to Google Pay. To make matters worse, we had people show up twice claiming we were in their seats last night. I saw one person’s ticket, and unless their is a difference between WC & WCA seats, the seats were the same. John - maybe you can comment? Oh for the days of paper tickets…
  5. UCF just made the decision that playing schools in exciting locales such as Ames, Iowa; Manhattan, Kansas; Stillwater, Oklahoma; and Lubbock, Texas was more important than staying in the same conference with a school only 96 miles away with a “natural rivalry”. If UCF doesn’t want to be in the same conference as USF, then why should USF continue the series, or play UCF in any sport for that matter? Having traveled to Lubbock once a month for three years, I can assure you that UCF athletics will soon find out that DFW means “Delayed For Weather”. UCF made the decision to move on; USF will do the same. Hope that the move works out for your program. Good luck.
  6. John: Thanks for posting on TBP. It shows your passion for USF, and how this is not just a job for you. Keep pushing! Go Bulls
  7. Thanks for posting Augie’s comments. He was on target, well spoken and passionate. Always been proud of him, as he is also a Northeast High graduate (Go Vikes). I hope that he is welcomed back into the program, as he can be part of the solution. Go Bulls
  8. Watched some of the scrimmage this morning, and did the locker room tour also - looks great! It was a nice event to get the faithful fired up for the season. While (almost) everyone is an optimist in August, the new season is starting off well. WSOC was outstanding Thursday against UF, and the memories of Baseball’s great post-season run are still fresh. Will be a long time before I forget the 4th inning against Miami up in Gainesville! Glad that college football season is almost here. Go Bulls
  9. There is something to be said about wives and college football knowledge. My wonderful wife could call Sterlin Gilbert’s plays before he ran them when he was our OC… Go Bulls
  10. Can’t wait to see Tennessee offer a one-and-one with UCF…lol
  11. I just think that Sitting Bull was in a bad mood because Lazic didn’t play last night... lol (sarcasm font)
  12. Agree! Thursday will be a tough game in their house, but I’m confident they can win. If nothing else, they need to win just to mess with UCF mentally prior to the conference tournament. In the most recent bracketology, Charlie Creme listed UCF as the aq. Hope that the young ladies prove him wrong! I just had to go on the UCF blogs to see their reaction. A couple of their articles are making an issue of our forfeit win against Memphis. Typical UCF... While UCF has improved their WBB program, I suspect their coach will leave in a couple of years for a P5 program, since she has no loyalty/ties to the school. DW brought her there, and he’s now gone. Once she leaves, their program will then be on a downhill slide. Meanwhile, CJF will stay here and continue to win. We even won without Lazic being on the court tonight (lol) Go Bulls
  13. Lazic had her best game yet. Time for the “I Like Lazic” fan club to get rolling!
  14. He seemed disinterested Wednesday night. Now I know why...
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