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  1. UCFan

    A bit of a sad day...,

    Neb can have our Def Cord.
  2. UCFan

    Curious: Are you concerned about...

    I have to admit this made me laugh out loud.
  3. UCFan

    AAC Games - Weeks 6

    Medical program. She's still in the will - she is my retirement plan. For the record she was at the game today supporting HER team ;-)
  4. UCFan

    AAC Games - Weeks 6

    Correct. 2009, took my daughter who is now a Bull.
  5. UCFan

    AAC Games - Weeks 6

    If Houston loses how far do they drop?
  6. UCFan

    AAC Games - Weeks 6

    Navy plays at ECU next week ☺️
  7. UCFan

    AAC Games - Weeks 6

    Based on how they are playing Houston I think it will be the toughest hurdle to the Conf Champ game.
  8. UCFan

    AAC Games - Weeks 6

    Navy looking good
  9. This is the first game the team has struggled this late in the game. It's bound to happen at some point to all teams. The real test is how they step up in the next few minutes.
  10. UCFan


    Disaster? You were beaten by FSU not UCF! The team lost to one of the Powerhouses of college football, which sucks as I wanted USF to beat the crap out of FSU, however it was not unexpected. You have a QB that does not throw the short pass efficiently however can create plays with his legs and can chuck the ball down field where the natural ability of the your (awesome) WR's can make plays happen. This team will be fine in Conference play and should be a part of the Conference title game. The only disaster i can see from this game is if CWT and staff fail to make any adjustments from what they learned after reviewing this game.
  11. I hear that Bresnahan is available.
  12. UCFan


    Nope. Just hard to type when you have VERY big hands.
  13. UCFan


    Saecastic? I like it!
  14. UCFan