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  1. After the press conference maybe you can get rid of him citing "Dementia" I believe that Will Healy from Austin Peay would be a great coach for USF. Young energetic guy that seems to like playing fast.
  2. 1) USF 2) 24-3 3) Cronkite 4) McCants 5) 400 Defense will play strong. May not be until 2-3 game for Offense to sync up.
  3. Medical program. She's still in the will - she is my retirement plan. For the record she was at the game today supporting HER team ;-)
  4. Correct. 2009, took my daughter who is now a Bull.
  5. If Houston loses how far do they drop?
  6. Based on how they are playing Houston I think it will be the toughest hurdle to the Conf Champ game.
  7. This is the first game the team has struggled this late in the game. It's bound to happen at some point to all teams. The real test is how they step up in the next few minutes.
  8. Disaster? You were beaten by FSU not UCF! The team lost to one of the Powerhouses of college football, which sucks as I wanted USF to beat the crap out of FSU, however it was not unexpected. You have a QB that does not throw the short pass efficiently however can create plays with his legs and can chuck the ball down field where the natural ability of the your (awesome) WR's can make plays happen. This team will be fine in Conference play and should be a part of the Conference title game. The only disaster i can see from this game is if CWT and staff fail to make any adjustments from what they learned after reviewing this game.
  9. Nope. Just hard to type when you have VERY big hands.
  10. I hate this disease and do not even want to think of what it must be like to have a child facing this struggle. Great to see her team and scholl supporting her.
  11. Can we borrow Willie's bus? That was an embarrassing half of football.
  12. I guess that makes for easy half time adjustments. Speaking as an outsider he does seem to be in over his head in regards to making decisions/adjustments during games. He's a great recruiter and has brought in some great talent (jealous) however he needs to leave the play calling to the OC. I'm hearing Stanback was let go due to failed drug tests. Sad if true as he seemed to be outstanding young man.
  13. No way you lose to us. I watched both games on Sat (USF & UCF) and you will beat us soundly. Even if Flowers completes just 10 passes that should be enough. 10 passes? I didn't know we played you guys twice that day. Haha. Ok, five passes. Score twice and you have us for sure. Of course this is if Taggart leaves your QB in the game after taking the ball down the field and scoring on the previous drive. I still don't understand that logic?
  14. No way you lose to us. I watched both games on Sat (USF & UCF) and you will beat us soundly. Even if Flowers completes just 10 passes that should be enough.
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