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  1. All depends on the defense...I am confident we will score a ton of points...question is how much have they improved?
  2. Let's not go with what our President has achieved with actual research dollars, preeminence status etc...When your President literally just resigned for being involved in misappropriating 85 Million! dollars. Your institution is so incredibly out of control that there have been recommendations to shut the university down. Think about that ...your school is a train wreck and an absolute joke....and no, we haven't forgot about firing our coach...WE FIRED OUR COACH BECAUSE IT WAS THE RIGHT THING TO DO...Just like Maryland and others...unlike the complete opposite of your school that lacks reason and accountability...
  3. This should be proclaimed a national holiday..."Sterling saves USF day"
  4. It depends what insanely crazy statement you're fanbase is making...either you're not that intelligent, crazy, or both...
  5. I remember first seeing UCF come out of left field on Auman's articles in the Times back in the day...I was like ok, there is a school in Orlando and why the hell is every fan from there acting like a 5 year old that got a hold of a crack pipe???
  6. I love when I argue with UCF fans and there really is nothing else they can say, but they keep typing for some odd reason...I just laugh and think to myself...if this was a court of law you would be destroyed...simply embarrassed
  7. Tell me another team in the country that has had multiple games where the refs gave them multiple game changing penalties...Temple, Mephis twice..with the help of the refs they still barely beat these teams...also, look at their overall schedule...no, they absolutely don't deserve a top 4 ranking
  8. It would be a minor miracle if he is even able to run...just a little ever again
  9. This is how they roll...they will kick and scream by spinning a topic or flat out lie in hopes that pattern of behavior is accepted as a truth...i.e....USF has a small fan base compared to them...wrong...they sell out every game...just look at all the pictures online..wtf???
  10. That is correct...been all around the country and that is probably the closest match...it has a larger selection and more boutique offering as well
  11. My pop and I were trying to find out logically why this happens...I think because they go so fast the refs frankly miss calls...that is on the refs shoulders for not being able to keep up with the speed of the game...there was a play in temple where the UCF receiver clearly caught a ball out of bounds, but the refs didn't stop play because they let UCF snap the ball
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