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  1. Think about how utterly despicable that is...
  2. bullsonparade

    Ucf Refs

    My pop and I were trying to find out logically why this happens...I think because they go so fast the refs frankly miss calls...that is on the refs shoulders for not being able to keep up with the speed of the game...there was a play in temple where the UCF receiver clearly caught a ball out of bounds, but the refs didn't stop play because they let UCF snap the ball
  3. bullsonparade

    Ucf Refs

    I've been saying this all season...it's comical at this point the advantage they have in every game
  4. bullsonparade

    MVS Putting Pack Ahead

    I was saying this in the Houston game...I was yelling to keep Ford in and Cronk on the bench as crazy as that sounds...this kid looks special
  5. bullsonparade

    View from Coogville

    Hopefully the coaches are telling them that...I knew Pindell was running the draw on the third and long...he can't pass for Christ sake!!!! Now, King can pass...hopefully their heads are right
  6. bullsonparade

    Houston favored by TD+

    Speed is the key...we need McGee to spy King...he needs to have a huge game...
  7. bullsonparade

    Power 5 Bias

    Even if the playoff is expanded to 8 teams...nothing is guaranteed to ANY team that has a weaker SOS then all of the teams being considered for a playoff...is there a problem with g5 scheduling p5 teams? Yes. Going off the UCF AD's comments that asking for a playoffs to be expanded to 8 teams won't necessarily solve the problem unless a G5 is guaranteed a spot though
  8. bullsonparade

    Power 5 Bias

    When a point is made that teams are jumping UCF that haven't played that week it is simply because they are evaluating who each team has played...simple as that...
  9. bullsonparade

    Power 5 Bias

    This...how hard is this to understand? Please tell me how a team that hasn't played anyone deserves to be ranked higher?
  10. bullsonparade

    Johnny Ford

    ah, ok
  11. bullsonparade

    Johnny Ford

    Not according to the new redshirt rules...doesn't a player now get to play in 4 games without burning a redshirt?
  12. bullsonparade

    Houston favored by TD+

    It is fair...I thought it would be between 7 and 8