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  1. What a hassle it can be getting a football game on TV now days. I remember when all you had to do was wiggle the rabbit ears antenna a little bit to the right spot. I hope I can get today's Bulls game. I've got Directv Now with BTN network, I installed Fox Sports Go app on TV, I am ready to install BTN Go app on my phone if necessary, I've got radio set up as back up....hopefully something will work to get the game.
  2. I feel real good where USF is right now. 9-1, full week to prepare for UCF, and UCF getting bruised up some this weekend playing Temple. Bulls will be ready and all charged up for UCF after hearing all the constant noise that UCF will destroy 'em.
  3. Way back in the early 1970s when I was a student at UF, I rode a Greyhound or Trailways bus home from Gainesville one Friday afternoon, and Tom McEwen just happened to be on the bus too and he sat in seat next to me on way down to downtown Tampa bus station. He'd been at UF that morning doing sports stuff and I think he told me he didn't like driving a car too much. He talked sports with me and was pleasant during the ride. Back then I think the only college football programs in Florida were UF, FSU, FAMU, Miami, Bethune Cookman, and Tampa. I always enjoyed reading Tom's sports column in
  4. Gators have been favorites of so many Florida newspaper writers and media types for decades because most of them attended UF's journalism college.
  5. Gainesville is just like Brooksville except for having the big state university. If the University of Florida shut down, all the buildings and apartments in Gainesville would be used as chicken coop egg ranches. It is quite a cultural shock to new students arriving in Gainesville first visit coming from metros like Tampa, Orlando, Dade/Broward, NYC! Gainesville is okay, but it isn't any thing special.
  6. 1:46 left on clock sticks out in the back of my head...I wasn't !00% sure we were going to win at that point in game. Even after Houston scored their last TD, I was hoping the Bulls would bust one for a winning score. Houston beat us, they should be congratulated for winning. Time to move on, can't pout about this loss forever.
  7. Direct TV Now finally got around to adding CBS Sports Network this past week....about time. You have to have at least their Go Big mid-tier subscription service that is $60/month. I lucked out signing up for an introductory plan when Directvnow first rolled out beginning of year getting the now $60 plan for $35/month getting grandfathered for intro deal.
  8. If Booger really liked USF football, the highest compliment he could probably get out of his mouth would be calling USF "a poor man's LSU".
  9. I'm surprised ESPN's producers didn't make Joey Galloway put on some pants....it was strange him just wearing a shirt and tie on TV.
  10. Lots of folks are going to get a bad surprise when they find out at least a 2% of dwelling coverage is applied as a deductible for covered "hurricane" losses. I've got a $2500 deductible for covered losses other than hurricane and with my about $300,000 dwelling coverage..a $6000 deductible for any "hurricane occurrence" covered losses. As I understand it, if lightening popped my house during "hurricane occurrence" I'd be on hook for first $6000 for any damage....hurricane deductible would apply, not the $2500 deductible, because lightning was related to the hurricane...hurricane deductible
  11. CBSSN is on YouTube TV for Tampa Bay area. Just signed up for the free trial with YouTube TV so I'll have Bulls' game Saturday,...CBSSN is on the service. Am cancelling after game because I already have Direct TV Now streaming and they are adding CBSSN soon...at least they announced they were adding soon!
  12. Joaquin probably needs to turn pro if he paid for all his travel expenses so far this year with a credit card. Costs a lot of money flying to all these tournaments he played in as an amateur.
  13. Can't blame Nieman for going pro now...gotta go where the money is. If he really wanted to attend USF he'd get in. I wish him best of luck for his future.
  14. Joaco's match was super intense. No doubt he is a world class golfer. And he played smart like a veteran pro champion. His joints and back must be made out of super strength rubber bands with the powerful swing he has...600 yards on in two...no problema!
  15. Joaquin is a shark with sharp teeth playing at the highest levels of competitive golf. It will be nice seeing him bust things up as a Bull.
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