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  1. Regardless of Strong, we play GT week 2 next year. Should be a much easier game for us considering the major offensive scheme change they’ll likely be going through.
  2. If they’re not in Amherst then what’s the point? There’s no value in having some random Times staffer watching on TV and tweeting out the obvious.
  3. DC

    Do we crack it?

    Will he keep Oklahoma in?
  4. DC

    ECU Game: Not a gimme

    They had all offseason to prepare for an FCS team and lost. The extra week won’t help them much.
  5. With the CB pressing WR at the line it’s hard to hit those bubble screens. The TE in the seam beats that defense, and that’s where Wilcox had a big game. Also the occasional busted coverages to Salomon and St. Felix.
  6. Lovie plays a Cover 2 man which mitigates WR screens. The intermediate routes are where the opportunities were.
  7. DC


    Don’t forget The Big Sombrero.
  8. The gap has been widening every year. How long until we're right on FSU's heels? National #35 UF #70 FSU #124 USF #165 UCF #187 FIU #230-301 FAU Public #8 UF #26 FSU #58 USF #87 UCF #100 FIU NR FAU
  9. Everywhere says it’s on BTN, but my Frontier channel guide is showing SMU @ Michigan on BTN (585) next week at 3:30pm.
  10. DC

    Girls of Georgia Tech

    Remove the post.
  11. DC

    Girls of Threads

    The women in those threads have not consented to being objectified.
  12. To add: I look at it like a 3rd NFL preseason game. You want to see how the team comes out in the 3rd quarter and makes adjustments.
  13. At least until late in the 3rd quarter, even if we're up by 4 touchdowns. In-game reps are invaluable.
  14. Maybe if the beat reporter actually cared to do his job we’d know.