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  1. So when it does, and it will, the university will be prepared to immediately address the public and allay their fears? What will the message be? My guess is the same old boiler plate.
  2. It truly is a silly debt to take on. So what if we miss a few practices due to rain? At the level we’re descending to it won’t make a difference in recruiting or wins and losses.
  3. Doesn’t matter if it’s bad news. Rip the band aid off and tell the truth. That will allow the few people who still have a glimmer of hope to move on.
  4. Where are you? Now is not the time to bury your head in the sand. Personally, I think he’s working the phones planning his exit.
  5. Once our TV money is cut in half (or worse) how will we pay for these new facilities? I imagine budget will be cut from other sports to the extent of eliminating at least a few.
  6. Why go “all in” now? If we are left out of realignment we won’t need these fancy facilities - the money would be better used fo field a decent coaching staff for the next several years or so until the wheel starts turning again.
  7. @Brad, can we ban @lotsofbull99? We don’t need members like that in our community.
  8. How did we pass FSU so quickly? What’s going on up there?
  9. What is UCF doing wrong? They were making strides, but have started to stagnate over the past few years. Is it quantity over quality?
  10. Price caught DJ’s 2pt conversion pass. The announcers mentioned that they were teammates at USF.
  11. USF and UCF could not be going in more different directions at the moment. I don't think preeminence is coming any time soon to our friends to the east.
  12. Regardless of Strong, we play GT week 2 next year. Should be a much easier game for us considering the major offensive scheme change they’ll likely be going through.
  13. If they’re not in Amherst then what’s the point? There’s no value in having some random Times staffer watching on TV and tweeting out the obvious.
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