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  1. The uniform threads is the only time I'm curious as a point of reference the age of the poster. That being said I really like these. A strong 8 outta 10. Cornfed (57)
  2. A very weak "Horns Up" but I appreciate the attempt.
  3. Doughy - advance the base runners by laying down a ... 4th and long you drop back and ... the host of Candid Camera was Alan ...
  4. Glad Y'all cleared that up I was getting ready to call him a Doughy (rhymes with smallest pup in the litter).
  5. The go ahead touchdown was a like they got gut-punched... dead silence. Their fans were for the most part very nice. The kicking will bite us in the ass if we don't get it fixed.
  6. Surrounded by Illini fans on the west side of the stadium and they started laughing anytime we attempted a kick.
  7. We have the athletes to get to the ball, now stop trying to knock them off their feet and wrap your arms around the ball carrier. (This message brought to you by Captain Obvious )
  8. http://www.nola.com/recruiting/index.ssf/2016/12/marvin_wilson_releases_his_top.html
  9. Made me chuckle over my morning coffee (with Kahlua). Thanks.
  10. He can have the Rutgers job when it comes open this time next year.
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