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  1. Cornfed

    Kickers ? K/P

    The go ahead touchdown was a like they got gut-punched... dead silence. Their fans were for the most part very nice. The kicking will bite us in the ass if we don't get it fixed.
  2. Cornfed

    Kickers ? K/P

    Surrounded by Illini fans on the west side of the stadium and they started laughing anytime we attempted a kick.
  3. We have the athletes to get to the ball, now stop trying to knock them off their feet and wrap your arms around the ball carrier. (This message brought to you by Captain Obvious )
  4. Cornfed

    5* DT Marvin Wilson

  5. Cornfed

    Charlie Strong

    Made me chuckle over my morning coffee (with Kahlua). Thanks.
  6. Cornfed


    He can have the Rutgers job when it comes open this time next year.
  7. Scott Frost Sells Doll Clothes on Etsy!
  8. Cornfed

    CWT post game

    My son's 13U team could gash this defense for 200+ rushing yards.
  9. Huge guns = awsome quarterback.
  10. Time to update the ncaa rulebook.
  11. Cornfed

    Stockpiling RBs

    Dang man - every post I have read today from you is sooooo negative. Go out and have a Happy New Years and cheer up. He nailed it though. We have no idea how to use our running backs.