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  1. Justin C

    Gilbert has to go

    I agree, but if you read this board you would think he is 0 - 6. I just hope he sticks around LOL So far it's working out pretty well for Scott Frost LOL
  2. Justin C

    Gilbert has to go

    Call me naive, but I get the feeling that CCS is in it for the long run. He's been to the big programs and had big contracts, but a part of me wants to believe he's in it more than just the money. I truly believe that he is a man that wants to develop young men in to Future Leaders. Again, I could be naive, but I truly I think this is his modus operandi.
  3. Justin C

    Gilbert has to go

    But why would he leave for a mid tier power 5 team is the question? At this stage in his Life, do you think he really wants to relocate his family again? None the less, a mid-tier team and live a life of mediocrity? I could be wrong, and crazier things have happened, but I guess we will see....
  4. Justin C

    Gilbert has to go

    I would upvote this 10000 times if I could
  5. Justin C

    Gilbert has to go

    CCS will be here a while if he doesn't put together an AAC championship team
  6. Polished chrome would also be acceptable
  7. Apparently there's been heavy betting on South Florida this week to cover. Hey we could be UCF and only getting 4.5... talk about no respect
  8. Justin C


    Greeeeen! Be loud in the stadium, I want to hear the USF fans on ESPN!!!
  9. I'm with you on the targeting call. The kid just got knocked out of his shoes. Great hit
  10. It will be impressive if he breaks the record for yards and touchdown receptions with fewer receptions than Adams or Davis. McCants is a YAC monster!