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  1. God I hope not, HB dive was bad enough.
  2. Maybe merge this one too?
  3. Not sure if I could recover mentally. After the Texas Trojan Horse, I don't know how much more mismanagement I can handle.
  4. Keep calm and play not to lose...
  5. F*** waiting for the early signing period, we should have locked him up over a week ago! If we wait too long all the chairs we be full and we will be caught with our pants down. Again.
  6. This is as painful as watching one of our signature 3 and out offensive drives...
  7. I hear ya, I feel like I'm stuck in a nightmare while suffering from sleep paralysis.
  8. Justin C

    4th and short.

    This thread needs to get back on track... Pubsub anyone?
  9. I thought for sure that we would see a coordinator shake-up today. The more time that goes by, the more I'm thinking there will be no changes...
  10. Justin C

    Players transferring out...

    Gilbert took over as QB coach last year
  11. Just throwing this out there and have no information to support it, but Bill Clark from UAB would be interesting. He's a winner and has ties to the Southeast.
  12. I know the apocalypse is upon us when we are comparing ourselves to ucf may God have mercy on all Bulls fans.
  13. Lol, TBP can dog me all you want, but mark my words, a complete shake up is not the answer. Unless we want another 2-4+ years of rebuilding the winningest period in USF football history.
  14. You do realize that I'm not a fan of Strong, right? Sometimes you have to give people the rope to hang themselves. And strong is doing just that, which will make Kelly's decision look better in the public's eye.
  15. I'm not protecting Strong by any means, but there is a natural progression that needs to be followed. It's a chess game not Dodge ball.