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  1. Yes and no. His k/bb ratio looks nice, but he's walking almost 2.5 batters per 9 innings. That's not bad, but its not all that great either.
  2. ESPN3 can show up on my TV screen in any number of ways, but it's not a channel. That's what makes them two entirely separate things. As someone who has cable, internet, and an AppleTV, its all the same to me. But both of them have their obstacles to overcome and won't reach everyone.
  3. Only major difference between CBS Sports and ESPN3 is that CBS Sports is available on about 90% of cable/satellite distributors and ESPN3 is available on 0% of them.
  4. Can JK spell agenda?
  5. It was more than a rumor, that teenager who's name I can't remember was in the meeting and saw them. Also, he said there was no way Tom Allen was leaving because they went to the same church.
  6. Where do you guys think our new stadium is going to go on campus? I'd be cool if someone with some photoshopping skills could work up a map.
  7. I've always been a big **** Your Yankee Blue Jeans fan.
  8. They must have only read through the first few pages.
  9. The only people who care what we think on this board are recruits. They read TBP religiously and our posts are one of their top reasons we lose kids every year.
  10. They've done it this way since Steve Bracket invented the bracket back in 1894.
  11. If you've seen the rule written somewhere else where contact is included, I'd love to see it. I posted the MLB definition of the rule earlier in this thread and it is absolutely NOT part of the their version. The batter is out if he "...interferes with the catcher’s fielding or throwing by stepping out of the batter’s box..." It would be the equivalent of hitting a ball into the gap and heading towards second and the second baseman is watching the play with his hands on his hips in front of the bag and the runner has to slow down and run around him on the way to third. He doesn't have to make contact for it to be interference and it doesn't have to be intentional. http://www.umpirebible.com/index.php/rules-batting/batter-s-interference
  12. Contact doesn't matter. That's one of those old things people think is the rule, but it's really not. Like crossing the plate on a check swing or tie goes to the runner. It is purely a judgement call on whether the batter obstructed the throw. And one foot out of the box, in this case his front foot, and he's considered out. Also, intentional or not is not part of the call.
  13. If you leave the fate of the game to a human being making a 50/50 judgement call, you're going to get burned from time to time.
  14. Rule 6.06 (c). http://mlb.mlb.com/mlb/downloads/y2007/06_the_batter.pdf Looks like your argument wasn't as solid as I originally thought.