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  1. The only thing dumber than getting a DUI is getting a DUI on purpose to get out of a job.
  2. Usually, I'm the one doing the abusing with a #2.
  3. This could have been avoided if CWT had brought the bus with him to Oregon.
  4. Now that he's popping on some of the recruiting sites, they have him listed as a TE.
  5. Rivals - 2 stars Scout - 3 stars ESPN - NR 24/7 - 2 stars We shall see.
  6. That's about it. The film tells you everything you need to know about him. He just needs to light up the stopwatch if he's going to separate himself from the pack.
  7. Depends on what you think his prospects are.
  8. 1. Neither. But it doesn't look like even the people who voted for Trump are happy he won. (and to Rizman's point, Abraham Lincoln, Kennedy, and Garfield might not agree on that whole "peaceful transition of power" thing) 2. 20th 3. Yes 4. Baseball 5. I was cranking the American Graffiti soundtrack on my drive today. Back when Rock was still Rock and Roll.
  9. I thought of Buffett on my way home today. That guy has turned a gimmick into a full-fledge empire.
  10. That's my hope. I'd be fine with losing a TD a game on offense if the defense can keep 10-14 points off the board in the other direction.
  11. For those of you who were unsure about who I was referring to in the post directly after BrowardBull's.
  12. I have no proof, other than Floyd's word, that he was offered a scholarship by Louisville. I have no reason not to believe him, even though he never panned out at USF. I could make some sort of argument that Louisville would have taken a second QB, but they were high on Bridgewater and others, like Floyd, went with offers they perceived to be a better fit, leaving Louisville with the one QB. Just because they took 1, doesn't mean they only planned on 1. I could do that, but you know recruiting and I don't.
  13. I also want to hear more about this.
  14. Good thing I have you around to school me. So your question earlier about who knows if it was a commitable offer...the answer is, you. You know for sure it was not.