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  1. Never Again

    The fake Holtz and Cosh twitter accounts were the best writing of that era.
  2. Never Again

    Big difference, though. Collin is a blogger vs. a paid journalist. I have lower expectations. Also, Collin actually likes USF.
  3. Never Again

    Auman wasn't perfect by any stretch, but at least it came off as if he liked USF. JK is awful and not because of this article. His entire body of work is garbage. The attendance thing is ridiculous. His Twitter is just him trying to come across as the smartest guy in the room. If there's real news to report, he's about 10th in line to report it. Name one time you read a JK article and it contained something you didn't already know or couldn't type "usf football" into Google and find out.
  4. You tell me. How many have we had turn down our offers to play them?
  5. Never Again

    Reading his ****** articles is probably the only thing worse than writing them.
  6. Agreed. Love the effort, however futile it is.
  7. Seems like a few of them are still unranked by some of the services, but not too many "high level" commits are going into their senior year without anyone evaluating them.
  8. And you know as well as I do, winning games isn't what being considered P6 comes down to.
  9. I love the heavy push, but anyone who watches college football knows we're the 6th best conference. And anyone making the decision on how much money we get knows the rankings look something like this: P1 P2 P3 P4 P5 P6 Everyone else...
  10. I hate this article because it's mostly true.
  11. I'd look forward to Batesville, AR a lot more than meeting any of us.
  12. Ken Montgomery, DB 2018

    I love me some CCS, but "doing wonders" by finishing 5th on 4-star recruit?
  13. At least they didn't put him in that green and gold helmet abomination. If someone told me we'd burn those helmets on the condition that Chris Cosh gets his old job back, I'd have to think long and hard.
  14. AJ Legree Medical Redshirt Denied

    If I'm not mistaken, 6th years are the exception, not the rule. And they are really only given out to kids who miss two full seasons as a result of injury.
  15. Stony Brook

    For a minute there, I thought we were talking about him being a ****** member of the program. But if he was only arrested twice and suspended two other times for violating the rules, people are totally overreacting.