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  1. Occasional TAINT is the way to go.
  2. Absolutely. I'm just saying, there are plenty of schools out there that can offer immediate playing time to a JC transfer AND the chance to win 8+ games.
  3. It's going to be a tough sell getting quality JuCo guys in. There is absolutely no way you can convince an upperclassman on the idea of playing for a winner until years after he's gone. Your only pitch is playing time.
  4. When you don't execute, the gameplan doesn't matter. You claimed our gameplan sucked at the end of the Navy game. All we did was run the ball to control clock. We just didn't gain the yardage to keep the clock moving. 3 and out only takes 2:00 if you don't get a first down.
  5. He's saying that over the last 9 min of the game, up by 25, all we did was run the ball and attempt to control clock. Our problem wasn't slowing our offense down, it was slowing there's down.
  6. Suspended for the weed. Left USF on his own during the suspension.
  7. Yep. The zero-tolerance list is essentially: shooting at occupied dorms on campus waving a gun at a family while also possessing drugs Things being considered for future punishment: locking your girlfriend in a closet and beating her with an extension cord operating a motor vehicle without a license (only for eight-time offenders and up)
  8. He hasn't quite yet earned his national coach of the year plaque for deciding to let go of a kid facing multiple armed felonies.
  9. If he wins, I won't blame him for anything. If he loses, the transfers are on him...and so is El Nino, the JFK assassination, and Donald Trump.
  10. Take any transfer you can for this year. You're going to be recruiting an entire team this offseason and likely going to be striking out more often than not. Take 2-3 freshman this year and as many transfers as you can. Take 2-3 freshman next year. Gives you some decent spacing in your academic years as well.
  11. Nothing more fun than people whining about coaches leaving for better paying jobs and declaring them unloyal. We're either a few months late for this kind of talk or 8 months early.
  12. Because no one watches :07 clips of passes being knocked down or QBs in red jersey being tagged with two hands.
  13. Voss never played a down for us. That might change how his eligibility is calculated. Just going off the NCAA eligibility guidelines from the website.
  14. 3 counts of felony assault with a deadly weapon. He better have a good lawyer if he wants to stay out of lockup.