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  1. Attendance is an embarrassment

    This is what the interwebs refer to as a joke.
  2. Attendance is an embarrassment

    0-2 for FSU = 4-0 for USF which also = 0-12 for Notre Dame.
  3. Week 4 Games to Watch

    NC State's Chubb is all over the QB.
  4. A - A - C! A - A - C! A - A - C!
  5. Week 4 Games to Watch

    Absolutely fantastic shovel pass from NC State to score. 27-16 in the 4th.
  6. Idea for a game add

    Probably off-topic, but what do you guys think about BJ Daniels taking a shot in the CFL?
  7. Ticket prices

    I thought the 45,000 students who don't go to games were the ones paying most of our athletic bills.
  8. Ticket prices

    Less money, but more people. More money, less people. We know what side USF athletics is on.
  9. Lack of fanbase smack talk in AAC

    I've been saying that for years. Without Holtz, we're in the SEC right now.
  10. USF football program ranks 5th in State

    So UCF has a $60 million stadium and a value of $82 million as a program?
  11. Lack of fanbase smack talk in AAC

    I think that happens when you have a mortgage, a marriage, and kids.
  12. Hypothetical ESPN College GameDay

    The odds are about the same as us getting a playoff invite and QF winning the Heisman.
  13. Attendance is an embarrassment

    None of those were answers. Lightning - In the last 5 years, the worst attendance they've had was selling out 97% of the seats FOR THE SEASON. Bucs - All they have to do is win a little bit and the attendance is in the 60k range. Rays - I left my house at 5:45pm on Tuesday for the game. I sat down in my seat at 7:45pm. That's the problem for a Rays game that needs an answer.
  14. Attendance is an embarrassment

    I can tell you why I'm not going to many games this season. I had season tickets in the past, but dropped them a few years ago when my second son was born and simply didn't have the time to attend as often. I almost bought them last year, but didn't pull the trigger and just purchased single game tickets to the ones I could get to (was a little miffed to see that USF got rid of the Faculty/Staff season tickets, but whatever). This year, I was absolutely going to buy after last season's success and this season's potential and then I looked at our schedule...pass. Stony Brook - Woof. I went last year to our FCS sacrifice and had to listen to my kids ******** about the fact that RJS only opened half the concessions and not the ones selling ice cream. Illinois - Friday night, tough to get home from work and turn right around for the stadium with two little kids in tow, and know I'm not going to see the second half because they're not staying up that late. Also, woof. Temple - Thursday night, ditto. But now it's a school night. My kids are in bed at 8:30 and we're not even in the second quarter. UMass - It's UMass. But, hey, it's a Saturday. So that's a positive. Cincinnati - I'll be there for this game. Always enjoy playing them and it's a Saturday. Houston - Same as Cincy. Plus, I'm hoping they'll be ranked. Tulsa - Thursday night. Again, not walking in the door after 5:00 and turning around in an hour with a 7 and 4 year old to get them to the stadium for a game that won't end until after 11:00. So, for me, season tickets would have meant going to 4 total games. Stony Brook, UMass, Cincy, and Houston. Instead, I'm purchasing single game tickets for Cincy and Houston and going to the UCF game. Gave a little extra to the academic side of the University. Sorry, everyone. But I don't have the disposable income to just throw away money because the program needs me to.