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  1. I still think we're a little raw this year and young. I'll be pleasantly surprised if we make the tourney this year, but I think we'll be close. I'll be disappointed if we don't make it in 2018-2019 and go on a little run.
  2. Soccer, golf, softball have all reached "elite" status if we're using 1-17 rankings as the barometer. About the only sport I would say won't be "elite" any time in the near future is basketball.
  3. It won't mean anything a year from now either.
  4. Strong has run the 3-4 and 4-3 AND developed his own version of the 3-3-5 specifically because of personnel and need. That seems like pretty fair evidence of someone doing exactly what you're saying you've never seen him do.
  5. The Canadian guy who invented basketball while working in Massachusetts?
  6. I don't know about the best, but when I was last on campus from 2004-2008 for grad school, I did some irreparable damage to anything within walking distance of the History Department. You should probably avoid anything in red at all costs. Orange is medium threat level, but not worth the gamble. Yellow is still a crapshoot, literally.
  7. Gonzalez is listed at 280. The other two are listed at 274 and 287. If you're pinning your 3-3-5 NT hopes on guys under 300 lbs (two of them freshman) getting a consistent enough double teams to make it work, it's going to be a long year.
  8. 814 yards in his one year with us. Good for 10th all-time in a season. Not exactly a bust. I'll take any transfer for one year that puts up a top-10 single season performance.
  9. Winning will do that. If we get a national championship in the next couple of years, I bet the AAC will look like a better conference all of a sudden, too.
  10. You're so negative. Not only is he good enough for FBS football, he has three different schools to prove it!
  11. No Affleck.
  12. I have no expectations for Sands. I haven't seen anything in his high school or brief college career that makes me think he's a superstar in the making. Tice is solid. With DJ being the man next year, the backup just needs to keep the ball moving while he gets a breather.
  13. Mallrats is better.
  14. Best thing Ricky Bell ever did was hook up with Michael Bivins and Ronnie DeVoe.
  15. If you've ever bought Bullsvision, you've had problems with it.