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  1. P6

    I’m shocked. I thought for sure they’d willingly give it up.
  2. P6

    Well, that settles it. I'm sure the networks are going to renegotiate with us and the cash will start rolling in next year. Not to mention, Wolfe has UCF as the national champs. College football and its **** aristocracy are crumbling before our very eyes!
  3. Gilbert Rumors

    Geeez...why do you have to be so mean?
  4. Women vs. UCF

    I'm not saying it's going to happen or putting a timetable on it, but we've been to the finals in softball and soccer. We might not have the guns to do it right now, but we know CKE is a good coach, facilities are top notch, and the conference isn't holding us back. Same goes for soccer. I like the trajectory baseball has been on lately, so I'm optimistic there, but there is nothing about that program holding us back from going on a nice run.
  5. Women vs. UCF

    Softball is a strong possibility. I'd definitely put baseball in the mix. Men's soccer.
  6. Predicting the starters next year

    Hold on. There’s a national football team? Is this an Onion article?
  7. Women vs. UCF

    You didn’t say USF will never win. You didn’t say these players will never win. You said as long as he’s here, we won’t win a national championship.
  8. Women vs. UCF

    You really believe he's the only thing keeping us from getting that trophy?
  9. Mike?!? I didn't know you were back. How's your sister? You two married yet?
  10. I'm still confused on why people think the P5 will ever feel the need to be "fair" to the non-P5. Since the beginning of college football, there have been the teams that have a chance to be national champions and those that don't. You can change the system, change the name, spice it up however you want, but in what world do you think Notre Dame, Alabama, Texas, UF, etc. will ever believe USF/UCF are their equals?
  11. It's funny, because even Colley says relying on any one computer model is silly. On his site he points out that the BCS composite would have elected the very same 4 teams the committee did. The main argument against UCF from the committee is that the AAC was weak and so was UCF's schedule. UCF vehemently disagrees with that assessment, but Colley has the AAC waaaaay behind the rest of the P5. UCF says that is absolutely not true and clearly people aren't giving the AAC enough credit. Colley has UCF #1, obviously he's a genius and no one else knows what they're doing.
  12. Yes he does. I hope it's just a rumor.
  13. P6

    I wouldn't say had their way with them, but a solid win.
  14. Gilbert Rumors

    There are worse ways to go.