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  1. CCS hates it here

    Neither did CJL or CWT...but you know who did?
  2. TD's vs. FG's

    But if we get ourselves in a position where we can’t score a TD, but can kick a field, we should do that.
  3. TD's vs. FG's

    I agree. TDs are better than FGs and we should try and get many of them.
  4. USF realignment "Rumors" "tweets" "etc"

    I don’t know if this angle’s ever been discussed...let’s see where this goes!
  5. 9-1

    I think you were in for a disappointment no matter who was hired. I’ve never seen a team, college or professional, hire a head coach or coordinator based off of one body of work and then once they’re shelling out millions of $, ask the guy to do none of the stuff that got him hired in the first place.
  6. Nebraska

    Him and them.
  7. Nebraska

    Like I said, one coach is auditioning for his next job because he's the hip new thing (see: Taggart, WIllie). The other is what he is. Take it or leave it.
  8. CCS hates it here

    So you want a defensive minded coach who's entire offense is built around handing the ball off to a single RB 30 times a game? I guess that works if you have Ray Rice. Fingers crossed he finds a first round draft pick to come to USF sometime soon.
  9. CCS hates it here

    List of things I'd like to have happen before Schiano becomes our new coach: 1. Catch gonorrhea. 2. Re-hire Chris Cosh as our DC. 3. Be forced to eat Grape Nuts for breakfast every morning. 4. Live in a world where the first three Indiana Jones movies don't exist, but Kingdom of the Crystal Skull does. 5. Have Donald Trump win a second term.
  10. Nebraska

    **** 'em. UCFers are all hot in trousers for Frost because he runs the score up on everyone. He's been doing that as an audition for a new job. You live by the sword, you die by the sword.
  11. CCS and Coaching Openings

    So, what you want is for us to find a coach who's current style greatly appeals to us, but then once we hire him and pay him a **** ton of money, tell him to stop doing the very things that made us want to hire him in the first place so he can do what one of the previous coaches did?
  12. I've heard from lots of players and their families that the team has given up on CBG. It's obvious he hates it at USF and is looking to leave.