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  1. Media Predictions for USF/UCF

    This is a significant reason for the hype behind UCF. It's quite annoying that we blew our opportunity to have gotten all this mindshare.
  2. Could practices closed for the media mean...

    The reality likely is ... nothing is being rolled out new for UCF. Strong is just limiting distractions, which is good in it's own right. But, I wouldn't expect much else.
  3. Could practices closed for the media mean...

    Probably means Kinnan is on campus. #heres-hoping
  4. 9-1

    OK, we didn't go to 0 yards rushing, 0 yards receiving, and 0 TDs from their replacement. This is an example of that metaphorical "cliff" I've spoken about before. If Adams was here MVS wouldn't have as many yards. If Mack was here, Tice wouldn't. They weren't replaced by slouches. Whereas Flowers might be next year (an actual potential cliff is coming). My assertion is that the lack of same speed you're seeing is primarily due to play calling. Not dropoff in talent.
  5. 9-1

    Please don't pretend like we just called off the dogs vs. Houston. They had our number, defensively. But, if CCS had an iota of balls he'd have gotten us up by 7, not 3 and the 4th and 24 wouldn't have been a crippling blow.
  6. 9-1

    It's not the points scored. You can be a slow offense that takes ToP and scores in the 20's but wins all their games. Those offenses don't manage 1.6 yards per play against the second to worst defense in college football for extensive periods of time. Our offense did last night. This is partially due to ineptitude of play calling.
  7. 9-1

    My stance is this: We should be even more effective, with another year of maturation of our starters. Instead, we're producing laterally - at best. Mack and Adams leaving doesn't account for the full delta. Couple with the weakened schedule and statistically we've regressed. Everyone's eyes should be telling you this too. Look at the offense when Mack was absent last year. We didn't regress much. He was "simply" somewhat explosive than DJ/Tice. It's not a fall off a cliff from him to his backups though. Similar for Adams. His absence has allowed MVS to shine. Meanwhile, in the GCO the absence of Flowers would be sorely missed. That cliff drop-off happens from Flowers to Kean in the GCO. That'd be a much more fair reason to suggest a laterally performing offense is "okay" after a player moving on. "Thankfully", we won't have that excuse next year, hopefully Kean/Oladokun can perform better than Flowers in this vertical game that Gilbert and Co are forcing down our throats.
  8. 9-1

    That's a separate debate. The takeaway here is this years offense has "similar" effectiveness to last years, against a much lesser level of competition. If you'd like to debate the merits of whether that's because of Gilbert/CCS arriving or Mack/Adams departing that's a worthwhile discussion. But, let's align on the above first. Agreed?
  9. 9-1

    Yeah, we expected an OC to come in and see "Gee. That's a great offense tailored to the kids playing it" and learn it. Instead of "Gee. I really like to run this one thing. Let's do it despite of the talent here at the moment." That deserves frustration. These grown ass men are paid a lot to maximize their talent and the only reason we're 9-1 is because of a soft schedule and despite what the coaches are choosing to do on offense.
  10. Auggie

    He's far from our most athletic LB ever. But, he's one of the smartest. He'll be missed.
  11. 9-1

    I'm thoroughly on the "CCS and Gilbert are idiots" wagon - because they're inept at adapting to a dynamic QB that doesn't fit their style - but I do think there's a chance their style of play works better with another QB. I haven't given up hope on our future.
  12. USF vs. Tulsa Highlights

    Did nobody capture this coed???
  13. 9-1

    Aside from a miscue against Houston, Gilbert has wisely kept the offense veiled all season. UCF has literally no tape on what they'll see Friday. We're going to catch them by surprise! /s
  14. USF barely survives its senior night against 2-9 Tulsa. I'm fearful of next year.