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  1. Congrats Q

    It's ironic it happened on one of his worst individual performances, ever. And in a game where he was very publicly sulking.
  2. Can we complain about Booger and Joey?

    Sure, they said positives. When did they talk irrational **** on Temple, though? They were pathetic, but the managed to remain professional to them.
  3. USF should be #15

    P.s. I do believe we're top 15 material. That defensive performance was just incredible. A huge improvement there, even with the offensive regression, is a major leap forward.
  4. Those commentators were throwing so much unnecessary insults at us, not to mention generally unprofessional. A few instances from memory that we're most asinine: Repeatedly calling QF a "poor man's Lamar Jackson", Poking fun at the "4000 fans" in attendance, Joking that "we won't have any problems with traffic" after the game, Saying SDSU is a better G5 NY6 team because we have too many penalties - THEY ARE IN THE BOTTOM 10 IN PENALTIES Suggesting them rooting for Temple after the forced fumble is unprofessional, but proceeded to do it anyway, Talking about New Orleans food for 10 minutes, for God knows what reason, Talking about two-stepping repeatedly, Joey wearing an untucked shirt in a broadcast booth on national TV, Of course, Booger wins it all when he decided to talk about his hot teacher in 8th grade getting him interested in math because she wore short skirts. And how she's now his kids godmother... While on the subject about teachers not getting enough respect. Bonus: ESPN deciding it was relevant to show Rutgers storming the field on us in 2007 instead of anything remotely positive from our past. Frankly, it was kind of amusing, but only because they were such a trainwreck. They deserve to be fired, IMO.
  5. USF should be #15

    Not happening
  6. That defense though ....

    Temple sucks offensively, but pitching a defensive shut out and holding a power team to negative rush yards is just insanely awesome.
  7. Attendance is an embarrassment

    Help the poor. Pay anyone qualifying for welfare to go to the game. Anyone in the seats is better than this..
  8. Which one (or two) will the Bulls drop?

    Conference championship. Mainly because the football Gods hate us.
  9. USF vs Illinois TV Rating

    We were the only football being played that night. It is not bad, but not good either. We got beat by Baylor/Rice last year. Seems to be about the right number for a G5 team playing.
  10. AP and Coaches Poll

    One of us will lose this year. Bank on it.
  11. Chris Barr=Delonte Welch

    Well played. I love the confusion that ensued even more.
  12. USF vs Illinois TV Rating

    Baylor/Rice from the same Friday last year: 1.454 million. Seems pretty average, at best.
  13. Chris Barr=Delonte Welch

    It's Deonte not Delonte
  14. Week 3 Bowl Predictions

    I'd love to play UW.
  15. Playcalling

    I agree. The offense last game was great. We had a lot of miscues, but still scored 47. And, that's kind of the point. Gilbert is off the hot seat, for now.