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  1. The excuses we make for attendance are laughable. I suppose we has absolutely zero competition for people's attention last year and that explains why we lost 1000 people? Let's put it simply, people expect us to be worse in a post-Flowers world, and have relegated us to a lower status on their to-do list. This isn't because of hockey or minor league soccer. It's because our fans are apathetic and just became even more. Joey is a troll and wrong a lot. He's right this time. We need to see spring games ticking upward, not losing 30%.
  2. Malik Martin leaving USF MBB team

    Again. This isn't tied to one coach. Basketball has been mired in mediocrity the overwhelming majority of my time as a fan. Meanwhile, football exhibited the most meteoric rise in the modern era of college football. One deserved more leash. And yet, basketball got it from me. Until very recently. Football had me thinking it was a waste of money after Holtz and then Taggart subsequently being a moron. Displeased people (fans, boosters, even players) very much influenced the change we saw take place. UCF has passed us largely by taking on debt. Their bet paid off as they now have significantly more donations than we do and a better atmosphere at football and basketball. Pulling financial support is not going to cripple the program. I'm not saying I'm not interested in the program, attending games when I can, etc. But I'm also not subsidizing the program directly until / if things change. And frankly, if they don't change we shouldn't even have a program.
  3. Rodney Adams retired?

    This is an incredibly weird decision. Dude had a lot of potential in the NFL. Best of luck, was hoping to see our first impact player on offense be him.
  4. Malik Martin leaving USF MBB team

    OK, so your answer is to blindly throw money into a void. That's fine. I have a finite amount of it. I'd rather support things that show results and improvement. I haven't seen an iota of improvement in this program since I was a student. They're not getting my support to continue doing that. There's no reason we shouldn't be competing with UCF every year in conference. I'm not talking about a high bar here. I pulled my support after Tags 2nd season as well. _something_ clearly happened that lit a fire under people. You're welcome.
  5. ****! Rams release Kayvon Webster

    This is homerism at its finest. Talib has had a much better career than Jenkins.
  6. Brooks Larkin- Oh Boy this is interesting

    He’s essentially whistleblowing. From his perspective it sounds like he tried several times to air his grievances in private; like you all wanted. At some point you need to discuss things publicly to get attention. If his accusations are true, maybe Maddox will be more fair? Maybe CCS will pay more attention and uncover that this was true? Is Kesha supposed to keep private what happened to her too? When nobody internally gave a crap or believed her? What’s so different here? If true, he was met with complete ineptitude and Maddox deserves to have some disciplinary actions.
  7. Today’s FB Scrimmage

    Chris has some traits resembling Bridgewater. He’s going to be starting day one.
  8. Malik Martin leaving USF MBB team

    Pulling my support isn’t only because of Antigua. It was the final straw. I honestly don’t have an informed opinion on what Harlan could’ve done better. You’d just opine about the reasons why it’s invalid even if I did. That said, it’s not my job to figure out what else they should’ve done. It’s USF Athletics job to get a team to win more than 15 games more than a couple times per decade. Clearly, there’s a systematic problem. I’m optimistic that Gregory will get the job done, and when he starts showing results, my support will come back. I suspect the same for others too.
  9. USF Week

    I wonder if there's any conditions here. I have about 40 USF shirts. Many of which have gotten pretty old in the 10+ years since I began as a student. Would love to trade in these bad boys.
  10. Malik Martin leaving USF MBB team

    You're supposed to endlessly support a train wreck? I pulled my resources too. Basketball is my favorite sport and this program has been in shambles in like 85% of seasons I've been a fan (10+ years). Maybe losing investment will make folks work harder, because getting an investment sure wasn't.
  11. LOL that happened for like 4 games and then ended forever. C'mon.
  12. Former Bull Cliett to Vikings

    Dude is barely LB sized. His big problem in the NFL is he's a tweener. He's too small for LB and too slow for S.
  13. We may have a kicking problem

    Burke is still here (somehow) so they'll also get several blocked...
  14. Nichols will be the best pro of this draft class. Bank on it. Frankly, he should've went to the combine over Flowers.
  15. Looks Like Sun Dome has a Sponsor Name

    I'm sorry, I don't have the time to read this whole thread.. but tell me what's on the first and last pages isn't true. A (mediocre) beer company is going to sponsor the Sun Dome? Is it official?