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  1. If they pulled this for Knightro, or whatever his dumbass name was, I wouldn't be a fan anymore, lol
  2. Mark killed it with the tweet. Rocky ruined it. Bro? WTF?
  3. I love how Wake Forest was completely ignored in the article. This could also affect us with ECU, FWIW too.
  4. Pretty eclectic list
  5. Huh? I don't know about this other thread, but it was a terrible sophomore year for BJ (relatively speaking) because of Skip's idiotic stance. He grew more into the role in his junior year, but still was playing under his potential. By his senior year, the talent around him was starting to dissipate and he was carrying the entire team. It was too late for Skip by this point. When BJ finally went down, so did the house of cards that Skip had assembled behind him. Skip was a terrible coach for USF, if we want to give him credit for taking 2+ years to let a generational athlete at QB run more free, fine, we can do that.
  6. Psst, by his senior year Skip gave up his idiot stance.
  7. Nobody should be ashamed to feel scared about a new coach forcing our athletic QB into a pocket passer. BJ is arguably an even better athlete and failed miserably. That said, I think CCS won't repeat history here.
  8. I'm hoping we can keep Kean and Chris O. Will one transfer?
  9. Both reports are concerning. Seems like a fundamentally different approach to offense and like our defense may not simply have the talent to improve as dramatically as we'd like.
  10. Agreed. We're making the best of the situation. I'd just rather see us recruit players who fit the bill, physiologically. I'm sure the staff would too. I'm not saying anything divisive or profound here. The only thing I really takeaway is if this happens too much, it could be a signal of a tough time on defense.
  11. As a principle I'm not a huge fan of moving someone from safety to linebacker. Or from LB to DE, or from DE to DT. It generally means you're masquerading someone small at the position. Not suggesting this is a bad move, per se, just from afar it smells funny.
  12. Umm.. Not all of these guys went to the combine...
  13. That'd be an idiotic way to have the conversation. Regardless, a coaches job is to think about the success of his team and player. It's not usually that hard to convince someone to do something if they're bought into the system and buy into your leadership. If Skip got overruled by BJ he was truly inept. I think he just made a bad call.