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  1. Makes our OOC look like murderer's row, just sayin'.
  2. Houston appears to have the inside track, as far as opponent quality remaining. It'll be a nail biter to finish the season.
  3. +1 ArmyBull is misinformed... Darrell Scott did pretty well. Tyrone McKenzie is one of our best players ever. Kion Wilson did great. So did Craig Marshall. Oh, that guy JPP was a transfer. And Kawika Mitchell. Did you like Jamie Byrd? Or Mistral Raymond? Chris Dunkley was a bright spot on a bad team. I could keep going.
  4. Frost is delusional and not genuine in this interview. I get he can't be actually honest about the state of the world, but at least add an "I believe" or "I want" or "Our students think" or "I may be an idiot but" before your statements.
  5. Maybe he wouldn't have gotten injured if he stayed in school and he'd have had a long career?
  6. ???
  7. Wow, nice
  8. The NBA could be the 2nd most popular league in the world despite not being #2 in America. By your own definition soccer can't possibly he #1 globally because it's not #1 in USA. P.S. NBA is not the #2 league in the world, just pointing out the flaw in your argument.
  9. If they pulled this for Knightro, or whatever his dumbass name was, I wouldn't be a fan anymore, lol
  10. Mark killed it with the tweet. Rocky ruined it. Bro? WTF?
  11. I love how Wake Forest was completely ignored in the article. This could also affect us with ECU, FWIW too.
  12. Pretty eclectic list
  13. Huh? I don't know about this other thread, but it was a terrible sophomore year for BJ (relatively speaking) because of Skip's idiotic stance. He grew more into the role in his junior year, but still was playing under his potential. By his senior year, the talent around him was starting to dissipate and he was carrying the entire team. It was too late for Skip by this point. When BJ finally went down, so did the house of cards that Skip had assembled behind him. Skip was a terrible coach for USF, if we want to give him credit for taking 2+ years to let a generational athlete at QB run more free, fine, we can do that.
  14. Psst, by his senior year Skip gave up his idiot stance.