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  1. Football Complex (IPF) News

    We should've been scheduling P5 teams when we were under Holtz and Taggart's first 2 years. Trying to do it now is like trying to buy stocks in a bubble and ******** that it's hard to do well. If we stink it up next year, Harlan should be calling all these people back.
  2. I can't imagine Battle is really in the running. RB might be a mediocre RBBC. Secondary is losing a lot, but is able to replenish. I'm not more worried about them than the front seven. For me the concerns are LB > Line > Ends > Secondary. Special teams wise, we have nothing returning at ... returner. Johnson and Fullwood have been the bell cows. They're gone. I expect someone good to emerge, but concerning nonetheless.
  3. XFL

    Do people really think this will be remotely successful?
  4. Gilbert Rumors

    “It was kinda frustrating, you know,” Johnson said. “We had a new coaching staff come in and I had to buy in their running scheme and offensive scheme. It was kinda frustrating a little bit. I wish I could’ve gotten more catches out of the backfield but it is what it is... I think we could’ve taken another step forward [as an offense] if we were given the opportunity to get the ball out of the backfield.”
  5. Gilbert Rumors

    DJ goes on record saying he was frustrated with the dives and inability to get the ball thrown to him out of the backfield, and that it limited the offense. People will still apologize for Gilbert, though.
  6. Q Invited to NFL Combine

    What an awesome surprise to see Q get invited. This guy will have off the chart measurables compared to his QB competition. This alone might get him drafted. Very happy for him.
  7. Q Invited to NFL Combine

    Senat and Nichols deserve an invite more than MVS and Q. When do the invites conclude? It's a travesty if those 2 don't get in.
  8. Predicting the starters next year

    I haven't seen anyone list Watts. Dude was a quite heralded recruit and doing well before an injury this past off-season. Has someone heard something I haven't? Or, are people just forgetting about him?
  9. Predicting the starters next year

    +1 Reading between the lines, Chris seems to be about as accurate but a lot more mobile. I think there's a chance it was really 2A and 2B behind Q this season and that Kean was the default "2" to keep him from transferring out if he saw the writing on the wall too obviously. That said, there's a whole off-season of competition to be had. I don't expect anyone to be declared starter until close to fall. We shouldn't write off Kean. Having skilled players like O and K is an "OK" problem to have. #dadjokes
  10. Stan Heath Accused

    I followed Noreiga for a while and can confidently say he's a tool. I don't believe this.
  11. QF #10 rated RB in 2018 Draft

    You're the one using absolute words, saying I'm a liar. When you pulled the douche move of taking figurative phrasing literally. Well, of course I had to explain my intentions to you since you're apparently too dense to understand colloqualisms. If you'd accepted my initial statement that I meant he won't be a rich man, this would be over. You tried to misrepresent my stance. Let me be clear, I love Q. He should he rich. Right now. For his contributions to USF. I do not believe he has a path to riches now, though. And that's partially because xCWT convinced him to be a QB for USF by catering to an 18 year old's vanity. CCS' original aspirations for him likely had a better chance at making him a rich man.
  12. Predicting the starters next year

    I wasn't clear. Next year WR is fine. I'm saying 2019 has nobody except Salomon. Obviously someone else can/will step up. It's just interesting to see that we have zero Freshman or Sophomores contributing otherwise.
  13. QF #10 rated RB in 2018 Draft

    You're still being a baby. Figuratively speaking, a firefighter is poor. Especially compared to an NFL athlete. Again, in person this would be obvious, but instead you're butt hurt for Q and trying to pick a fight with a guy who loves him.
  14. QF #10 rated RB in 2018 Draft

    Also, my entire set of comments are based on the disappointment that Q isn't rich simply for what he's done for the program and the type of awesome person he already is. Stop mincing my words.
  15. QF #10 rated RB in 2018 Draft

    Uh. False. I said he won't be a rich man. He'll be a perfectly great firefighter and upstanding man. Don't be a baby.