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  1. TBT GAME Tonight

    DoJo was a black hole. I don't get why Fitz or Gilchrist barely played. The offense consisted of Nique, Allen, or McDonald playing isolated ball. Very sloppy game plan. This team had the talent to win. Oh well, it was cool to see these guys back together. Hopefully they do it again.
  2. I'd love to have seen Gransberry and Rudd return for this team too.
  3. Tampa Bulls get underway Saturday

    Amazing game. Love the talent of this crew.
  4. DoJo was the best player on the court tonight, but he took too many 3s. Redeemed himself in the end. Looks like Allen is benching Collins permanently. He had a great game and provided the spark we needed. Coaching tried to cost us the game. McDonald needed to play more. The end game fouling was terrible. The rotation was suspect. The talent and depth of this team is pretty awesome. Thinking we have a real shot at winning this thing.
  5. Wow. What a game. DoJo with the game winning shot.
  6. Down early, but we're looking good. The Kings are making shots you'd be happy to give up. They won't keep going down.
  7. Hilarious. I wrote something for the ESPN helmet challenge a while ago as a student, wish I had that time nowadays.
  8. Either way, my pay is not the subject here, lol. I simply found it interesting that I'm essentially earning mid-round NFL pay and urged kids to stay in school as a result.
  9. Let's be clear folks, 300k for the average employee ANYWHERE is living it up; remember, that means more than half of employees make a good deal more than that. Obviously some places more than others. But yes, i actually have several folks on my team who make MORE than I do and work remotely, in Jacksonville, for instance. The reason the salaries are harder to find In Tampa is simply because it's not a tech area and lacks tier 1 employers in the industry. Pittsburgh, for example, has Google and Uber employees that make more than I do, and their cost of living is similar to Tampa.
  10. These are ordinary for Facebook back in 2016. I'm a senior (sub-30 year old) engineer and seeing over the high end of that range, we get top-heavy signing bonuses. Many more companies are in the same pay range including Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Tesla, Uber, Adobe, Dropbox, LinkedIn, etc. These companies easily represent over 1-mm employees alone. They're just the ones everyone knows about. There's, what, hundreds of players in the NFL? Point is, your brain can make you about as much as a mid-round football player, for a much longer term, and because you used your brain to get there, you're much less likely to piss it all away. I'm honestly surprised Rodney isn't making dramatically more than me (makes it obvious how stupidly overpaid tech is).
  11. Psh. I get a larger signing bonus in tech. It's fairly ordinary for something like 300K sign-on and $2-million over 4 years. There's a boatload more of us than there are NFL players. Stay in school kids.
  12. UCF extends Scott Frost

    Makes our OOC look like murderer's row, just sayin'.
  13. Baseball Standings AAC

    Houston appears to have the inside track, as far as opponent quality remaining. It'll be a nail biter to finish the season.