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  1. Temple will be a test for us

    Take a look at their message board. Their score predictions overall are not a whole lot different than those on this board. I was worried about the Illinois game, but I'm not worried about this one. That worries me, come to think of it.
  2. Quiz:USF - B1G

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 36/100 My Time 127 seconds  

    So 6 home games instead of 7. And that was one of only 4 Saturday home games, one of which has already been played. Guess there won't be much tailgating this season.
  4. BullspenKeeper league?

    Hopefully we can get it going, this is the last thread of fantasy sports that I've been holding onto the last few years.
  5. BullspenKeeper league?

    Me three
  6. BULLSRALLY 2017

    Awesome time today, thanks to all who put this together. Always a great event!
  7. Injury Free and High Level of Execution

    Ahh, I figured it was the Charlie Strong connection. Either way, pretty cool to see him in green and gold.
  8. Injury Free and High Level of Execution

    Anyone else see Steve Spurrier at the game today? Was rocking the kelly green USF polo and a USF visor.