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  1. Ahh, I figured it was the Charlie Strong connection. Either way, pretty cool to see him in green and gold.
  2. Anyone else see Steve Spurrier at the game today? Was rocking the kelly green USF polo and a USF visor.
  3. Football

    Taking the bus from USF. Anyone ever take this option? Any rules, can I bring a cooler, chair, crack a cold one, etc?
  4. This. If QF was our QB back then we'd have won a conference title or two.
  5. Looked through some old threads. Anyone know if the Bullsbackers and Bullstailgating lots are still an option, and if so will they allow you to spread out a bit?
  6. Hopefully someone chimes in. I remember there used to be a few private lots that didn't squeeze you in like sardines......would be nice to know ahead of time so we're not driving around like idiots.
  7. What? Man that's been our spot since the beginning. Sucks to hear about this secondhand 14 hours before the tailgate party. I'm interested in backup locations as well. We have a trailer that we bring with generator and 2 canopies which won't work in the other lots.
  8. 1) USF 2) 45-17 3) Mack 4) Bronson 5) 413
  9. Not sure if anyone else heard this, but as I was driving home, Tom Krasniqi was doing an update on 620, and he reported that Woulard was transferring to "UC-" and then corrected himself, "USF." I almost drove off the road.