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  1. USF Tailgate Trailer Free to a Good Home

    Hi All, I will be moving to a new house with an HOA so I won't have anywhere to store my 5'x8' USF tailgate trailer. Plus we've downsized our tailgate parties to a point where it's not really needed any longer (we used it through the last home game of 2017). It's not a looker by any means, needs a fresh coat of paint, but it rolls and it has served its purpose well. The white PVC is a flagpole holder that we attached to the front right corner. The first pics are from a few years back when we first painted it to show that it can look pretty good if given some love. Let me know if anyone would like it otherwise it will probably be scrapped or donated (or whatever you do with trailers that nobody wants). Thanks!
  2. USF 2018 Football Schedule

    I have a lot of good friends in the Amherst area. I will be making the trip with a few USF buddies. I went to the Bowling Green game at UMass a few years ago. Fun little stadium, cold as hell that night.
  3. Free USF Game worn jersey for renewing tickets

    Just picked mine up. Will pretend that it’s Ben Moffitt, but I know this jersey was after he left. Tried to look up historical rosters and don’t see anyone with this number during the Big East years.
  4. Free USF Game worn jersey for renewing tickets

    I received an email and renewed at 10:06 or so. I also received an email this evening stating that they are going to give jerseys to the rest of the folks who renewed: "Due to the overwhelming support and response from the first day of the 2018 USF Football renewal priority, we acquired more than 200 additional jerseys so that we could offer each account that renewed their season tickets in full an opportunity to pick up an authentic game-issued jersey.If you would like an authentic game-issued jersey please contact your Personal Membership Representative to coordinate a time to pick up your jersey."
  5. Free USF Game worn jersey for renewing tickets

    Ahh, gotcha thanks.
  6. Free USF Game worn jersey for renewing tickets

    Guidelines say that it's "not possible to fulfill requests for specific jersey sizes, numbers, colors, and/or styles." Also says jerseys may date back as far as 2009. https://www.usfbullstrong.com/football-ticket-referral-program/
  7. Free USF Game worn jersey for renewing tickets

    Renewed as well. Hopefully I'm in the top 300. Also, I noticed on the usfbullstrong site that some folks were eligible for a 20% discount for alumni, faculty, and staff. What is that discount for and how does one qualify for it, is it for those who belong to the alumni association?
  8. Great game and great seats. Nice to be able to peek over the shoulder of the ESPN3 announcers to see replays, etc. Thanks again Brad, we had a great time!
  9. Awesome, thanks so much Brad. Received them in my email, really appreciate it!
  10. Fun & Useless Facts

    There's that 17 number again
  11. Hit hootie

    I guess thinking more along the lines of what kind of crap they'll be doing in a few years that I would be imitating to get a laugh. You're right though, I'm sure it won't take much beyond just acting naturally.
  12. Hit hootie

    Mine aren't old enough to be embarrassed yet, or I'd be right there with you. I shudder to think what I will have to do in order to accomplish that feat in a few years.
  13. Hit hootie

    That's a dang good point. Dab away boys and girls!