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  1. lotsofbull99

    Got my helmets!

    You can only wear one at a time, so why buy two?
  2. lotsofbull99

    Why is the USF beat writer . . .

    Joey KNIGHT hates USF!
  3. Everyone knows this Fake News!
  4. lotsofbull99

    ESPN: USF 4th best chance to win the AAC

    If they want to refer to themselves as the National Champion, you should address them by their preferred pronoun.
  5. Would be nice if we could convert it to an OCS for football season
  6. lotsofbull99

    ESPN: USF 4th best chance to win the AAC

    Don't worry Kean will never see significant playing time.
  7. lotsofbull99

    Oladokun early leader in QB derby?

    CCS failed to develop the Junior Kean, neither CCS or CWT want a drop back passer for their offense.
  8. lotsofbull99

    Even UAB is getting a stadium...

    Yeah, if we aren't BCS, what's the point?
  9. lotsofbull99

    We may have a kicking problem

    Joey Knight is fake news!
  10. lotsofbull99

    Football Complex (IPF) News

    IPF is a waste of money unless it can double as an OCS. The University should economize and thing of multi-use facilities
  11. Interested which players CCS will hate this season
  12. lotsofbull99

    2018 Top AAC Non-Conference Games in 2018

    The Purple Pirates always have a solid out of conference schedule
  13. Will find out if CCS can develop players, no Bridgewaters on this team
  14. lotsofbull99

    What Do You Guys Do After Football Season?

    I take a break from fishing
  15. lotsofbull99

    Bulls vs. Ice Clowns

    We'll never be a big time Ice Hockey program with out an On-Campus Ice Rink (OIR)