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  1. Remember, CCS said he wanted to slow things down.
  2. FGCU has passed us by, we should have built the OCS when we had a chance
  3. Can we field a team next year, or should we turn the Sun Dome over to FGCU?
  4. Now if they just list to us about the OCS. Build The OCS!
  5. CCS has been a failure, he can't slow down the offense like he promised. It's obvious he's lost the team and that QF is running the show.
  6. If the IceBulls had an OCS, we'd be in the Big 10 by now
  7. Should have never fired CJL.
  8. The Defense has always hated Kean playing QB
  9. Since they're a former satellite campus of USF, can we roll our pathetic men's basketball teams into theirs? Let's Make USF basketball Great Again!
  10. UCF didn't have cup holders
  11. If we had an OCS we'd totally dominate this list.
  12. Brad always hated baUSFKid, poor little fellow never had a chance
  13. 5-7, will take at least 7 years to find players slow enough to play CCS's style of football.