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  1. If the kid loved our Phat OCS, that can't be wrong?
  2. If CCS promised to name the OCS after him, he'd be a lock for USF
  3. Every conversation leads us back to the OCS. USF must build the OCS, it's the only answer.
  4. We'd be a lock for this recruit if we could show him our OCS.
  5. I thought Tony Dungy was our AD?
  6. Yup, the OCS is a done deal now.
  7. If you don't support the OCS, you're a racist
  8. It's not CWT's fault, CCS is having a hard time finding players in Florida that are slow enough to run his offense.
  9. Jim Leavitt was robbed!
  10. Fans can never enjoy cheap beer in the stadium until we have an OCS
  11. It proves in the playoff age of college football that you must have an OCS if you want to win a title
  12. It's going to be a slow group.
  13. It's played in a pro stadium, so I'm sure you'll be there
  14. USF will never win a National Title until we have an OCS.