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  1. Big Time schools want to play in an OCS, perhaps this schedule wouldn't suck so bad if we played the games at our OCS
  2. USF allowed me the free time to develop my Starcraft skillz, and also introduced me to the world of Trolling which has been a big part of my life to this day
  3. I've been saying it for months, this is QF's team, that was evident when CCS couldn't slow down the offense. This Judge is just pointing out what is obvious, to those of us without green and gold glasses.
  4. CWT is dead to me!
  5. If we had kept The Jim, we'd have a Natty by now.
  6. Sorry, but that's total BS, CWT was planning his move to Oregon years ago, and was kept up at night by thoughts of facing a Woulard lead UCLA team, so he buried him at USF, AW never had a chance
  7. CWT could never develop a talent like Mike White, but he'd be a perfect fit for CCS's Slow Coast Offense
  8. Beat me to it
  9. CCS needs to build the wall!
  10. CCS has already lost control of the team
  11. Agreed, I think Coach Strong's desire to slow him down caused him to come out to early
  12. Who's going to ask about the OCS?
  13. Remember, CCS said he wanted to slow things down.
  14. To hell with Memphis!