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  1. Attendance is an embarrassment

    Cheap OCS and Cheap Beer is the only way to improve attendance. Yuengling Stadium at Leavitt Field
  2. Attendance is an embarrassment

    So true, there's no need for RJS-East. A nice little stadium like Tulane has would be perfect
  3. Anybody a wee bit concerned about Flowers?

    If the offense took advantage of all the opportunities we'd have scored 80
  4. At least some chick isn't calling the game
  5. Anybody a wee bit concerned about Flowers?

    It's time to consider other options at QB
  6. Attendance is an embarrassment

    An OCS would have better attendance
  7. This is the most

    CJL would never let it get this bad.
  8. Attendance is an embarrassment

    WE had better crowds in the I-AA days
  9. Week 4 Uniforms

    CCS has a slow sense of style
  10. GAMEDAY!!!

  11. Tice vs DJ

    Exactly, with the right coaching TIce and Bench would have been battling for the Heisman trophy
  12. Week 4 Games to Watch

    I hate UCF, hope they lose bigley every time
  13. GAMEDAY!!!

  14. GAMEDAY!!!