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  1. Opponent Message Boards

    If Brad had an On Campus Server TBP would be BCS by now.
  2. Stony Brook

    CJL would have crushed Stony Brook 80-0
  3. Best team ever

    Trollin' ain't easy.
  4. Welcome ThtFilmStudent91

    Sounds like you ended up with an Arts and Science degree
  5. You get to pick one

    Build the OCS, and all these other dreams will follow!
  6. Bulls to Play in 2017 Hoosier Tip-Off Classic

    Indiana will destroy us!
  7. Best team ever

    You can never replace a legend like CJL, worst mistake USF ever made letting him go. If "The Jim" was still around, we'd be in the ACC.
  8. Best team ever

    7-5 with a coveted birth in the Popeye's Chicken Bowl
  9. Welcome SJSU333

    SJSU will be our toughest out of conference game, I hope we keep it close
  10. Bandwagoners

    OCS will improve attendance
  11. Indoor practice facility?

    Useless unless it can double as an indoor OCS.
  12. Bandwagoners

    I'm still on the wagon.
  13. Future OOC Football Schedule

    Need MTSU back on the schedule
  14. Another arrest

    If we're going to be an aggressive football team we need to be engaged in something bigger than petty theft. I once saw a bum fight at the Denny's on Dale Mabry at 4 AM, that was big time