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  1. 5-7, will take at least 7 years to find players slow enough to play CCS's style of football.
  2. I hope all these games are broadcast on CBSSports
  3. Football

    All our home games should be at Corbett, as it is our OCS
  4. When does construction on the wall around USF start?
  5. We should have built the wall.
  6. So you're saying we're still the tallest midget?
  7. CWT could never develop QBs or relate to players. Take Steven Bench or AW as examples
  8. Learned that trick from CWT
  9. He looks like he's got a little chinaman in him, cute baby.
  10. Congrats, but it's a heavy burden to be a Bull fan, are you sure he's ready?
  11. This will be the slowest class ever.
  12. He was ultimately too fast for CCS
  13. Secular University performing for a Papist?