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  1. We got the kids the airbrush tattoos, and saw the football toss, but no bounce house. Seemed like it was overhyped. They did have fun running onto the field though. That’s a good idea for the kids.
  2. jfowler85

    New USF Truck

    It will be in Philly in November!
  3. jfowler85

    New USF Truck

  4. jfowler85

    New USF Truck

    They have smothering in the works to make this happen. I’ll keep you updated when I hear
  5. jfowler85

    New USF Truck

    Here are some more pics from yesterday. I actually work for ReedTMS Logistics. This is our 2nd year powering the football trailer. There’s a possibility in the future that a replica truck/trailer will be available. I’ll keep you updated on what the plan is. Here is last years replica as well.
  6. Could be, but I think Hill’s last year was 08? The jerseys are supposed to go as far back as 09 I think. I thought I remember Landi switching #s but wasn’t sure.
  7. I picked up mine today, as well as 2 of my buddies. Between the 3 of us, we got a white big east #7, white big east #9, and newer green AAC #19. So I’m guessing BJ Daniels, Evan Landi, and Ronnie Hoggins.
  8. Just figured I'd give you guys a sneak peak of the new wrap on the truck (my company is the transportation provider for equipment). Headed out to UCONN this morning!
  9. Thanks! I checked on collegesportslive but didn't see it listed yet.
  10. http://www.collegesportslive.com/ But it's not free Great, thanks!!
  11. Does anyone know if you can watch CBS sports online? Or if there is anywhere else online to watch the game?
  12. jfowler85

    Sideline drama in Q3

    Thanks guys. Figured it would be a nice touch haha. She really was crying though after that time managemt deal last game though lol
  13. jfowler85

    Sideline drama in Q3

    That's was me and my wife and our little girl w/ the paper bag. Just for the record the bag wasn't covering our babies face, it was just a hat