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  1. The shoes look sort of like this except the greenish sole edge is limeish green and black mini checkerboard I could not find a pic of the actual shoe, Maybe it’s a prototype I have no opinion regarding Puc and puppies
  2. We ran into VP Kelly at a restaurant near campus after the game also. 1. He is not afraid to talk to the fans / alumni (obvious since we were in gear). 2. I mentioned I am going to miss the HB dive (hehe) and he was very judicious in answering. Something about a new offense but I could tell he knew what I meant. 3. LOVED his Addidas shoes. The side of the rubber sole was black and green checkerboard.
  3. Where’s my tin foil hat? The scrolling / pop ad on this page is for Under Armour
  4. I thought this was going to say he got a job as a scooter tester for a scooter manufacturer.
  5. Hey you kids make sure you hear that Cheech & Chong bit. Now get off my lawn and go listen to it
  6. Added my feedback (managed to do it without objectionable words!) You do not have to give an email or receive a call. Just answer some simple questions and write any comments. Attack!
  7. MVS was honored with inclusion in the official BLR (Bad Lip Reading) NFL 2019 video released yesterday! His appearance is 35 seconds in from the beginning. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC67f2Qf7FYhtoUIF4Sf29cA WARNING: If you have never seen Bad Lip Reading videos before be prepared to lose about a day and a half of your life going down that rabbit hole
  8. Need the win to win a game we should win (still weird to say that). That shows progress.
  9. “Coach (Charlie) Strong’s given me total control to go in and run my own system,” said Bell For older folks or history majors, anyone reminded of Al Haig after Reagan was shot (I am in total control)? Hope this works out better!
  10. Are there season ticket packages left? It’s not a bandwagon if the product is completely different.
  11. Beat the spread, fun to watch. This is not USF basketball we are used to.
  12. Anybody know the people sitting in front of Collins mother?
  13. He did just win a National Championship (a real National championship, not just claimed or made up). That must say something about recruiting (though in Div II).
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