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  1. Obviously he didn't watch all the tape. He didn't mention the alternate (but pretty much the same) series of downs: 1st down dive for 2 yards, 2nd down go shot near the sideline incomplete, 3rd down 6 yard pass (3rd and 8), punt.
  2. SpikeBull

    MBB - USF vs. Florida A&M

    You can see improvement! Got close for a second with a few minutes left but recovered and won a game they were supposed to win. Wish that could be said about a certain other program.
  3. In his article about the possibility of a FSU-USF bowl game he makes this insightful observation about the viability of the ACC wanting to play Cincinnati or USF: "Moreover, the AAC has a history of wanting its best teams each year to play Power Five schools in bowl contests, meaning the league likely would be far more interested in, say, a Cincinnati-FSU matchup. But the conference also has a history of working with its bowl and TV partners to forge the best matchups. " Were some of our conference mates promoted to P5 status without telling us?
  4. SpikeBull

    Postgame Comments??

    What he said - Everyone made mistakes in the second half. What he usually says - The team was not prepared and that's on the coaching staff. What he should have said - The offensive play calling was predictable and ineffective as usual, changes will be made.
  5. If not the above there is the usual alternative - 1st and 10 (dive), 2nd and 8 (long pass near sideline incomplete), 3rd and 8 (pass 6 yards short of marker), Punt
  6. SpikeBull

    Some Employee

    If my my wife who knows nothing about the job description or performance requirements asks why do they keep doing that thing that hardly ever works time after time, that doesn't mean they need perfection at their job, just self reflection and self criticizing. It has nothing to do with perfection.
  7. You are correct sir! Winn Dixie was above Publix in the 70's (I can only speak of the Bradenton area) with their Chek Cola, "The beef people" and number of stores. Publix was a close second but not at the same impact they are now.
  8. SpikeBull

    Cincy 6 Day Window

    As in we gotta show something and it's better than SMU @UCONN
  9. No access to video Did Barnett’s passing look better in that flurry before the touchdown or were the receivers just open?
  10. I am sitting in Reykjavík Iceland and following the plays on a sports app. It is very stark to see written “Cronkite rush middle” or “Ford rush middle” time after time (usually for 2 yards).
  11. SpikeBull

    Total Chaos

    Toatal Chaos? Hmmm..... I seem to remember a team that got to #2, not all by merit but Total Chaos! If I could only remember what team that was.
  12. SpikeBull

    Next week on Last Chance "U"...

    You mean the 5-5 foot used as an up the middle power back running back
  13. Mr Kumbaya The tackling is certainly better tonight. Not great but better.
  14. Alright we have the momentum! Dive right. MO's gone
  15. That makes perfect sense what BB stands for