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  1. I knew exactly who It was I blocking. RE: Jim “Chrissy “ Everett Disrespect intended!
  2. I’ve been a member since 2005 and reader a number of years before that. duc68 just became the first ignored member I have had. The inane garbage it (duc68) spews out is just tiresome at this point. Trolls have no redeeming value.
  3. I notice they do something I thought was illegal, they throw to center of the field!
  4. Remember there is a pass play - the third and long desperation pass since the two HB dives gained only 3 yards!! (post QF)
  5. Notice I said I know your intent: I am glad you are familiar wit HFH’s work but I hear “they give away houses” way to much and is just a pet peeve of mine.
  6. But...Butt... I thought tOSU had Coach Scott figured out? (see several pages ago)
  7. I like this attitude!! Including the too lazy to Google.
  8. Thanks GBS: I was looking for the word “culture” but Tito’s was a part of the evening.
  9. What a change of outlook and character this is going to be
  10. Well we still don’t have a coach Happy about that!
  11. Quoting Otter This is gonna be good
  12. I wanna believe Scott called that play
  13. Discipline to not jump offsides on the fake / no punt. What a concept.
  14. I would really like to think he has a USF T-shirt on under his Clemson polo. His daughter of course is holding her Rocky doll while she watches (if still not asleep, with Rocky).
  15. Mr Rogers says can you spell “Momentum”
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