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  1. No access to video Did Barnett’s passing look better in that flurry before the touchdown or were the receivers just open?
  2. I am sitting in Reykjavík Iceland and following the plays on a sports app. It is very stark to see written “Cronkite rush middle” or “Ford rush middle” time after time (usually for 2 yards).
  3. SpikeBull

    Total Chaos

    Toatal Chaos? Hmmm..... I seem to remember a team that got to #2, not all by merit but Total Chaos! If I could only remember what team that was.
  4. SpikeBull

    Next week on Last Chance "U"...

    You mean the 5-5 foot used as an up the middle power back running back
  5. Mr Kumbaya The tackling is certainly better tonight. Not great but better.
  6. Alright we have the momentum! Dive right. MO's gone
  7. That makes perfect sense what BB stands for
  8. I'm guessing but "major" would not be the word
  9. Ben Williams -Slow with no acceleration but he made up for it by having no moves
  10. SpikeBull

    Watch Party

    Since you will only be watching the first half of the first quarter I will remind you the whole game will be on ESPN 3 when you get around to it tomorrow.
  11. I was just going to ask the same thing. I was going into a meeting when I heard this. However here a link to the interview on 620 https://620wdae.iheart.com/featured/ron-and-jp/content/2018-10-09-barnett-says-bulls-are-on-a-mission/ Short summary Wife and kid, Mission to win Conf Champ, UMass summary including knowing about the chase for 300 yards general quarterbacking and team stuff
  12. Ron Diaz will interview Blake after the 1:00 break. (Now)
  13. "With our rich tradition of conference championships and superior talent. 15-2 should put him on the hot seat and we can pony up to rehire Tag" I remember my first beer!
  14. SpikeBull

    Did McCants play 2nd half?

    He did leave the game at one point with one arm looking like it was hurting. This was sometime in the 2nd quarter.
  15. Florida State and Tavares Pressley remember (or not as the case may be)