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  1. Record aside, did those other coaches teams look dead on arrival with zero enthusiasm? Where their games dull, uninspiring affairs that have the season ticket holders around them grumbling about the poor preparation and coaching? We made it to three minutes left in the game before deciding to leave so we could “beat the traffic” (for those at the game you understand this is a. joke)
  2. The most important question is: are you TSA Precheck?
  3. The older you get the more this is true with any brand. amirite?
  4. The current appearance of usf.edu is what I would expect a USF website to look like. Unified logo’s are a wonderful thing.
  5. We sit just a few rows up near the table where they worked on him. It appeared they slapped a couple of bandages on his shin just below the knee. It was wrapped and he walked off looking OK
  6. Other than the wrong gold color, overlapping logo and what I assume to be “horns”, really stupid looking (alleged) “horns”, did I mention the weird gold color, the bad spray paint job at the horn tip, black logo with green face mask, ....... If you can overlook those things it is perfect!
  7. Somehow the cramps seem to affect USF as much if not more than the visiting teams. You would think we would be experts at hydration.
  8. I can't tell you what Tampa chili is but I can tell you what it is not: Noodles with a jar of Ragu (the store bought not the style) sauce and enough shredded cheddar and onions on top to cover up the taste.
  9. What is this mysterious “Post Route” you speak of? I know of a “Dive Play” that occurs “between the goal posts” but this is only good for two yards at most and is not worthy of speculation. Does a “Post Route” occur further downfield and possibly good for more than two yards? If so what sorcery is this?
  10. This is much better than the years we were on that christian station. Living in Bradenton the signal would always fade out as we were listening to the after game show at the top of the Skyway. It was always a race to hear the audio highlights before the top of the bridge.
  11. “Who would have guessed brand name opponents are a difference maker in our attendance?“ “Probably the same people who think winning helps attendance, too.“ Is this one of those weird test questions? The answer is: Winning against brand name opponents helps attendance.
  12. If you have season tixs the only answer is yes you should have the parking pass. Personally I like lot 3 (north of this stadium) because it is easier to get into by bypassing the south lots traffic on Dale Mabry. With kids though there is more to do closer to the south lots.
  13. “This USF Offense is Going to be Outstanding” I know, Gilbert left for Louisiana!
  14. I used to think this would be a typical loss to a Wisc caliber team. I am now thinking the Bulls new offense and speed give them fits without the benefit of video for the new system. Wisc is also breaking in a new QB. It will all depend on any improvement to the defense but I think this will be an old school USF close win to a “name” school.
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