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  1. O That’s not the point in my mind. The fact that I can watch East Nowhere State VS St. Patricks Girls Academy Boys Team football on normal channels yet not find USF is a huge “advertising” miss. Look up the number of subscribers to the four letter+ network. Out of sight out of mind (maybe a good thing this year). In today’s tough bar and restaurant environment how many places will simply say ‘Nope we don’t get that channel here’. The loss of casual and non but interested fans will eventually translate to apathy and ignorance of the program. As a season ticket holder since the first ye
  2. Obviously Coastal Carolina is better than Ohio State and that is why Campbell is on the four letter network main channel tonight. The B10 voted to play only so Ohio State wouldn’t fall too far behind the CC program.
  3. Or...... the defense is good and the O line is great! They don’t call me Mr. Kumbaya for nothing.
  4. If that green was on a shirt or hat I would definitely not purchase. I know and like some of the alternate colors (neon green anyone?) but that ain’t one of them. Reminds me of some of the knockoff shirts from the early days. South Florida Bulls color codes: RGB, CMYK, Pantone, Hex Green Hex color: #006747 RGB: 0 103 71 CMYK: 93 10 75 43 Pantone: PMS 342 C
  5. Charlie is going to be very disappointed he won’t coach against his former team ........
  6. There are a $#!+[@&% of mosquitoes! (or at least there would be if not for the mosquito control districts)
  7. I can’t believe this made it through all day without someone posting
  8. Michael Kelly was on WDAE this morning. Talked about protocols and testing, having to be flexible with scheduling ( still expects to play Texas), Rayjay a strength for social distancing (if fans allowed). The interesting part was the scheduling is still an unknown. Could range from conference only and currently scheduled non-conf (when available), conference only, conference plus picking up games from teams who got cancelled on, etc. Stated the situation is obviously very fluid but has been on the phone with teams and conferences including TX / Big 12. https://953wdae.iheart.com/fea
  9. Redshirting basketball freshman...... right up there with the two handed set shot and crotch rocket basketball shorts (see any picture of Larry Bird).
  10. Ben Moffitt’s son can’t be college age. It was only four years ago Ben intercepted Pat White for the touchdown. Wouldn’t it be weird if future Pat White becomes a coach at USF?
  11. That white helmet with the half horn looks like it might need a dose of Viagra.
  12. Kenyatta Jones (died way to young in 2018) Anthony Henry Bill Gramatica I tried to find the video of the Jim running around hysterically (I.e. normally) after the picks but couldn’t find it.
  13. It looks like Brady and Gronkowski will be reunited in RayJay. “Son how would you like to play on the same field as those guys?” Said every coach talking to recruits.
  14. Spent a week in Austin last spring. Can vouch for Salt Lick BBQ in Driftwood TX. Wonderful. BYOB! Have to do Voodoo Donuts, preferably about 3:00 AM. Check out the long thin donut with chocolate frosting. If traveling north or south of Austin make sure you stop at Buc-ee’s. Kind of a combination of a handful of Wawa’s, a few 7-11’s, a Sonny’s and several I-Drive over the top souvenir stores. 120 Gas Pumps! A wall of Jerky!! (There are actually a couple of these coming to Florida in Daytona and Ft Myers)
  15. CSH was on WDAE. I could only listen for a little bit so I can't summarize but here is the interview. I will listen later. WDAE labeled the interview"EPIC recruiting story" https://953wdae.iheart.com/content/2020-02-20-usf-bulls-hc-jeff-scott-shares-epic-recruiting-story-w-ronnie-tkras/
  16. I knew exactly who It was I blocking. RE: Jim “Chrissy “ Everett Disrespect intended!
  17. I’ve been a member since 2005 and reader a number of years before that. duc68 just became the first ignored member I have had. The inane garbage it (duc68) spews out is just tiresome at this point. Trolls have no redeeming value.
  18. I notice they do something I thought was illegal, they throw to center of the field!
  19. Remember there is a pass play - the third and long desperation pass since the two HB dives gained only 3 yards!! (post QF)
  20. Notice I said I know your intent: I am glad you are familiar wit HFH’s work but I hear “they give away houses” way to much and is just a pet peeve of mine.
  21. But...Butt... I thought tOSU had Coach Scott figured out? (see several pages ago)
  22. I like this attitude!! Including the too lazy to Google.
  23. Thanks GBS: I was looking for the word “culture” but Tito’s was a part of the evening.
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