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  1. Waldo does not have a police department anymore closed due to corruption for giving out too many tickets. http://www.ocala.com/article/20141030/ARTICLES/141039958
  2. This is a chance to get to the conference championship. Something we have never done!
  3. UCF's close call The Orlando Sentinel coverage of University of Central Florida football this season has been stellar, as have the opinions expressed by columnists about Coach George O'Leary and his dual role as coach and athletic director. I recall a time when UCF football almost went out of business. It was in the early '80s, and I was the director of development for the UCF Foundation. Then-President Trevor Colbourn, who started the program, walked into my office and sat down. He said, "Jim, I can't meet payroll for the football team next week. What am I going to do?" While I was not responsible for athletic fundraising, only academic, I was puzzled as to why he came to me. So I suggested he pick up the phone and call Wayne Densch of Densch Beer Distributing in Sanford, who was a supporter. I told Colbourn to invite him out for a drink and tell him the challenge he was facing. Colbourn didn't say a word and walked out of my office, and I thought I was in real trouble. Three days later, he came back to my office, reached in his pocket and pulled out a check from Densch and said to me, "Anybody else you think I should have a drink with?" That was the first time Densch saved the program. Although UCF is having a losing season, at least today it can meet payroll.
  4. Well the "white out" worked for FSU right.....right?
  5. After the UF game Uf vowed not to have another early season game during the day. Hence all uf games are played a 7pm or later.
  6. There have been rumors going around on the local sports channels that Will Muschamp is going to USF. Anyone in the bay area hearing this?
  7. How about any team not in the SEC start a super conference and none of the teams play an SEC team. Leaving SEC on an island by itself! Yes? Then we have our own play off. Man that would send Esecpn into a tail spin.
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