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Just a note to point out our TBP-initiated drive to raise funds for the Bulls Football IPF - doing our share, and more.  Please consider donating at least $23 to the effort, and passing on to others as well.  You can read more about the project at the link above.  


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  1. It's college football and teams are constantly rebuilding. Upsets are the norm. IMO, you enjoy the ride, fill up the piggy bank with bowl trip money, and party like hell when we win our first conference championship.
  2. Oh. I didn't realize that. It'd be nice if they made an exception for child & parent combos.
  3. I used to take my young neices and nephews to the games before i moved away. It was great. A few of them even became students. Great memories. I've always thought it would be a great idea for our fans, fraternities, etc to team up and sponsor a local school and roll out the red carpet for one child and parent each week. Let the teacher pick which child to reward. Then set it up where they are picked up, brought to pregame events, the game, then home. It would build the fanbase from the ground up and provide good PR at same time. The cost could be spread out between a group. The Bullspen could sponsor one child/parent combo.
  4. You know we need some pictures of the cambodia36's journey. I asume he's paying up on at least the walking part. It's doable! Good sport. Go Bulls
  5. Great start to the season. Congrats to all the FIU fans. Could care less about them being in our conf and think we have enough other teams that can pick up the slack. We need to step it up ourselves. Soooo tired of all the smack coming out of UCF fans the past couple of years!
  6. Bench seems to have some spark. It is a great sign to see our def step up. It'll make the games a ton more exciting. Bring our fans back I hope. Bulls defense is BACK
  7. My wife and I are living in DC area. If the watchparties are open to all, I'd like more info. Thx
  8. That's what's really sad! We used to dominate the lines and play FAST aggresive defense. Now we play soft as hell. i want to see some physical, aggresive, and FAST play on Defense. Skip's recruited a bunch of O-linemen that should help us run the ball but our run game was nowhere to be found. So many problems with this team. Where to start?
  9. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Selmon Family.
  10. ;D Dang Bulliever, way to open up and pour salt in an old wound. Still has to be the worst call in our history (against us of course)
  11. Congrats to Ryan! Let's support our fellow Bull by going to at least one River Ridge game this year (if you live nearby).
  12. Question: WHY doesn't UCF play FAU or FIU on a annual home and home basis? Answer: They are scared OR they don't want to help improve those school's recruiting
  13. No we shouldn't help UCF more than we already have. UCF needs to get a couple of 4-game home and home series with both FAU and FIU. Those are non-BCS schools that deserve to get a shot at them EVERY year.
  14. I think we are doing pretty good. We've won a ton of games with lesser talent and are FINALLY beginning to recruit at a high level. 1. I would love to see our future ercruiting classes meet or exceed this years overall talent level. I believe this would allow us to build the mutch needed talented depth to get us over the hump and finally continue winning deep into the season when injuries and fatigue inevitebly set in. 2. At least one BE championship with continues bowl appearances. I would hope to win our BCS game but we need to at least win one outright BE championship. 3. At least one win against the Big three 4. See significant increases in donor levels and the # of donors. I think this is probably the MOST important in the long term improvement of the program. I think UCF has a larger donor base than us and that is pitiful. Overall i think we're on a good path.
  15. that is a good idea. let's all donate a increment of 84 in his honor. let it go to a walkon
  16. depending on which site you look at, it appears we are a clsoe second to Rutgirls. Probably the best we have ever ranked in the BE. Rutgers lost one of their better verbals, OT Malcolm Bunche, to Miami today. So, their ranking will drop on the various sites. http://usf.rivals.com/viewprospect.asp?pr_key=83591&sport=1 This is not good. We need a strong Rutgers and overall BE to help the conference remain strong. The only time I want other BE teams losing recruits is when they are losing them to US or another BE team. Either way Rutgers seems to consistently bring in good classes year in and year out. As far as this being our first BCS level class, I think our prior classes were BCS level but not mid to upper BCS level. I think our recruiting has been on par with the Indiana's, Dukes, Wake Forests, UConns, Baylors etc of the BCS. I think this year may have pulled us on par with the Clemsons, Auburns, Ga Techs etc. I think we're getting where we need to be. We just need to replicate this year in and year out to have a REALLY good team every 3rd to 4th year and to also not fade out late in the season due to lack of depth. I'm very happy to be at this level so fast.
  17. I believe you are missing Calrton Mitchell at WR. He will start at one of the WR positions. He's our best WR I.M.O. Although he had a rough year, he is almost impossible to cover with one DB. I also think Theo Lewis is going to get some time at WR and on special teams
  18. ...so, we have to kill the program after CJL retires? Crap... 1. Pull in a top 25 recruiting class this year 2. Win the BE 3. Finish the season ranked 4. A second all-american 5. August no i meant at the time he retires. I didn't mean after he retires. I vote for George Selvie to come back one day and coach the team after Jim I meant to say i hope to NEVER see him coaching another college team.
  19. 1. Win the BE 2. Win a national Championship 3. See JL retire as the only coach of the Bulls football team he built. 4. Beat the Big 3s 4. consistently finish in the top 25
  20. Good point E.T. We could use some high level donors to step up right about now. I think our football program may have outpaced our alumni's willingness to give at the current moment. I know it takes time to build the kind of support that the UF/FSU/UMs have but this would be a great time to get a big gift. Either way, I think we can scrounge up 300-500k to get a very good OC. JMHO
  21. Pretty excited about Popek, Rose, and Estenor coming in and competing next year. I REALLY hope McCaskill (sp) is able to push for and win the center positio so that Sims, Genus, Warren, and some of the freshmen can compete at OG. I also think that we will be good to go on the inside. I am really worried about both OT positions. If we can somehow find a good combination to get us through this year and next, I don't think we'll continue to have OL problems year after year. Last years line was decent but had no depth.
  22. We don't have the hogs to run another type of offense. We are RAZOR thin and not that talented on the lines. I hope it changes but that's why I think we collapsed and took so many sacks. I also thought the WR's could of played better to ease some of the pressure off of the QB and running game but that wasn't the case. With the new players coming in on the OL we may be able to begin mixing in a little more I-formation plays. We've got to improve our OL depth and talent before we can expect improved offensive production late in the season. JMHO
  23. While I am happy for the change, I really don't think we're going to be much better until we upgrade our OL talent. Before this year I would have said the same about our DL but I think this recruiting class is addressing our lack of depth on the defensive side of the ball. Not trying to bash our OL talent and depth but I REALLY believe that played a big role in this years midseason collapse. I hope I'm wrong but I don't see next year being much better. Our OT situation is dowright scary. I think we'll be set at OG but OT and Center will be scary. Players get hurt and we don't have enough talent backing up our starters to go the whole year in a smashmouth BE conference. Again, I hope I'm wrong. I am also not trying to bash our coaching staff's recruiting because they are working miracles with the tight budget and the fact that most of the kids in Florida were spoonfed UF, UM, and FSU info and gear from their parents. We're improving leaps and bounds (Giddens) and I really think the OL depth won't be a problem in a couple of years.
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