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  1. CyberBull

    New logo

    Me too....not sure who they tested the new logo with but I'd hate to see the marks that we're not deemed good enough. It's not terrible...but it's not great, which is what you want when you boldly change your brand.
  2. CyberBull

    Men's soccer is 0-4?

    My son played competitive soccer for eight years and his FishHawk teams were always pretty well aligned with USF. Lots of camps, clinics etc by USF' s coaches and Keifer himself. He was a great coach and players liked playing for him. USF was a well respected program for most of George's time at USF so not sure why some folks are knocking his success. The only concern I heard was that he didn't recruit hyper local. Many quality kids didn't get offers as he did well at attracting international players. Jury is still out on the new guy....
  3. ...tacky looking 'Beach section'. I will settle for a stadium that is not in danger of collapsing on itself. If we get greedy may be throw in water fountain or two...
  4. CyberBull

    Critiquing Joey Knight

    Only problem I have with the attendance reporting is that its not an apples to apples comparison when we are compared to Central Florida Clown College. They regularly announce near capacity crowds that just don't compute from mid-game pictures. BTW, ask FSU fans how much they like Matt Baker? I recall him reporting on many unpopular stories on FSU. The bottom line for me is that fans are embarrassed about attendance. However, unlike recruiting and on the field decisions we can actually make a difference here by electing to attend games regardless of when they are played and not watch them on TV. I realize that I am preaching mostly to the choir here...but we had a legit 38K+ crowd last Saturday. Where did these folks come from? Its not like USF just suddenly started winning. IMO, I get tired of the emphasis on attendance but it did create enough noise to get more fans to the game and most importantly....the negative publicity and bad images of an empty stadium for a 5-0 team made the administration greatly improve marketing/outreach efforts and lower prices to make games more accessible to fans....like they used to be when we were drawing 35-45K.
  5. CyberBull

    Critiquing Joey Knight

    JK tweeted out a couple days before that he had been assigned to UF game b/c Matt Baker had a conflict.
  6. CyberBull

    Critiquing Joey Knight

    ...and why he was promoted.
  7. CyberBull

    Critiquing Joey Knight

    i will just say that we are lucky that we have a dedicated beat writer. It's no secret that the papers have been trimming costs so i won't be surprised if JK's role is expanded to cover other state teams similar to Matt Baker that covers both UF and FSU. He has already been taken off the USF beat to cover UF.....so go figure.
  8. People love to blame the university, but at the end of day attendance is simply a matter of people making the decision to take a short drive to the stadium and support their alma mater or stay home and make excuses/blame others.
  9. CyberBull

    Bowl game announcement

    That's right.....told you I couldn't remember. lol
  10. CyberBull

    Birmingham bowl plans??

    At least 4 out of my seven season tix are planning on going if it's in Birmingham. Looking forward to another Bullspen get together!
  11. CyberBull

    Bowl game announcement

    The New Year's Eve party for the original Papa Johns/Birmingham bowl was a good time.
  12. CyberBull

    Bowl game announcement

    I remember That sounds about right....but I always get out B'Ham and El Paso get together confused.
  13. stand corrected. very cool regardless !
  14. On December 24, 2010 I became deathly ill where I had to be rushed to the hospital on the night we were supposed to host Noche Buena for over 20 people. I few days later I woke up and among other things I realized was that I wasn't going to be able to attend our bowl game against Clemson. I obviously had more important things on my mind such as long couple months recovery....but I was really disappointed that I couldn't watch USF take on Clemson. I recall my father-in-law trying to cheer me up by saying, "Don't be sad, with coach Holtz running the show now....there will be many more and bigger bowl games in the future". Yeah...that really happened lol.... History fills in the gap of what happened between then and now... (See epic program catering)...but I wonder if folks today appreciate how special it is to be in a bowl game. Sure it's not the Sugar Bowl....or against a high profile opponent...but it's our first bowl game in what seems like forever. Our fans took our early success for granted, so hopefully as a fanbase and community we appreciate what USF is once again building. I think almost all of us back in 2010 never envisioned that our once proud program would fall so far...so quickly. In strange way, I think the last five years have been useful b/c it has hopefully instilled some humbleness and appreciation. I know that our players understand...b/c the legitimate smiles of pure joy on our kids faces after beating the tar out Temple, Cincy and Central High Clown College. Those smiles were real...as were the smiles of those in attendance. I think we are on finally back on track again...and this time it almost feels more like we earned it b/c it almost seemed to easy back in the early days of the program. If you are on the fence about attending...and have the time off and can afford the trip....do yourself a favor and make the drive/flight down to Miami. I think some of our old time fans that are a still a little jaded by the events of the last couple 5-6 years may have that old Bulls Love flame re-kindled once again if they can make the trip. #BullsUnite
  15. I am beginning to believe more and more everyday that UCiF fans were correct and that it was one of our fans that stabbed Doug Woolard's tires a couple years ago in Orlando. He is the worst athletic director USF has every had.