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  1. desperate times require desperate measures............
  2. Ohio State is gonna run away with this
  3. It just pisses me off we don't get to go to a bowl game
  4. It should be a close game but we should win........UCF curb stomped them by 34 but only beat us by 27
  5. Each time a boat load of visiting fans......
  6. Probably a tad bit easier to recruit to Clemson than here.................
  7. This is the real BS! If this team hits another down cycle now, with UCF having broken away from the pack and achieved national relevance, USF is likely to find itself slipping more to the level of a Florida Atlantic or Florida International than a contending team in the AAC. https://www.theledger.com/sports/20...tqX9zXLFmb-5cTV1jNVRwwa5xeji75ebqIDXc1gSfWr8w
  8. The entire Alabama team could transfer to USF and we would still suck with this coaching staff!
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