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  1. python815


    I thought it was funny so I included it in my game video I uploaded.
  2. Here is the video of the game. It includes a little bit of stuff pre-game and it also includes the trophy ceremony post-game.
  3. python815

    Why Charlie Strong is Still Coaching at USF

    It's funny Charlie Strong has now won more bowl games at USF than Willie Taggart has in his entire coaching career but yet he is the hot hire and everyone still poo poos Charlie.
  4. python815

    Proud of this Class

    This senior class was awesome. From where we were when they got on campus to then end with back to back 10 win seasons with wins over P5 teams for the first time ever. Forever Grateful
  5. What a hell of a game. What a way for flowers to go out
  6. I'd almost want to kick it out of bounds. Don't allow a return
  7. When you need one yard why do you line up 5 yards off the line
  8. Dj up the middle just won't work in this game. If you are going to try up the middle use freaking tice.
  9. Tice runs great and then they take him out