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  1. gobowls

    Ed is OUT!!!

  2. gobowls

    YouTube tv

    For any game really: https://www.reddit.com/r/CFBStreams/
  3. Hey, that guy was in my class my freshman year.
  4. gobowls

    Who is CJF talking to here

    It's a non-conference team so the UCF/UConn talk doesn't seem to make sense.
  5. I'm not sure if the survey is being rolled out in groups but I got mine at 2:30pm today as a student.
  6. I'm a student and I think Moneer would be the best SG president from past to present to make this happen. I just highly doubt SG senate would make this a priority in my experience with working for a student fee funded department. Student Government is all about saving money and keeping the cost per student attendance to be low. They're going to see the ~$50 per every student enrolled and notice how not all of these students are attending making the cost per head even higher.
  7. The account lost about 30k followers.
  8. First conference win Let that be a lesson to you, USF does not lose 8 conference games in a row
  9. Close game with UCF and now this, feels good even though the expectations are low.