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  1. I'm not sure if the survey is being rolled out in groups but I got mine at 2:30pm today as a student.
  2. I'm a student and I think Moneer would be the best SG president from past to present to make this happen. I just highly doubt SG senate would make this a priority in my experience with working for a student fee funded department. Student Government is all about saving money and keeping the cost per student attendance to be low. They're going to see the ~$50 per every student enrolled and notice how not all of these students are attending making the cost per head even higher.
  3. gobowls

    USF Football Twitter Account

    The account lost about 30k followers.
  4. First conference win Let that be a lesson to you, USF does not lose 8 conference games in a row
  5. Close game with UCF and now this, feels good even though the expectations are low.
  6. dang, it's almost like UCF lucked out twice
  7. gobowls

    A bit of a sad day...,

    TAMU is paying Jimbo half of UCF's endowment, it's impossible for the AAC to compete for coaches. Old money
  8. gobowls

    Coaching Dominoes Are Starting To Fall

    If anybody wants to keep up to date on every single rumor:
  9. gobowls

    Bowl Game - Military

    USF/FSU at St Pete would be quite the turnout.
  10. gobowls

    USF switching to Adidas?

    Adidas has taken over the NHL as well and it's more popular among the younger crowd. 1. Nike 2. Adidas 3. UA
  11. gobowls

    CCS and Coaching Openings

    https://twitter.com/mgiannotto/status/935185204821594112 UCF Coach Scott Frost was just asked on AAC teleconference to "bat down the rumors" and say he'll be back at UCF next year. He deftly sidestepped it by reiterating his focus is on "this team" and the championship game.
  12. gobowls

    AAC Games 11/18

    Our offense and defense forget to show up for the 2nd half so consider it even. Also, I'm sure we had backups in as well.
  13. gobowls

    AAC Games 11/18

    43-7 USF vs Temple 45-19 UCF vs Temple Granted Temple has improved but so have we (somewhat), and our coaching staff is very conservative on running up the score.
  14. gobowls

    AAC Games 11/18

    SMU beating Memphis isn't too far fetched.