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  1. Chem-E-BULL Reaction

    Week 7 AAC Games and CFB in General

    What's the money line on USF doing the same dang thang?
  2. "USF is not looking like a #23 team right now" TELL US SOMETHING WE DON"T KNOW!!!
  3. Chem-E-BULL Reaction

    TurnOver Gimmicks on Sidelines

    Hence the beauty of it, taking the Muleta, defeating the matador taking away the weapon
  4. Chem-E-BULL Reaction

    TurnOver Gimmicks on Sidelines

    I know late to the game but his randomly popped in my head today... I agree these are getting out of hand but IF we ever do jump on the trend, I wouldnt be mad if we use a Muleta and the defender "gores" it from a teammate "Matador" to claim it as he's coming off the field.
  5. Chem-E-BULL Reaction

    Hurricane Michael

    IPFs are for wimps. Them boys need to be ran and sugar cookied on clearwater beach.
  6. Chem-E-BULL Reaction

    McCants Thread For UMASS

    One simply does not Tackle McCants, McCants Tackles you!!
  7. Chem-E-BULL Reaction

    @ UMass TV Discussion

    well, I just don't watch tv much anymore, besides sports and weather. I'll Netflix or Prime a movie, binge a series here and there but that's it. Yeah, it has its quirks sometimes... no channel availability, relying on bandwidth for streaming, random pixelation... Big Ten's crappy app crashing just prior to Soloman's bobbling game winning touch. But hey it's not for all people, I just mainly like the fact of no contract locking me in and magical rate increases.
  8. Chem-E-BULL Reaction

    @ UMass TV Discussion

    I don't have cable/Satellite/TV just interwebs and streaming services (Hulu/Sling Tv/DirecTV Now based upon best package for the season in coverage/price I CX after football). Only actual TV I have is a set of rabbit ears, TV bill is <$300/yr I quit paying for tv when COX sent be a bill for $252/mo for basic cable (limited sports) which were mostly preacher channels and infomercials, $85/mo original subscription. bait and switch tactics just irk me just as bad as healthcare pricing.
  9. Chem-E-BULL Reaction

    @ UMass TV Discussion

    NESN not supported by DirecTV NOW... guess who's not watching it next weekend.... I shall find a way... maybe
  10. Chem-E-BULL Reaction

    Why the Dark uniforms?

    I just want my USF gold helmets back and give these back to Baylor. (though matte green is my favorite, pre-2010-11? Were distinctly USF)
  11. Chem-E-BULL Reaction

    2018 USF = Ugly Stressful Football

    Ugh...S***...F***. Oh wait we won!!!
  12. Casting via BTN 2go app got video stable but audio pops like a CD player so I got the muted and listening to Jim louk making the call, actually synced up well 2nd qtr audio now is just after play Rather listen to the radio call personally.
  13. So... Lead with crown??? Not targeting?!?
  14. They're a "Power 5" team. Commentary is gonna slob thier knobs all game long. Nothing personal...just money talking
  15. BTN stream is trash I can't watch more than 1min of football at a time :,(