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  1. I like GOOOOLD (and green)

    Our Scheduling Philosophy is a Bad Look

    I don't really think it's a bad look unless UF and UCF come to terms that are more agreeable to them than what we got. At that point, with the Louisville debacle it would establish a clear trend of unfavorable philosophies relative to those guys.
  2. I like GOOOOLD (and green)

    CCS.... I think has mailed it in

    I couldn't hear the audio, what's the gist?
  3. I like GOOOOLD (and green)

    CCS.... I think has mailed it in

    He isn't the coach many hoped, but I am still hopeful that he can at least turn around recruiting a little more.
  4. I like GOOOOLD (and green)

    Why do so many bulls fans oppose UCF stadium?

    The fact that you're now comparing them to the biggest and the best is the problem. Sure they might have only had half the crowd of a Ped State game, but that's still better than the super majority of schools out there.
  5. I like GOOOOLD (and green)

    What If Scenario That Would Drive UCF Fans Mad!

    I think SMU is actually good. ECU is turning things around, they are better than their record.
  6. I like GOOOOLD (and green)

    UCF Stadium Takeover

  7. I like GOOOOLD (and green)

    What If Scenario That Would Drive UCF Fans Mad!

    ? I'm curious about this rationale. I responded to your offer in another thread btw.
  8. I like GOOOOLD (and green)

    UCF Stadium Takeover

    I must have missed that offer. How do you change it?
  9. I like GOOOOLD (and green)

    UCF Stadium Takeover

    I find it odd that there are people who seem to seriously believe that it is not a good idea to get an OCS. I thought it was sarcasm or facetiousness directed at the administration for dragging their feet, wow.
  10. I'm seeing the Gasparilla Bowl at this point.
  11. I like GOOOOLD (and green)

    So, how bad does it get next week?

    The game is going to be close one way or the other, good for tv! Good for the conference...
  12. I like GOOOOLD (and green)

    Joining P5 vs Being P6

    It means once they have invested more into us then it will be in their best business interest to promote us more than currently. Right now they don't need to do any promotions because the product is selling itself and is profitable relative to their minimal investment.
  13. Not if you understand the importance of OOC play.
  14. I like GOOOOLD (and green)

    UCF vs The Lane Train and FAU - Thoughts?

    FAU is probably better than GT and Illinois this year. I really like their running game. They aren't a bad team at all. They'll win at least 9 games this year, probably 10.
  15. I like GOOOOLD (and green)

    Is it better or worse for USF if FAU upsets ucf?

    I'd love to be wrong on B, may your insanity lead to power status! I'd be happy to call you a genius then. You read too much into a screen name that was created long ago. If I could change it I would, because a lot of people (you included) automatically begin driveling over the inconsequential whenever they see it. If I had known it would bring out the lowest denominator in otherwise reasonable people I wouldn't have paid homage at the time. At the time I was starting grad school and they were brought up to the conference and were pretty good...not a big deal. It doesn't change my lifelong ties to a school that you can't claim any superiority over me to.