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  1. I agree with your last part, I’m not worried about it because we only want someone who wants to be here. Let it play out.
  2. In separate interviews with questions about our conference there’s been no mention of any other teams but Cincinnati. I don’t think he either knows about the rivalry or maybe cares enough to steal a coach. It’s probably a former relationship and like was mentioned already he filed the spot with the guy from Miami so Bentley is safe for now.
  3. Having cincy and Tulsa at home is nice and @ Provo early is great, won’t be cold by then.
  4. The warmer weather has me thinking about sports again, and I’m off the night shift at work. I had been lurking but forgot my password, finally reset it.
  5. They ended up hiring that hc from booker t Washington instead so I think they went in a different direction.
  6. I don’t know about GM himself but they’re assembling quite the staff. They’re getting basically all the best south Florida and Alabama recruiters.
  7. At least it’s better than the knights, they gave up like 40 runs in three games to fau.
  8. Houston and Temple come to mind as similars. I'd probably include ucf in there as well because Orlando is more than a college town, it's projected to be bigger than Tampa in our lifetime. San Diego State may be in that group as well, especially if you look past just football.
  9. Having all the upperclassmen and transfers are nice for a winning build. But it either clicks or it doesn't, and can we argue that we're clicking? The AAC is competitive enough to where I don't think that a team can go o'fer in OOC play then expect to be in the running for a conference championship (sorry PUC). FCS games don't count in the metric either way. In this case, wouldn't it be better to consolidate the rebuild (you said yourself that the next couple years look young) and prepare them for a better start next season? Again I'm not sure the difference between being bad bowl eligible
  10. This may not be the hottest take but if this is a rebuilding year then why not just hand it over to McLeod so he can be seasoned for next year? What good is Barnett if he only gets you an extra win or two (maybe) over the course of the season vs McLeod? If it's the difference between 10-2 and 8-4 maybe but what's the difference between 4-8 and 3-9 really?
  11. Judging from the name of it, looks like the money came from a donor. It's creative, gotta give them that.
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