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Just a note to point out our TBP-initiated drive to raise funds for the Bulls Football IPF - doing our share, and more.  Please consider donating at least $23 to the effort, and passing on to others as well.  You can read more about the project at the link above.  


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  1. It's a little early for my predictions but I must say I like our chances better now that the other guys just lost their starting QB, they'll have to rely on a grad transfer or a true freshman now.
  2. Why would you explain an analogy to me that not only lacked merit to begin with but ultimately had nothing to do with my own assertion? Why did you feel the need to go into poorly thought out detail that Bianchi is a dolt/homer/etc when we know what he is already? Deflection is the answer. You're doing it again above. I calculated out a minimum 1.3/game payday, noting it was likely higher, referencing what Bianchi said in subsequent post; the actual number he said is meaningless. Does that compute? It looks like the forbes article made its way here after all. Moving on, this usatoday finance spreadsheet says that there's only a 6 mil difference between the two schools in facilities/overhead cost. https://sports.usatoday.com/ncaa/finances/.
  3. Is Wisky even supposed to be good this year? Traditionally with them if you stop/slow the run, you beat them.
  4. No I didn't, I posted real numbers from an impartial source that showed you were wrong. I then followed up by saying even Mike Bianchi says its 3-4 million, but also that there's no citations listed where he got that from so 'grain of salt alert'. You still being butt hurt over having your (I presume time consuming) research disproven, you resorted to poor reading comprehension at best to try to make it out like I'm some sort of Bianchi apologist or follower...which is asinine. You also followed up with the asinine analogy with baseball and football, which is almost as bad as not reading clearly.
  5. Seeing as how they didn't have 7 home games without the postseason that year there's really no argument that they need 7 home games. Which all that does is call bs on their strategy, meaning they could afford at least one 2-1 every now and again.
  6. So I either post sources that are easily googled (first page), as if I need validation from anyone here anyway, just to be called a troll if I do...or I refuse to provide links and clicks and am called a closet fan anyway. I'm clearly dealing with the highest caliber fans out there. You guys are pathetic. It's obvious they are making bank, certainly enough to cover their cheap ass stadium-which is all I posed to begin with. Your faux rage clouded you so much that you can't even acknowledge the basics.
  7. I think you are aware that ticket prices are only a small amount of what is actually paid per person, right? I've never been to a game at their stadium but I can't imagine it would magically be any less than what I've paid at other fb stadiums.
  8. You are a definite fanatic, that's why you'd never be accused of being a pragmatist. I'm not a fanatic in the way that you are, at least about football. HOOPS all day!
  9. I'm not the one making the assertions, just referencing what is publicly out there. As far as your analogy, its a poor one regardless of context. Baseball revenue is so different than Football. And NY has ~24 times the revenue opps compared to any college FB team, its a different model. FB is so much more expensive than Baseball across the board anyway. I have never not spent >$70 per person at a football game, and I've been relatively poor until this year, spending is only going up. Hell, I just spent over 200 for 4 people at a minor league baseball game. Moral of the story is there are a lot of people that spend more than 70 per head for a football game.
  10. I didn't assert that, the math I came up with was already mentioned in detail and that came out to just north of 1.3 per game in 2017. That was from Forbes, and it lists the 'expenses' you mention. Bianchi came up with the 3-4 million number which doesn't have specifics so it could be a grain of salt thing, I don't know. The point was that the number is likely much higher than 1.3 per game for the reasons previously listed. Both the Forbes and Bianchi thing are easily googled @Triple B Again, not saying Bianchi was right. The Forbes one seems credible though slightly dated.
  11. As far as I'm concerned if their boss (AD) says they're doing what's in their best interest then I'm taking them at their word. I don't care enough to think about what I'd do if I was in their situation. The numbers didn't seem right in the other poster's comment so I did some digging to check how credible it was. I'm just glad that there's not going to be scheduling problems on the horizon, and a bonus if we can put together a 10 win season with one of these years that Alabama's on the schedule.
  12. I'd hardly call it a trap game. More like a 'holy **** we didn't know these guys would be good when we scheduled them' game.
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