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  1. The media deal will be tied to the conference transfers in ‘23. Again just my opinion.
  2. I think the ‘25 contract has already been negotiated with 12 actual members. Who knows with the next one? I would at this point hope it’s more like 10 years now so an ocs can be built opened and played in. That’s the last chance.
  3. There are going to be new deals in place by then that will add on more years of media coverage/stability in exchange for a smooth (quicker) transition to the new alignment, I believe.
  4. Any additional big 12 expansion won’t happen for another 7-10 years when it’s time to renegotiate the new media deal. That is a lifetime in college Athletics and should dissuade a school from doing what’s best for them in the short term.
  5. Against who though? It’s not like ucf campaigned against us. We are the asses here.
  6. If you have to cite the exceptions then you’re fighting a losing battle. Also, Miami is kind of in trouble, they’ve been in a long fade. Just Google them, it’s not a good time to be a Hurricane.
  7. People forget sometimes how young the program actually is, it’s understandable that there’s been a rented home all these years. That said it’s time to move out into a dedicated facility. There is so much that goes into an OCS that has nothing to do with attendance. It hits on everything missing from South Florida football-recruiting, culture, excitement for the future. It’s a no brainier. Funding? Not so much a no brainier. The other guys lucked out getting one built for 55 million. Sure it wasn’t great but that’s what renovations are for. Just make it happen, worry about luxuries later.
  8. ESPN mentions it several times in their articles. Not that I agree but there’s credible people reporting it.
  9. Sorry, I’m bad at grammar. There should have been a ‘ with’ after the comma, signifying contrast from geography alone.
  10. I spent four years there, I’ve moved on my man. I’m in Knoxville now. I think the WSU pres or PAC commissioner recently said something about the importance of geography, culture and revenue potential being of greater priority. It is just opinion but things are far more interconnected now and these conferences are flying anyway. There’s not much of a difference between a flight to Morgantown, Tampa, or New Orleans from Lubbock or Stillwater. If anything they’re the problem, not us.
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