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  1. I sense momentum for the first time since the aac/big East merger. This is the time to double down.
  2. I thought I heard them say that they would likely be put in the Greenville regional with ecu during the broadcast. Maybe I misheard.
  3. 41 is pretty darn good. But yes, once you get around the triple digits (middle of the pack) there isn’t as much variance as there is at the top..just like in almost every ranking in existence. It kinda defines itself as average for a reason.
  4. Are there metrics that show trends in those various markers? I’d be curious how many schools are as aggressive in reaching these indicators. GT was the last school accepted into the AAU and that was over a decade ago. This may be for naught.
  5. That’s why Rice is always discussed in the expansion discussions. I’m just kidding of course, surprised Cincy is as high as they are.
  6. Your question is clearly too stupid to warrant an answer, but I must ask you if you consider us (or anyone in the aac including ucf) to be even remotely on the same plane academically as Harvard? The only reason why there’s such a gap in the ‘rankings’ between the us and ucf (and most schools in aac) is because of ties in the rankings. The variance is very small and not noteworthy to anyone other than those desperate for a current leg up on them in anything. It’s minuscule and to suggest otherwise reeks of small time mindset.
  7. Malzahn hasn’t one anything yet in the aac either, he should be down near the bottom too.
  8. The athletic schism between the schools is far greater than the academic one. Their student-athletes are more highly regarded, they are constantly mentioned in those APR rankings. It’s a winning thing in my estimation, the academic quality of the institution is ancillary to athletics...jws (just win stupid)
  9. I agree with your last part, I’m not worried about it because we only want someone who wants to be here. Let it play out.
  10. In separate interviews with questions about our conference there’s been no mention of any other teams but Cincinnati. I don’t think he either knows about the rivalry or maybe cares enough to steal a coach. It’s probably a former relationship and like was mentioned already he filed the spot with the guy from Miami so Bentley is safe for now.
  11. Having cincy and Tulsa at home is nice and @ Provo early is great, won’t be cold by then.
  12. The warmer weather has me thinking about sports again, and I’m off the night shift at work. I had been lurking but forgot my password, finally reset it.
  13. F UCF though, they stole K State’s S&C coach so really it was kinda them.
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