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  1. It's not the school's doing. The last time there was threats of an investigation into this stuff it led to the school getting accepted into a P5 (Utah), so actually I can see why some are starting to push that narrative. It's not unheard of and I don't think UCF cares what other schools think of them. I'm pretty sure they only care about themselves and whoever will pay them $ like ESPN.
  2. This is one of the dumbest threads I've encountered here. It's a bad look all around.
  3. They fought to the end, gotta give them credit for making it a game and playing with heart. Their QB has no business playing other than backup minutes.
  4. I don't really think it's a bad look unless UF and UCF come to terms that are more agreeable to them than what we got. At that point, with the Louisville debacle it would establish a clear trend of unfavorable philosophies relative to those guys.
  5. He isn't the coach many hoped, but I am still hopeful that he can at least turn around recruiting a little more.
  6. The fact that you're now comparing them to the biggest and the best is the problem. Sure they might have only had half the crowd of a Ped State game, but that's still better than the super majority of schools out there.
  7. I think SMU is actually good. ECU is turning things around, they are better than their record.
  8. ? I'm curious about this rationale. I responded to your offer in another thread btw.
  9. I must have missed that offer. How do you change it?
  10. I find it odd that there are people who seem to seriously believe that it is not a good idea to get an OCS. I thought it was sarcasm or facetiousness directed at the administration for dragging their feet, wow.
  11. The game is going to be close one way or the other, good for tv! Good for the conference...
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