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  1. Unfortunately, Apis is correct.
  2. Unless there is video how do we know who was the aggressor? Isn't it Childs' word against that guy and his family? Obviously the family isn't going to take Childs' side.... Edit: The drugs are a different story.
  3. Do we know if this will be included in the basic paid Hulu subscription or will there be an additional charge?
  4. Great news!!
  5. Don't give up yet guys!!
  6. Bulls haven't missed yet. Maybe this team can surprise us.
  7. I don't see the game stream on their site. Anyone have any luck? It's showing no live content in that tab.
  8. Complete crap. Hopefully the players take it out on the "power" bowl oppenent.
  9. This was for football only, I believe .
  10. Remember last year when the Big 10 approved Cincinnati and Uconn as P5 caliber opponents but not USF. What a joke! We are basically ruled out from future Big 10 schedules.
  11. Couple of cheap shots by their center . ..
  12. Episode 9 of Baymade 10:36 Auggie: "Defensively, that was the first game that we've prepared for." What the absolute eff!
  13. Love me some McCants!! Hope he's okay