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  1. Some positive news about Friday night...

    Are you sure about that? If you actually try to buy tickets there's nothing but resale on ticketmaster....I think any other available seats are held for season/flex tickets.

    I hope any offer they make first starts with "Donate your rebate back to USF Athletics or...." We are not in a position to be losing ticket revenue.
  3. Quiz: QUIZ: USF - UConn Series

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 60/100 My Time 75 seconds  
  4. O/U for game end time on Saturday

    Why is everyone acting like it's 100% going to rain at 4PM? Weather forecasts are only good about an hour ahead of time.
  5. Tom Allen

    And on Last Man Standing
  6. Predict how high USF will go in the polls this season

    We will either end the season number 5 (undefeated) or unranked (1 loss). We lose 1 game and we are unranked for the rest of the year. Polls will be looking for a reason to exclude us.
  7. Depth Chart Released

    That is extremely disappointing considering McCants is probably our best receiver. I was never impressed with Barr or Antoine.
  8. Watching the Vikings game

    It didn't look like Rodney was at fault for the muffed punt. Either his teammate ran into him or the other team hit him early. I guess he could have stayed away from it altogether though.
  9. Kean

    After watching this year's spring game I think Oladokun is better than Kean. Too often Kean throws up a prayer while backpedaling in the pocket. Oladokun looked way more composed.
  10. Man do I miss CAJ getting in the paint and scoring with those 10 ft arms
  11. Tampa Bulls get underway Saturday

    Hoping DoJo is still playing. I believe he's been working out with some NBA teams and l'm thinking that's more important to him, in the case one clashes with this tournament.
  12. Almost Ranked

    Unfortunately, Apis is correct.
  13. Unless there is video how do we know who was the aggressor? Isn't it Childs' word against that guy and his family? Obviously the family isn't going to take Childs' side.... Edit: The drugs are a different story.
  14. Hulu to Carry CBS Sports Network

    Do we know if this will be included in the basic paid Hulu subscription or will there be an additional charge?