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  1. As much as I hate ESPN, this seems like a fair deal and gives us access to a lot of events that otherwise would not get aired (basketball games in ESPN3)
  2. Why did the clock run after Collins' foul? Should be a few more seconds
  3. If you go to the game score on ESPN or the ESPN app there should be a watch button there. Otherwise search Google for the direct link...I've had to for that for replays before
  4. Why aren't our defenders allowed to keep their position against Fall without an instant foul call???
  5. Haha ref told SMU guy "Don't talk to me like that" Hope they are in his bad side now.
  6. Memphis player literally had the ball in his hands for part of that 5 second violation.
  7. Announcers clueless there....if you do that in street ball you are getting slugged. Clearly flagrant and dangerous.
  8. I'm on Hulu live and mine was horrible quality until I just restarted the app and now it looks good. Could have just been lucky timing on my part though.
  9. This is probably why https://www.coogfans.com/t/to-chop-or-not-to-chop-image/14472
  10. Memphis WR that made that first down catch should be cut from the team for celebrating for 30 seconds instead if getting set for the next llay.
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