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  1. Haha ref told SMU guy "Don't talk to me like that" Hope they are in his bad side now.
  2. Memphis player literally had the ball in his hands for part of that 5 second violation.
  3. Announcers clueless there....if you do that in street ball you are getting slugged. Clearly flagrant and dangerous.
  4. I'm on Hulu live and mine was horrible quality until I just restarted the app and now it looks good. Could have just been lucky timing on my part though.
  5. Shockley3333

    Ed Oliver Questionable for Saturday

    This is probably why https://www.coogfans.com/t/to-chop-or-not-to-chop-image/14472
  6. Shockley3333

    Week 7 AAC Games and CFB in General

    Memphis WR that made that first down catch should be cut from the team for celebrating for 30 seconds instead if getting set for the next llay.
  7. Could've sworn it was Sutton that got ejected.
  8. Shockley3333

    @ UMass TV Discussion

    I was planning to get Fubo for this game as well. Can you confirm if Eleven Sports is on the platform and will be broadcasting our game??
  9. Just announced in the starting lineup! Is this a new development or has he been starting?
  10. They said MAC on the broadcast, I believe
  11. I've been seeing commercials for 10 min straight
  12. Looks like no one will ever see Antoine's drop