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  1. Not that I cared, but thought USF fans would find the following quote interesting: "It all began in November 2014, after UConn beat UCF 37-29. Diaco, in Year 1 with the Huskies, told reporters after the game that he wanted to create a rivalry with the Knights. Mind you, the teams had played twice. Ever. Also ... UCF already has a rival that is, oh, 90 miles down the road. In the same state."

  3. USF love all over the Mothership networks this morning

    anyone have the links to catch the interviews?
  4. Coach Strong press release

    Here is the link for the presser
  5. Charlie Strong's first recruit...

    Here is the link for the presser
  6. Charlie Strong's first recruit...

    ROFL What did happen to him haha
  7. Next coach?
  8. Predict USF ranking

    NR receiving votes. win bowl game get #22 in AP
  9. USF Under Armour Sweater Vests

    Hi MLB and Moonknight, Sent you both DMs to coordinate.
  10. USF Under Armour Sweater Vests

    I wouldn't say these run very, very small. They are XL and are closer to L. I'm M and they fit big that's why I don't wear them lol.
  11. USF Under Armour Sweater Vests

    Yes, I still have both.
  12. USF realignment "Rumors" "tweets" "etc"

    The one time i want Yoda to be right
  13. Hi usfvictor,

    I will be at international mall in front of the Capital Grill restaurant at 5:45-50 PM. Please let me know if you will be able to meet me there at that time.

    Sandro Svrdlin

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      Hi im here at the cars

    4. Sandro


      I am pulling into international mall now