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  1. usfvictor


    https://seeingthingssecondhand.wordpress.com/2013/05/16/in-memory-of-darrell-scott/ mmmaaannnn thats a harsh take
  2. usfvictor


    you mean Darrell Scott?
  3. usfvictor

    The Kerwin Bell As OC Thread

    Why would he come here? As a HC why take a downgrade? Not trying to be negative, but if he is that great wouldnt a lower level D1 HC job appeal to him more than USF OC?
  4. usfvictor

    Investment in newly developed Tampa area

    Port Tampa. It will be the next big development phase in the city.
  5. No need to apologize. Took my daughter, we had a great time!
  6. he wasn't making "only" 100k. that's just what USF was paying him. Let's not forget TX offset most of our coaches salary. The jump from 100k to 400k is because the offset from TX are ending. Sme reason Charlie Strong's salary is rising from 1 million to 2 million.
  7. Lol yep. That was me. Brad will redo one of them as I cant win two. But super excited i won one!
  8. are you reviewing donations today? I donated earlier so seeing if I can get in and be classified as an donor before expiration of the raffle haha.
  9. usfvictor

    Bucs vs Redskins Tickets Nov 11

    but what a deal this tickets are! even if you think its a train wreck, you can be up close and personal to it!
  10. Selling 2 tickets to Bucs v Redskins for Nov 11 Sec 229 | Row S | Seat 5 - 6 $90 total for both PM me if you are interested
  11. usfvictor

    Cheap tickets to the game

    Gone to flaportsfan83
  12. usfvictor

    2 Tulane tickets FREE

    Gone to flsportsfan83
  13. usfvictor

    Cheap tickets to the game

    I am giving my 2 tickets away for free. If anyone wants them please PM me your name and email.
  14. usfvictor

    2 Tulane tickets FREE

    If you want them just PM me your name and email.