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  1. He had around the #3 class at some time before he left and with the way he closes, probably would have ended up in the top 3 also.
  2. Stop quoting scout. Who cares what we are ranked on scout. Use 24/7. If not that, then at least ESPN or Rivals. Right now we have 9 3 stars on 24/7 and the #5 AAC class. That's not bad for losing a coach and is right there with the rest of our competition. Give Coach Strong a chance to land some recruits and wait until the final results come in before judging class. CWT was on target to have another top AAC class before bolting.
  3. Overall has to be 2016. Don't see how anyone can say otherwise. 2007 had bigger wins, but the year finished with a dud, losing our bowl game to Oregon's 3rd or 4th string QB by 35 points. Finished with 4 losses and out of top 25. So, if going by overall body of work, then 2016. If going by the first half of 2007 alone, then nothing compares to that ever. Was on the verge greatness. Had a realistic path to NC game...then promptly blew it. Admit it, you looked at the BCS standings for a week in unbelief that USF was number 2.
  4. Who cares. Short players play with a major chip on their shoulders. I know of some first hand. And how tall is QF really. And don't give me his listed height of 6'0" His true height in socks is might be 5'10"...maybe.
  5. So called "power" 5 programs aren't going to schedule USF this year...even at their place. They don't want to get beat. They are looking for W's.
  6. Nah, leave it alone. I want to go undefeated next year. Too late in game to try to get anyone to come to RJS. Almost everyone else plays FCS opponents, so one is fine. You need a warmup to work out the kinks. If anything, SJSU and UMass should have been replaced with better opponents. But no way you are going to get anyone, especially coming off an 11-2 year. Who's going to sign on to play USF?
  7. Only 5 voters didn't vote for USF. That's not bad. 3 voters voted USF #13.
  8. http://collegepolltracker.com/football/team/usf2/2016 13 Bob AsmussenEd DaigneaultEd Johnson 14 Adam JudeBrent AxeRobert Gagliardi 15 Kirk BohlsMichael Lev 16 Dave SouthornMatt McCoyMichael Bonner 17 Adam ZuckerGary HorowitzJoe DubinJoey Knight 18 Brett McMurphyBrian HowellJason GallowayMatt PorterPatrick BrownPete DiPrimio 19 Jonny MillerMarc WeiszerMatt CharboneauScott Hamilton 20 David BriggsEric HansenFerd LewisGarry SmitsJimmy BurchMandy MitchellNathan DeenSteve BattersonTony Parks 21 Graham WatsonJohn ClayMatt Galloway 22 Bill LandisChris MurrayMitch VinglePat CaputoRobert Cessna 23 Andy GrederChuck CarltonGarland GillenKeith SargeantRoss DellengerScott WolfTom Murphy 24 Dana SulonenJerry DiPaolaSteve Wiseman 25 Joe WalljasperMike BarberSam McKewon NR John ShinnJon WilnerJosh KendallRob LongJeff Miller
  9. What is happening with TJ Weist. I still hope we can find a spot for him somewhere, although it's not likely now.
  10. This isn't the final USA today coaches poll.
  11. Fair ranking by Joey.
  12. Mack now listed as the #5 RB (behind Cook, Fournette, McCaffrey, and Mixon) and a 3rd round pick. If true, he made a great decision. http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/prospectrankings/2017/RB Ahead of Perine, Gallman, Foreman, McNichols, Connor, Pumphrey, etc.
  13. Boldin is 2 inches taller but they are both 220 pound receivers. McCants is going to have a huge year next year, IMO.
  14. No, but Andre Hall played in the NFL. He had 360 yards rushing for Denver Broncos, and averaged 4.6 YPC with a couple TD's. Played pretty well in 2007, averaging 4.9 YPC.
  15. You just described Johnson 3 years ago. Johnson was a 4 star back coming out of HS. Johnson is a great football player.