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  1. Define better gig. USF is a better gig than half of the so called "power 5". Taggart didn't leave unless he got Oregon, and Strong won't leave for an Iowa State, Rutgers, or Boston College either.
  2. Exactly. That is all I am saying. Give QF his 10 designed runs a game. He's going to take off on 5 or 6 others when things break down anyway, but please don't take away arguably his greatest asset. I have zero problem with him passing a little more. He looked great against South Carolina. Quinton and his 1500+ yards needs to carry the ball!!!
  3. "As of the first day of practice, we're moving very fast," said Flowers, whose 4,330 total yards last season included 1,530 on the ground. "But I see I could do a lot of things in this offense, a lot of passing. You might not see me run like that a lot, but at the end of the day it's what's best for the team." http://www.tampabay.com/sports/college/usf-picks-up-the-pace-in-first-spring-practice-with-charlie-strong/2315536 This is very concerning. I knew this might happen. Taking away one of QF's greatest attribute. His legs. We need to see him scrambling around making things happen on the move, not trying to make him a pocket passer. Don't try to jam a square peg into a round hole. He needs to get 10-15 carries both designed runs and taking off under pressure. I hope they don't take that away too much. He did rush for over 1,500 yards. When Quinton is improvising, good things happen. I hope Gilbert is smart enough to see that.
  4. Yeah there were other drops but his seemed to be among the most catchable. I could be wrong. Just what I saw in the 5 second clip I saw.
  5. Turned on the NFL network just long enough to show Adams dropping an easy long pass in a drill. He was one of the only WRs to drop a ball in that drill.
  6. These guys are not kids. They are 22 year old grown men. It's not like they are 18 year old freshmen that need to get babysat If they didn't get to the gate on time, it's on them, and no one else. When I was 22 years old, I was active duty USAF and had done several deployments. If I had missed a flight, it was on me. Mom needs to stay out of this and let 22 year old men handle problems themselves. Absolutely ridiculous that some are calling these men "kids" and that some think they need to be tucked in at night, and mom needs to come to the rescue if they don't get their milk and cookies at bedtime. A lot of guys 22 years old have served 4 years of active duty and have deployed 2-3 times to the desert in harms way. A lot of 22 year olds are married with kids trying to make ends meet (I was one many moons ago). If they screwed off or fell asleep, who cares, it's on them, not USF's coach who forgot to babysit their butts and hold their hand on to the flight.
  7. Another Derrick "flea" Hopkins". Same relative size and speed.
  8. Fact. Taggart scored 44 a game. Fact. Taggart had one of best offenses in country. Fact. Gilbert hasn't watched film on USF offense or very little. Opinion. Tag would have scored 50 a game this year with this pathetic schedule. I for one want to see more than 21 points a game. If USF is only scoring 21 a game something went very very wrong. I will assume Gilbert knows what he is doing until proven otherwise but he should watch the film of arguably the best offense in the country. To do otherwise would be stupid.
  9. He's going to shove his offense down our throats regardless of what worked in a top 5 offense. For his sake I hope he scores 45 points a game. Taggart would have scored 50 a game with this schedule this year.
  10. Perfectly said. He's being paid big dollars and he can't be bothered with watching one of the best offense in the country.
  11. Concerns me a lot he hasn't watched plays. Why wouldn't he want to watch one of the top 5 offenses who averaged 45 points a game to see what exactly made them successful. If you don't want to watch that you're not doing your job.
  12. Was just going to post this. Adams and Mack going.
  13. If you were following the main board, I already ate crow and admitted I was wrong. Guess that got past you.
  14. What names are still left on the board?