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  1. Number of Players with 1,000 yards rushing

    Yes. They count.
  2. OC Gilbert: 6 points in the last 50 minutes

    Take a look at team FBS offensive rankings and get back with me. Let me know where USF ranks in scoring, total yards, and rushing yards. Gilbert knows a heck of a lot more Football than anyone on this board. He’s forgotten more than you ever knew to begin with
  3. OC Gilbert: 6 points in the last 50 minutes

    Well over 100 FBS programs would absolutely kill to have our overall offensive numbers. FACT. How much football do you actually watch? We’ve scores less than 30 points twice this year. A lot of teams don’t even average what we scored against Tulsa for an entire year. A whole lot.
  4. Gilbert still doesn't get it

    Gilbert's offense is averaging more rushing yardage per game than Taggart's did. The stats are the stats. We are going to end up with THREE 1,000 yard rushers this year. In one less regular season game due to hurricane. Has that ever been done, at any level of CFB?
  5. If I did not Know Better

    Did you happen to know that we are rushing for 20 yards MORE a game this year, than we did last year with the great Marlon Mack.
  6. LOL, no. They are playing an FCS team and we are playing Houston. So if both win, no they won't be ranked higher. If anything, we will increase lead.
  7. The answer is no. We won’t play a complete game this entire year and it WILL cost us.
  8. When will Charlie’s Bulls EVER play a complete game. Will it ever happen.
  9. Critiquing Joey Knight

    Knight does a decent job overall. The main problem with Joey is his constant fixation on "actual" attendance. The problem is that it is an apples to oranges comparison to literally every single other FBS program in the country, and he knows it. The apples to apples to comparison is announced attendance, which literally every other 129 FBS programs use and ONLY use. Thus, making it seem like USF attendance is worse than it really is. Oh, he will tell you his is reporting both, but in reality, the announced only gets used once in his twitter feed. The actual attendance gets used not only on his twitter feed, but also all over his articles. The other day, he wrote an attendance article, supposedly being positive about USF's attendance, and yes, you guessed it he used actual in his article. Joey, I have news for you, every other FBS program's beat writer uses announced attendance in their articles. What do you not understand about this. Is this really that hard to grasp. Heck, use both if you want, but at least reference announced, so everyone can see the apples to apples comparison with everyone else in the entire country. Everyone else is using their apples number and comparing it to our oranges number and bashing us for it. Do you every see any other FBS program using anything other than announced. Heck, we will even go with those that play in off campus stadiums such as Miami, Pitt, UConn, Memphis, etc. Where is their "actual" attendance. Usually they get reported only announced, except on rare occasions when someone makes a request to dig the actual numbers out, but certainly not on a week to week basis. I don't think Miami has ever had actuals given, and we all know how much they fluff their numbers. Give it a rest, Joey. Use the standard (announced attendance) that is used by every single other FBS program in the country, all 129 of them.
  10. They will have trouble with Navy.
  11. Best USF game since beating South Carolina

    About the defense, don't forget Sands gave them 2 freebie first downs which gave them first downs and kept drives alive. When he roughed the kicker on 4th down they converted it into a touchdown and changed complexity of game. We would have routed them much sooner otherwise. That play right there was a 14 point swing (they scored, and we would have scored if Sands doesn't commit penalty, seeing we scored just about every other possession).
  12. SDSU on Upset Alert

    The next couple weeks are the 2 biggest opportunities for SDSU to lose to either NIU or Boise. Both are at home, so they'll probably squeak it out.
  13. Opening line for ECU

    6000 yards 52tds and 19 ints passing. The end
  14. Opening line for ECU

    Won't be easy? Take a look at how many points they have given up. They are averaging giving up 48 points a game. And by the way there is nothing wrong with our passing game. QF had one mediocre game. He will blow up easily. Take a look at his career passing numbers sometime. 6,000 passing yards, 52 TD's vs. only 19 INT's He will be fine. He might come out and pass for 350 yards vs. ECU, and it wouldn't shock me at all.
  15. Opening line for ECU

    Guys, ECU's defense might be the worst defense in the country. They gave up 34 points to FCS James Madison in a blowout loss, 38 to UConn, who can't score 38 points on a field with no defense. 56 to WVU, and 64 to VT. That is an average of 48 points a game in a decent sample size. If we don't score at least 45 points in this game, I would be shocked.