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  1. That's what I'm saying. We are pulling in a decent number of commits, but I don't see too many major commits. No 4 star commits. Several still have not been rated. That said, I am going to give the staff and Coach Strong the benefit of the doubt. They closed the last cycle very strong. They turned a terrible looking class into a decent one at the end.
  2. #13 Jake Collins. We are getting a lot of commits, but are we getting enough high level commits? Kids seem to be committing early...maybe due to the earlier signing period?
  3. 9 million dollars. Not the 2 million that commonly gets reported on message boards. Granted, this includes Big East exit money. http://www.courant.com/sports/uconn-huskies/hc-aac-uconn-money-0527-20170526-story.html In 2015-16, UConn received $10,523,469 from the AAC, followed by Cincinnati ($9.485 million) and South Florida ($9.144 million). The three schools compensated the least were Navy ($2.757 million), Central Florida ($3.514 million) and SMU ($3.57 million). The AAC is still distributing $70 million in exit fees from the Big East. AAC schools that were formerly Big East members are UConn, Cincinnati, South Florida.
  4. Quinton's 2017 numbers

    3300 yards passing 30 TD's 10 INT. 68% completion rate. INT's might be up slightly due to passing more. 1300 yards rushing 16 TD's An invite to Heisman trophy ceremony, where he finishes 4th in overall voting.
  5. Future OOC Football Schedule

    Major programs don't do buy games at another program. USF doesn't do buy games. Get that through your skulls. I for one, will be very angry if we do. We do 1-1's against the Wisconsins of the world and maybe 2-1 vs. Texas. No 1-0 unless it is a very special program, for example, maybe a Notre Dame like we did. I would not do a 1-0 with Clemson. They aren't special enough and yes, I know they won NC. Heck no to the away buy games. We are not a Sun Belt program so stop acting like one.
  6. Jajuan Cherry - ATH - Okeechobee (2018)

    I have zero info on this kid, but I am guessing he's greased lightning. Small guys can play ball. Look at a guy like Deatrick Nichols who's listed at like 5'10" and 180. Which means he's probably really 5'8" or 5'9". This kid will be listed at 5'9" or 5'10" too at USF. Let's see what he can do. A lot of little guys can play. Look at the San Diego State RB who set the all time yards record. He was listed at like 5'6" or something like that.
  7. USF realignment "Rumors" "tweets" "etc"

    Actually 33,000. The 23,000 number is just for this year, as the stadium is still under phase 1 of construction/renovation. Phase 2, completed by 2018, will make Turner Field (aka Georgia State Stadium) capacity for football at 33K. It actually looks halfway decent for trying to make a baseball stadium into a football field.
  8. Perhaps Mack Should have Stayed?

    Looks like he'll get about a 400K signing bonus, and a first year salary of around 570K, so he'll basically make 1 million In year one. Why should he have come back to school again?
  9. USF men's hoops roster evolving

    Have no idea how many of these guys will pan out, but kudos to Coach Gregory for seriously stocking the previously bare cupboard.
  10. McMurphy fired

    Who would you rather have as your USF beat writer. Brett McMurphy or Joey Knight.
  11. No more Miami Beach Bowl...

    Yeah but it could just as easily be in the 80s in December in Dallas. It's really warm/ mild in Texas most of the winter. Every month of the year including January has 75-80 degree temps. Wild temp swings yes. For example this past December Dallas had 2 80 degree days with a high of 83 on December 28th 6 more days in 70s and many in the 60s. That's pretty typical. lt would be similar to Pensacola or southern Georgia. More winter heat than anywhere in US outside of South Texas, the desert Southwest, and Florida. Here in San Antonio I've gone an entire winter without one freeze. Not one. It's snowed once in the 13 years I've lived here with maybe 2 or 3 sleet events total. Most years nothing. Heck our average in January was 70 degrees for the entire month this year. Some winters in South TX are warmer than Tampa.
  12. Ranking The Top 25 Seniors Heading into 2017

    Flowers will get drafted. Mark it down. Looking at rounds 4-7, though. Heck, he might be one of the best RUNNING BACKS in the draft next year, let alone quarterbacks, should he decide to go that route.
  13. Any reason given why Strong wasn't on this when 11 out of 12 coaches WERE on this conference call.
  14. Differences in offensive philosophy from '16 to '17

    QF running around like his hair was on fire improvising was part of Taggart's system.
  15. Differences in offensive philosophy from '16 to '17

    Better yet, we want to win AND score big (which is what happed last year for the most part outside of 2 games).