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  1. They're building a new lockerroom for the Bucs, and they don't want us in it. Not sure how this chop blocks an OCS.
  2. Congrats on potentially being the 69th best team in the country...setting up for the ultimate UCiF moment.
  3. Great hire.
  4. How the hell did that happen?
  5. We struggled to beat a **** Will Muschamp South Carolina team. I'm fine with winning the AAC and the peach bowl
  6. I see we brought the burial ground from the SunDome to the Ice Palace for one night
  7. He's got a depleted roster and is in his second year. He's not going anywhere. Even if they can do him, a NC State or other p5 program would jump all over him
  8. I come from a family of Gata's so I usually mention that we were the ones that actually delayed the game, but the idea of the Gata's being evil usually wins out and the false narrative carries.
  9. That's your opinion. He sucked after 7 years. I wasn't calling for his head at the time, but just looking back his last two seasons were insanely bad. COA was clearly a poor choice after the Massiello debacle, and I certainly appreciate his runs, but he had plenty of time to build, and it wasn't anywhere near being a good program. no one is asking for great. We're just asking for better than 6-26 in conference during years 6 and 7.
  10. As bad as the program was, and as great as the NCAA wins were, Heath won 6 conference games his last two years here and had 2 winning seasons out of 7. He was the solution, but neither was COA. Hopefully all the NCAA stuff doesn't scare good candidates away, but I'd give Murray a shot.
  11. Bob Huggins
  12. I say screw basketball, we'all never be consistently good and we'll never make money off of it. Go bare bones (ala TCU) and throw money at football
  13. Ticket prices are $175 and 250. I'd be shocked if we sold 2000 through the school. We'd get a bunch there on secondhand markets. I was at the Outback bowl with my dad (he's a Gator) yesterday. Face on an upper bowl was $80 plus fees. Bowl prices have gotten insane. (We paid $125 a piece on the street for club level)
  14. Not to be that guy, but they're going to sell more TB hosting the Nat'l Championship papers than Bulls beat muschamp papers.
  15. He's gone.