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  1. Why is the USF beat writer . . .

    Turnstiles don't often keep attendance at non-revenue sports (or even minor league). They just guesstimate. im guessing USF did that here - a guesstimator for a major D-1 school.
  2. Guesstimate. Thats how most attendance is kept at the college level.
  3. Spring Game April 14th

    It's a spring game. If we're making decisions on a depth chart based on the play during it, we're effed
  4. It is what it is, and there is always an excuse. Lightning, Rowdies (sure), a new comic book movie, wind at a slight gust, SARS outbreak. Realistically, it's a dumb spring game, that means squat. What does matter is that we had a top 25 team last year, and drew like we were Akron. That has to change, on campus or off.
  5. Spring Game April 14th

    Always throw all your chips on the spring game..
  6. Joey the Weasel Knight

    Everyone hated on our past beat writer for breaking stories.
  7. I was in a fraternity for a bit. I quickly realized it was ********. This is a perfect example.
  8. Going to a Bulls football game >>>>>>>> paying insane amounts of money for friends and tshirts. The frats should force move the dates.
  9. CFP trophy vs BCS trophy

    They had to change trophies. The crystal ball was awarded as the coaches poll National championship. I don't like either
  10. Attendance Avg for 2017

    We ain't leaving ESPN. That would be suicide.
  11. 9 wins. 2 losses by a total of 8 points. Some of you are babies.
  12. Charlie Strong needs to go!

    I love that a good portion of whiney ass fans hate a guy who won 9 games and lost 2 games by 8 points... and played what might have been the best game of the year.
  13. USF friendly bar near UCiF?

    Isn't there some USF meeting at a hotel near campus? I'm going to sack up and brave campus.