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  1. That defense though ....

    Most of it came late. I watched that game. I'm still not sold on this defense, we'll see in four weeks when we see a real team.
  2. That defense though ....

    Not to be a ****, but Temples offense struggled to move the ball against Nova and UMass.
  3. Attendance is an embarrassment

    This isn't a good look. We could legitimately build a 30k seat stadium and be fine.
  4. Temple will be a test for us

    They got worked by Notre Dame and needed a late score to beat Villanova. They might be on par with Illinois. If we're as good as we think we should be this shouldn't be close.
  5. Let's go AAC!

    I love McMurphy's amazing troll job. Way to early.
  6. Have we Stopped Freaking Out Now?

    We have a lot of work to do. All three teams we've played are awful.
  7. This team might be the worst offense in the country
  8. They were 3-9 last year and got worked by most their competition, how are you not?
  9. Buzz on campus?

    I didn't feel the need to buy my friends at USF, so I didn't rush.
  10. Week One in the AAC

    Tulsa ain't beating Oklahoma State. All others winnable.
  11. CSU's new stadium

    I'll say it again, by this time next year we'll be planning our move into an on campus stadium for 2020. its happening.
  12. Knighlight? That you?
  13. FSU. That's why.
  14. Raymond James at 30% capacity and rows of empty seats is a ****** atmosphere. Does winning help offset those issues? Absolutely. the on campus stadium is coming. I wouldn't be shocked if we don't have the announcement by the beginning of next season. Whether people like it or not
  15. Then why put money into football at all? Realistically, football isn't going anywhere.