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  1. I was in a fraternity for a bit. I quickly realized it was ********. This is a perfect example.
  2. Going to a Bulls football game >>>>>>>> paying insane amounts of money for friends and tshirts. The frats should force move the dates.
  3. CFP trophy vs BCS trophy

    They had to change trophies. The crystal ball was awarded as the coaches poll National championship. I don't like either
  4. Attendance Avg for 2017

    We ain't leaving ESPN. That would be suicide.
  5. 9 wins. 2 losses by a total of 8 points. Some of you are babies.
  6. Charlie Strong needs to go!

    I love that a good portion of whiney ass fans hate a guy who won 9 games and lost 2 games by 8 points... and played what might have been the best game of the year.
  7. USF friendly bar near UCiF?

    Isn't there some USF meeting at a hotel near campus? I'm going to sack up and brave campus.
  8. CCS and Coaching Openings

    Fine, let's go back to 3-9...because that was fun.
  9. CCS and Coaching Openings

    I've never seen so much hate for a coach who is 9-1, weak schedule or not.
  10. CCS hates it here

    I believe Florida is angling for Kelly. Strong is probably on some list as he's well respected up there. I can't see them signing him though.
  11. CCS hates it here

    Nah, I've heard similar. I think the athletic department has made a push to cure those issues. My understanding is a lot of what they told him he would have and or get, wasn't readily available or planned. It was a lot of the same stuff Taggart had issues about. That was a big reason for the recent football facility announcement.
  12. Bad playcalling, but bad execution too. Losing Mack and Adams had just a big of an effect as the coaching change
  13. I guess everyone kind of forgets that SDSU and Boise State were part of this "new" league and pulled out because it was fiscally dumb for them