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  1. Curious: Are you concerned about...

    I understand that event is now sold out. That is what we would have done, had we planned on going to the game.
  2. Women's Basketball vs Butler

    She put on a little weight in the off season, but not all that much. Despite her height, she is really not a post player. I think she is more a 3 point shooter. Perhaps, Jose would prefer to red shirt her for next year.
  3. Women's Basketball vs Butler

    Shae Leverett (RS Fr), and A. Prieto, (True Fr) have done well. V Blagmon (True Fr) is just getting her feet wet. D. Nagy (Soph) was supposed to return against Butler, but didn't. Perh Fresh)aps she will be used in our next game. I think Enna P (RS Fresh) will then follow pretty soon. I don't know why Jazz Bond (Soph) hasn't played. Our transfer A. Rader (Junior) needs to sit out until some time in December. Perhaps, we want to red shirt S. Serrat. So, for the time being our five starters and three playing freshmen will have to make do until more help arrives.
  4. WBB: USF #17 AP Poll

    This is the closest we have ever come to knocking them off. ' We tied them at 65 in regulation @UConn, but got shut out in OT. Three USF players fouled out, including our best player, Jessica Dixon. Flashback:
  5. Incredible: Jose Fernandez

    I told him at a recent football game that I thought there would one day will be a statue of him in front of the Sun Dome. He really has done a remarkable job. Hope he stays here for a long time to come.
  6. Women's Basketball vs Butler

    I just hope we get some players back ASAP. We have some tough road games coming up and we really need a couple of those players to give our starting five some much needed rest. As we saw tonight, we can't afford to have anyone in early foul trouble, like with Henshaw, who was shooting very well, but had to leave the game for a long stretch.
  7. WBB: USF #17 AP Poll

    #15 in both polls, 2015-16 week 11.–16_South_Florida_Bulls_women's_basketball_team#Rankings
  8. WBB: USF #17 AP Poll

    I'm not sure. I know they were ranked #15 at some point in 2015.
  9. WBB: USF #17 AP Poll

  10. Nebraska

    You may be on to something. USF beat Urban when he coached BGSU and we beat Frost when he coached UCF. So, losing to USF must be the ticket to getting a better job. I suggest he should lose to USF again to increase his chances.
  11. CCS hates it here

    Hope you get well soon.
  12. CCS hates it here

    Would you prefer....Schiano? I wouldn't. MrsGunshowloophole‏ @yesisaidheslazy 7h7 hours ago More charlie strong to arkansas, schiano to usf
  13. I think you are overstating the negative impact if we lose to UCF. They are undefeated, ranked in the top 15 and a 10+ point favorite at home. So, we are expected to lose to them. If it is a close, competitive game and we lose, there will be very little negative impact (aside from people on this board). If we get blown out, then it will be worse, but UCF is beating just about everybody by a wide margin. All the pressure is really on them at this point. ANY loss to us would be much more significant. When two good teams meet, SOMEONE has to lose. Win or lose, I'm just hoping it is close in the 4th quarter. If it is, I like our chances. So far this season, UCF has not had to deal with any adversity. Last year, we didn't make it to the CCG, but after the bowls were over we were the only AAC team still ranked.