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  1. I'm listening to the USF audio at this link. However, it is out of sync with the video.
  2. Supposedly, you can watch the USF-FGCU game at this link. I hope it works.
  3. The FGCU release on our game with them today. Interestingly, we have never beaten them in Tampa, but have a winning record against them at their park. SERIES HISTORYFGCU holds a 10-4 advantage in the all-time series with the Bulls, but USF has gotten the best of the Eagles in four of seven games in Fort Myers.
  4. My guess is 16-8, since we get two of our toughest opponents, ECU and Houston at HOME.
  5. The final major BB poll NCBWA (the Baseball Writers), has not yet been posted on their website. However, according to an FGCU release which has the ranking, USFis #23!
  6. FGCU is getting plenty of love in the BB polls: FGCU Baseball ⚾️‏ @FGCU_Baseball 6m6 minutes ago In the rankings: @BaseballAmerica: #12 @d1baseball: #15 @CBNewspaper: #15 @NCBWA: #16 @USATODAYsports: #17 @PerfectGameUSA: #17 If USF baseball wishes to gain more respect from the polls, it MUST win @FGCU on Wednesday!
  7. In the USA Today/Coaches poll, USF moved from #34 to #28.
  8. NCAA has updated Baseball RPI: Here are some for comparison: Houston #15 USF #19 Missouri #21 FAMU #24 FGCU #27 Louisville #28 UF #43 ECU #49 FSU #53 UCF #72 Jacksonville #75 Miami #132! See the rest at:
  9. Yes, that's the Perfect Game poll which I mentioned earlier. USF is #21 there.
  10. is one of the few BB polls shown on the NCAA website. USF did NOT enter their top 25 this week.
  11. It is ironic that our best win @FSU, who was #1 in the polls last week, doesn't look nearly as good after they got swept by VPI this past weekend. Our weak SOS is the primary reason cited for keeping USF out of the polls. Yet, #1/2 Louisville with a record of 19-0 has an even WEAKER SOS and that has not seemed to have hampered them. Also, Missouri with the same 19-1 record as USF has an SOS comparable to our own. If RPI was being considered for ranking, USF has a better one than both UL and UM. I presume that there is some major conference bias, as well as consideration given to prior baseball history, when deciding who to add or not.
  12. Below are the links to the other major BB polls which will updated today: This is a handy link to see the progression of polls and compare them throughout the season.