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  1. Fans today

    Great day for Bulls Nation! Took my son, daughter, and family friend (All USF studetnts). Drove all day Wednesday... Woke up early Thursday at hotel, did some tailgating, watched the game, and drove back 9+ hours, arrived back in New Port Richey at 4 am.. Would do it again in heartbeat, crowd was incredible. GO BULLS!
  2. Birmingham bowl plans??

    BullyP- When I know my tailgate location I will let you know. I have a beer, or two, or three with your name on it!
  3. BullyPulpit- Love the ideas. I would also like the idea of the seat Nazis at the start of 2nd quarter allowing fans to fill empty seats in the lower bowl. Would be nice to at least fill that section up.
  4. New Coach Poll

    I have no reason to put Bradley name other than he is a UCLA guy
  5. Hotel in B'ham?

    RTB I will see you there! Just booked. We (Son and Daughter, USF students) are there for the 28th!
  6. Oregon reaches out to Willie Taggart

    CWT will not leave this year. Next year there is a real chance, he will not leave QF, his stock will never be higher than it will be next year.
  7. Birmingham?

    I will be there, along with my two USF students. We will drive up and stay on the 28th, go to game on the 29th, and drive back after the game. Going on limited budget...
  8. That fenny turd is out again

    He is still 24-25. He is doing well, but he still has no championship to speak of. The next step for him is to overcome a defensive issue (He sure did adapt to offensive issue). If he is to go somewhere, it will be after a conference championship next year.
  9. Let's go TULANE!

    Temple score 42 unanswered points after Tulane went up 10-7.
  10. Let's go TULANE!

    Hope they remember the 49-10 beating Temple put on them last year. Their seniors have to remember that, hopefully!