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  1. Great article! Should be the first thing every player and coach sees when they walk in every morning.
  2. The revamped offense will have no cupcake to beat up on early this year. Guess we will see if BELL will deliver early?
  3. I am thinking that King is one hell of a recruiter, if CCS let's him go that would not be good.
  4. Looks like the heavy stuff will be gone by game time. Think the rain chances are like 20 % as the game approaches. Think tailgating will be rough, however as the days have passed weather has looked better for game time each day. Hopefully by tomorrow at 5 all the rain will be gone. Think the wind will be a huge deal though.
  5. Hoping the heavy stuff passes during the day. Tailgate may be at a local restaurant...
  6. Picking my tickets up at Sundome Saturday afternoon, going as a guest of a student, so that is how we pick them up...
  7. 3 (Son, Daughter, and Me) My daughter who gets student tickets for 10, was able to purchase 2 guest tickets for 25 each. My crew that usually goes with me will be 3 more. Do not think much gets done at work the next day... One last tailgate before the long months of no football begin..
  8. Here are my hopes: Replace Gilbert with King. Yes I know King may not have experience, however something tells me that he is hungry to prove himself, and will try something new when something does not work, give me a pragmatist over GILBERT. Fire Special teams coach. I can't suffer through another blocked PAT, confusion on coverage, and etc.. Fire Strength and Conditioning coach. CCS complains of undersized, low weight players, this is the best way to fix it. Loyalty and Support program. Thank the fans base for their support by offering 25% on next years season ticket renewal. Break Ground on New Facility. There has to be enough $$$ somewhere. Add $5 fee to student fees. This thing needs to be built, and it is a true first step.
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