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  1. ESPN All Bowl Team

    Just noticed the ESPN article for their All Bowl Team and Whammo! There is our qb "Q".... now how cool is that? I figured it would be all about the P5 folks but even ESPN had to step up and recognize greatness. Very happy for Flowers and for what he has done for USF. Hope he dazzles them in the NFL.
  2. Proud of this Class

    They didn't let themselves or us. Fantastic finish to win another bowl game and power5 team. Great team. Great senior class. Wish them all the best for their futures. Thanks for all the effort. Hopefully, our progress will carry through to next season. Hopefully, our coaches will stay put. Opinion? Take the bowl $$ and use it for the assistant coaches. Time for USF to step up and get our coaches in-line with the other schools. Go Bull's!
  3. Good idea Joe B. Allocation of tickets a big deal. I was reading a post the other nite and they mentioned buying their tickets and donating to students/vets. Went in and did the same since we can't go. Go Bull's
  4. USF realignment "Rumors" "tweets" "etc"

    P5 doesn't want to expand w/ AAC P6 they can't afford to share the revenue. The big boys need the money to pay coach buy outs and lure them in with massive/obscene salaries,perks. College football is starting to resemble the NFL. USF? Best we can do right now is kick the ass of every team we play. Our name is out there we just need to put the......wait for it, . The Complete Game! Came close at UCF but....didn't close the deal. Hopefully, our Bull's seniors will go to this bowl game wth Texas Tech and make a statement.
  5. Strong interviewed with FSU on Sunday

    Fantasy...Judy retires. We get a kick butt AD. Then who comes back full circle? That's right! CJL...he's in his 60's, has more experience. Takes his baby back and builds it into a power house conference winner and national contender until his retirement.....his statue will then be outside the new on campus stadium. I did say, Fantasy
  6. Coaching Dominoes Are Starting To Fall

    Taggart 1yr and a basket full of promises to Oregon then he bails on them. Strong testing the FSU watering hole too. Wonder what other college our coach is sniffing around at?
  7. When you think we have it bad

    Oh Ye of little faith... Oh hell, you gotta have hope that the dominos will fall in line at some point. Hard to say. You watch some of these games like Oregon at what 4-4? And packed stands..amazing fans. You read that due to trends in colleges to have higher percentages of students not born in the US they don't have the same grasp or draw to our football since it isn't played in their countries. Our attendance is an issue for sure for us and other AAC schools..not Navy though.
  8. When you think we have it bad

    Worse than some but thankfully better than most. That's how I see us. Hopefully our better trend will continue/increase. Move to another conference? Power 6 gets the nod? Key for us? Just keep winning....
  9. Team, Seniors, Coach, Success

    Good comments folks. How true it is, if it isn't the coach looking to move on then it's the fans/administration wanting them to move on, the old double edged sword syndrome all fueled by win/loss on a short term basis. Yep, Saban I believe has 666 in his hairline somewhere. Good thing we can say, We love our Bull's!
  10. Team, Seniors, Coach, Success

    Sure we know that FSU wasn't at their strongest when we played them nor was Bobby Bowden. As you know whenever we beat a ranked, notable team over the years it will be said, they weren't at their best and our wins cost a couple coaches their jobs.. There have been many great wins over the years. But that day we were expected to lose. That day a young qb (BJ)had to take over for Grothe and took us to a win. Our D played lights out. That day about 18,000+ USF fans lit up that stadium. So yeah, it was a good day...good memory. That poster was sold by the media dept afterward. I had it framed and enjoy looking at it. We were mid way up and to the right at the edge. I actually think old Leavitt was tearful looking up and listening. A good time was had by all except, my nephew who was a rabid FSU student. Towards the end of the game he stumbled dry kingly up into the USF area in his Garnett/gold and hollered above the cheering..."You @!*%~#= are killing us" everybody around us fell out laughing...yep, a good day.
  11. You look at our one loss football team and the players involved it's natural to feel a sense of pride for their accomplishments. Yes, it's been a long time coming but this particular crew has been a winner. These seniors are something very special and seem like quality young men. As for the coaches..Taggart put this team together but it's a **** good thing the players told him how to win with their skill sets. Of course Taggart couldn't stay one more year to see it through he left for "greener" ($$) pastures. Now we have Coach Strong. Good pedigree. He inherits a quality team(normally they get a bottom dweller). If you watch his body language one would think him bored, detached(maybe/hopefully not) but the seniors and the younger players listen, read, watch as their coaches name is tossed around the marketplace..( sure means their good coaches) it's got to be a distraction their not far removed from being kids. Wouldn't it be nice ( a diff universe) if a coach came to a college to build, win and create an environment of annual winners. Yep, college football vs integrity made a big 180 years ago as the salaries went ballistic. Loyalty is long gone. One and done the new mantra. To bad for the players,recruits the fans. That's all I got on this except, thanks to the USF Bull's Seniors for building something great at our university. I really think/believe if our Team plays like their talent capable we will enjoy a Conference Championship. Go Bull's! Remember that feeling at the FSU game when we knocked off one of the perineal Champs? Great huh? This Team has provided that winning feeling over and over...it's nice ( and easier) to be a winner....
  12. There's a lot of fun left!

    Can I hear an AMEN! Brother......? You nailed it. And as we always say: Go Bull's! .
  13. A postscript. I've followed along on the bullspen blog for a few years but just joined up a few months ago..I'm not a blogger by nature. I finally signed up because I saw a lot of positive posts by folks adding their input/opinions. It's nice to see the obvious team/school support projected by you people and, some of you are pretty funny too.
  14. Fan Support its a real thing. It's not just being a butt in the seat. Sure bad plays, bad calls and losses have a tendency to piss you off that's just being into the game and your team. People who say their true fans don't malign their team or especially the players. These young guys give their all. They bust their ass with effort. They beat the hell out of their bodies. We all can agree that there are things about USF sports we may not like but, it's our university we're proud to say we went there. One loss, that's it. It sure as hell ain't over by any stretch of the imagination. Our goal? Auggies right it's a conference championship. Wouldn't that be a great step for this program? As for the pseudo fans who are pitching their negative barbs at our players...tell them to go do something anatomically impossible to themselves...........I can't tell you how proud we are of this team and these players win or lose. Go Bull's!