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  1. An indoor practice facility is a must sooner rather than later. An OCS would be a great addition to the USF campus. It does add something for sure to the atmosphere of a game. Players and fans seem to get more protective/proud. I would think 45-50,000 seat a must. If we build it will they come?? Sadly, there's the unknown. Football fans are football fans come hell or high water but, students have changed in recent years. If we could field 38-40k per game that would be respectable. If 25-30k of those in the stands would cheer instead of sitting on their hands..that would be a stellar crowd. Always Hopeful that a fan base will once again build and show itself. Our game experience has always been great at away games and kinda drab at home games. Look around and a lot of folks are either preoccupied or waiting for the wine and cheese cart to come by......Always showing USF pride Go Bull's!
  2. Whoa! He put a lick on the DB ran over him like a truck. He's living up to the "Mack" motto, "Performance Counts". Would enjoy watching a bruising running back next season.
  3. BulledOver

    Brooks Larkin- Oh Boy this is interesting

    ...I'm hoping I make page #11....😜 During the bowl game when Larkins was getting his 15 mins it was funny seeing a big old dude do the splits. I told my wife at the time, if that guy isn't in pads due to an injury I'll bet he catches hell for that move later from the coaching staff. It's not like we were running away with the game so his move may have been funnier to the crowd than the coaches...it kinda shouted, all about Me..
  4. BulledOver

    Brooks Larkin- Oh Boy this is interesting

    Playing Div 1 college football while working on your degree sounds like a dream for some guys. How many play on the scout team for 4 years w/o ever playing a down in a game? But those guys are an important/critical part of the team. Sometimes in life your parents suck, teachers, coaches, friends all suck too. But, that's life. It's all those ups/downs, disappointments and highs that help you move on and be able to handle what life throws at you. Mr. Larkins very public negative message, with all its personal targets is definitely not the adult way to handle problems or conflict. In retrospect he may see he just stepped in a real pile of ####. Hopefully, he will man-up and go face to face with those he has so publicly named. His messg sign off is go bull's? Bit of a contradiction for sure. Tough to love and hate all at the same time. I hope he learns from this because his next "40 yrs" ain't going to be any easier. I know long and preachy, but this kind of public venting is now normal and it sucks. In the old days you call somebody a liar you better be ready for some reaction.
  5. BulledOver

    SB Flowers piece

    USF has put out a lot of great student athletes over the years. Many talented football players and countless young people who are just great kids this year included. Yes, Quinton Flowers has that something special. He is the real deal. I believe he will find a way to once again, show people that he is a talented winner. Hopefully this draft we will watch a record number of Bull's go on to achieve their dream of playing at the pro level.
  6. BulledOver

    Bull's in plain view

    A while ago there was a post about the new Beef O'Bradys tv ad with the Bull's logo in the background which is quite cool. Saw another interesting display on the new Pensacola ABC tv station tonight. It's a promotion for downtown Pensacola. It has a shot of people walking up the Main Street and there front and center, is a woman coming towards the camera in her green USF Bull's shirt. Nice, especially up here in FSU/Alabama/LSU country. Everything and anything like that can only be a positive for the university. Good subliminal advertising...
  7. BulledOver

    ESPN All Bowl Team

    Just noticed the ESPN article for their All Bowl Team and Whammo! There is our qb "Q".... now how cool is that? I figured it would be all about the P5 folks but even ESPN had to step up and recognize greatness. Very happy for Flowers and for what he has done for USF. Hope he dazzles them in the NFL.
  8. BulledOver

    Proud of this Class

    They didn't let themselves or us. Fantastic finish to win another bowl game and power5 team. Great team. Great senior class. Wish them all the best for their futures. Thanks for all the effort. Hopefully, our progress will carry through to next season. Hopefully, our coaches will stay put. Opinion? Take the bowl $$ and use it for the assistant coaches. Time for USF to step up and get our coaches in-line with the other schools. Go Bull's!
  9. Good idea Joe B. Allocation of tickets a big deal. I was reading a post the other nite and they mentioned buying their tickets and donating to students/vets. Went in and did the same since we can't go. Go Bull's
  10. BulledOver

    USF realignment "Rumors" "tweets" "etc"

    P5 doesn't want to expand w/ AAC P6 they can't afford to share the revenue. The big boys need the money to pay coach buy outs and lure them in with massive/obscene salaries,perks. College football is starting to resemble the NFL. USF? Best we can do right now is kick the ass of every team we play. Our name is out there we just need to put the......wait for it, . The Complete Game! Came close at UCF but....didn't close the deal. Hopefully, our Bull's seniors will go to this bowl game wth Texas Tech and make a statement.
  11. BulledOver

    Strong interviewed with FSU on Sunday

    Fantasy...Judy retires. We get a kick butt AD. Then who comes back full circle? That's right! CJL...he's in his 60's, has more experience. Takes his baby back and builds it into a power house conference winner and national contender until his retirement.....his statue will then be outside the new on campus stadium. I did say, Fantasy
  12. BulledOver

    Coaching Dominoes Are Starting To Fall

    Taggart 1yr and a basket full of promises to Oregon then he bails on them. Strong testing the FSU watering hole too. Wonder what other college our coach is sniffing around at?
  13. BulledOver

    When you think we have it bad

    Oh Ye of little faith... Oh hell, you gotta have hope that the dominos will fall in line at some point. Hard to say. You watch some of these games like Oregon at what 4-4? And packed stands..amazing fans. You read that due to trends in colleges to have higher percentages of students not born in the US they don't have the same grasp or draw to our football since it isn't played in their countries. Our attendance is an issue for sure for us and other AAC schools..not Navy though.
  14. BulledOver

    When you think we have it bad

    Worse than some but thankfully better than most. That's how I see us. Hopefully our better trend will continue/increase. Move to another conference? Power 6 gets the nod? Key for us? Just keep winning....
  15. BulledOver

    Team, Seniors, Coach, Success

    Good comments folks. How true it is, if it isn't the coach looking to move on then it's the fans/administration wanting them to move on, the old double edged sword syndrome all fueled by win/loss on a short term basis. Yep, Saban I believe has 666 in his hairline somewhere. Good thing we can say, We love our Bull's!