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  1. Bulls 34-24 Flowers Valdes-Scantling 545 Bonus prediction: The tears continue to flow into next week for C. fans as Frost bolts for Nebraska and doesn't even coach their bowl game
  2. UCF is going to beat us down

    Man you all have no faith. Sad to see the lack of swagger on the field has bled over to the fans. Where's that super confident/borderline arrogant fan base of years past? Funny things tend to happen when you put positive thoughts out into the universe. We all know they have the talent to win this game comfortably and we've DOMINATED this game in the past. Start believing in our boys again and we will prevail and move on to capture our first AAC title!
  3. Week 11 Games to Watch

    The good Bulls ALWAYS show up against C. Even our worst team ever went right down to the wire with their best.
  4. Watching UCiF...

    True. The fact that their O is looking off this time of year against a below average D is music to my ears. I'm telling you they're gonna be even more worn out on both sides of the ball and out of sync by the time we play them without having any rest. Their AD is gonna look back and regret adding that game last week
  5. Watching UCiF...

    I turned the game on late, but I heard the announcer say that SMU entered C. territory 7 different times without leaving with a point. Maybe I missed out on how the game flow was going but at face value that sounds like a lot of bounces going against SMU.
  6. Watching UCiF...

    USF: Humbled by 1 loss already, hungry from being knocked out of top 25, underdogs again, bye week coming up, offense showing positive signs at right time of year, 2 extra days rest before Black Friday C.: Defense is looking worse every week, head coach distractions, CFP ranking distractions, playing way over their heads, offense not tested yet, USF game will be 10th straight week without bye, likely overconfident, USF game will be on short week Not to mention the fact that we ALWAYS bring it against them even when we've had our most awful teams. We're winning on Black Friday.
  7. Watching UCiF...

    Watching USF and SMU today, and it seems as if catching the football is a lost art. SMU would've won this in OT if they could just hang on to ONE of 3 crucial catches.
  8. Seniors step up and Bulls flip the switch in a big way. 48-10 Q. Flowers M. Valdes-Scantling 501
  9. Both guys have been serviceable and have broken a couple long ones, but this team has definitely been missing that dynamic threat in the backfield this season. Would make this new "offense" a lot more effective. Excited to see what Cronkrite, Sands, and the new Mack Attack can do in 2018.
  10. USF Baseball

    Awesome. The team was a blast to watch last season. With recruiting now on point it's time to take the next step and win a regional.
  11. Frost might, but do his players? Takes discipline and a certain type of athlete to properly defend it. We shall see.
  12. Has C. ever even played Navy before? I don't think they have, and it's difficult to prepare for the triple option without game experience. This combined with all the Frost hype/distraction and I predict they come crashing back to Earth this Saturday. Navy 42-31
  13. Week 8 Games of Interest

    Winning the conference championship should be all that matters...whatever happens after that is a bonus. That being said how can you not root for C. to lose every week, I wanna see us have the division wrapped up before we play them on Black Friday. That and their fans are absolutely awful.
  14. I guess we're back to the 2016 Bulls. All O no D heart attack central