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  1. How do you know? For as badass as you sound with this post, you weren't there.
  2. It's the NIT. Just like that Fiesta Bowl game against Baylor a few years back, you're playing a bunch of teams that don't care. But I think it's really cute how excited you guys are getting.
  3. Starting pitchers have been lights out to start the season. Could be a really good year if they can keep it up.
  4. Who's ready for some BASEBALL?!?!!!!

    Fun team to watch with good offensive potential. Will definitely be checking out more games this year!
  5. Five Question Friday

    Did we just become best friends??
  6. Five Question Friday

    1. Happy it's Trump or wanted Clinton? Definitely not happy about Trump, but didn't want Clinton even more. 2. January 20, 2017 or February 1, 2017 ? What happened on Jan 20??? 3. Will Football win AAC Title in 2017? Yea bro. QF is gonna go out and take it and put us on the map for decades. 4. Your activity during the football off season? Getting married! 5. Favorite Rock Bands? Old school Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, Moody Blues, Pink Floyd. Modern day Silversun Pickups, Muse, Tool, Disturbed, Flogging Molly. Go Bulls!
  7. 2016 vs. 2007, which is the better football year?

    That Rutgers game is the only game in any sport that I feel comfortable complaining about the refs.
  8. 2016 vs. 2007, which is the better football year?

    True that man. Both teams were special for us for different reasons. My answer to the question is this year's team, mostly because of how they rebounded from the awfulness of 2011-14. And a lot of what makes THAT so special is what the '07 team did.
  9. Mack Going Pro

    Totally agree!! You could see it more his freshman year, that Le'veon Bell-like vision and patience. Us transitioning into the Gulf Coast offense definitely limited his carries, so this wasn't exposed as much...but could be a great thing for his long-term pro prospects.
  10. Mack Going Pro

    Not given good advice? The advice he got was from people closer to the situation than you or I ever will in his family, coaches, scouts, etc. This isn't some NBA hopeful who drops out of school a year early only because he wants to get paid earlier. It's a running back - the position with the shortest shelf life in all of pro sports. Who knows what would've happened next season with this team or his health? Add in the fact that he grew up in a family that wasn't as privileged as 99% of this board and the decision was probably rather easy for him. If Marlon puts on a little muscle, which he will, watch out. Would love to see the Bucs snag him in round 4-5 but as long as he lands in the right situation, I really think he could be one of the better rookies next season. He's got the complete skill set you look for in a feature back.
  11. Last Day to Declare for NFL Draft ?

    Role player? This makes it sound like they're projecting him as a 3rd down back-type, which he's not. Dude has the prototypical size, speed, and running style for a feature NFL back. Maybe put on a few pounds of muscle. When I see him, the runner I'm instantly reminded of is Le'veon Bell. He's got a little bit of his patience too.
  12. Usf coverage on local sports talk radio

    His bias on a number of things, not just against the Bulls, has started to come through so blatantly that it's cringe-worthy. Like he's becoming the Berman of TB sports radio who is just hanging onto his job for seniority reasons. And then you have JP Peterson and his awful FSU homerism before him. Pandora is certainly my savior after Ronnie & T Kras!
  13. A new standard is set...

    Being top 25 at the start of next season, with a Heisman hopeful, will be awesome regardless of where they put us at the end of this season. And don't forget we open our season a week earlier than 95% of teams next year...extra exposure when everyone is thirsty for football to start
  14. Coach Strong's staff at Texas

    Strong wanted a larger assistant pool and took less money early on because of it. It will rival P5 schools in a couple years, footnfan1. Great sign that he really wants to build something long term here.
  15. A new standard is set...

    Yea of course we wouldn't, but can you recall a USF defense as bad as ours this year? We have 12+ wins with even a decent D this year, which we've usually had. Q and Mack are once-in-a-decade players but our D was also once-in-a-decade bad this year. My point is Strong will fix that and the offensive recruits aren't going anywhere.