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  1. @McMurphyESPN: New Colorado State coach Mike Bobo gets UCF DC Tyson Summers to join him as CSU DC source told @ESPN
  2. http://www.ifeed2all.eu/watch/298766/3/watch-south-florida-vs-smu.html let me know if somebody finds a better one
  3. http://ifirstrowus.eu/watch/280355/2/watch-maryland-vs-south-florida-.html i think the buffalo vs army game has to end first
  4. Bulliez

    Bulls Sign 4 JUCO Players

    the fourth is Eric Mayes
  5. Bulliez

    Dede lattimore

    Agreed! Had a career game today, broke his previous tackle mark I believe
  6. Bulliez

    Hats off to Defense Today

    I wish Bench had gotten some more reps today though... Maybe he aggravated his lingering injuries after that 1 drive?
  7. Bulliez


    Thought this thread was gonna be about annoyance concerning a new bowl game held in New Jersey
  8. Article by GA: http://www.tampabay.com/blogs/bulls/taggart-wr-montgomery-quitting-usf-football/2136334
  9. Bulliez

    MLK Plaza??

  10. Bulliez

    NCAA '14 Fans

    Instead of red-shirting Bench, I put him in front of Eveld on the depth chart because I likes his mobility and his accuracy is a tad higher than Bobby's. Ended up going 6-6 in my first season.
  11. Bulliez

    NCAA '14 Fans

    I usually wait for the ones from operation sports, those usually are the most in-depth. However I just downloaded PastaPadre to hold me over. Quick question, who is the fullback freshman on our roster? Is it Auggie Sanchez? I was hoping kennard Swanson would be in the game instead..
  12. Bulliez

    NCAA '14 Fans

    Picked up the game this morning and was inputting the names for the USF roster, when I noticed our highest rates freshman is an LB rated at an 80. Any idea who this is? I was thinking either Nigel Harris got a great rating, or that they botched Rahmon Swain's class.
  13. Bulliez

    Kyle Gibson, CB, Armood HS, Seffner FL

    @K_Gibson_G: Top 5 school No Order: Notre Dame , Vanderbilt , Louisville , Miami , Usf