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  1. I'm watching with video as well. https://gousfbulls.com/watch/?Live=151&type=Live Edit: Make sure you have your pop-up blocker disabled.
  2. Good luck Brett! Thank you for your time as a Bull.
  3. I would be surprised if it's not BB starting next year; might not be the most athletic of the bunch but probably the best arm of the bunch. Hoping we get to see a glimpse of Octavious Battle this year though!
  4. Well I think the obvious move is promoting Shaun King to OC. But yes we'll have to fill the gap created
  5. We had some pretty dark years under the Holtz New Era, struggling to even obtain a bowl berth. Now it's a given, and we expect more. That's a positive... even though we fall short of our expectations.
  6. I think that's Castaneda? 2 missed consecutive three's and a turnover.
  7. Hey bud! I use Bullsvision on Chrome with no issues. Make sure you disable your pop-up blocker for the site & refresh. Worked for me
  8. Looks like we've play down or up to the level of competition. But somehow, some way, this team seems to pull through. Hope it stays true late into the season! GO BULLS
  9. @McMurphyESPN: New Colorado State coach Mike Bobo gets UCF DC Tyson Summers to join him as CSU DC source told @ESPN
  10. http://www.ifeed2all.eu/watch/298766/3/watch-south-florida-vs-smu.html let me know if somebody finds a better one
  11. http://ifirstrowus.eu/watch/280355/2/watch-maryland-vs-south-florida-.html i think the buffalo vs army game has to end first
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