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  1. I think he was trying to agree with you and be humorous at the same time. His way of saying UF players can't read. Because, you know, USF only recruits Rhodes Scholars.
  2. I'm surprised you are ignoring Kyle Trina who signed with you the year before McCloud. He's a darn good athlete. I know ya'll have him listed at QB, but I have a feeling Kerwin will find a better spot for him (H back comes to mind). Kyle's dad is hilarious. He'll be the one in the big blue RV at all of the games.
  3. Keep in mind that I am a Gator and UF hasn’t gotten a Plant player of note since the 1980’s when I was a Panther. So when you tell me that USF has struggled to get Plant players I have to chuckle. That said, Leo Parker is going to be a great player for you. I’ve known the kid since he was in middle school. He was mainly basketball until a couple years ago when Jesuit talked him into trying football.
  4. Correct. UF had self imposed guidelines to make sure they avoided over-signing. My point was just that undersigning can hurt you and serves little or no purpose.
  5. You just have to make sure you don't bank too many and find yourself “undersigned” down the road due to the 25 signee yearly limit. UF ended up undersigned for what seemed like forever. This will be the first year in a long time that UF has the full 85 scholarships used.
  6. Marve was the first one that did anything. Who did you want before that, Jason Sequin?
  7. No. It was just a hypothetical situation I brought up for discussion.
  8. The last one I can think of that you would have wanted would have been Phillip Ely, and he went to Alabama. After him was Colby Brown, then Rex Culpepper, then Dane Frantzen, then Jordan McCloud.
  9. Umm, you’ve got one right now. Charlie living next to Plant doesn’t hurt, and getting a high flying offense should help too.
  10. Ha! That still happens in the CWT era, just at a different school. I think going fast in the red zone can be even more effective than the rest of the field, provided you do what Kerwin says and only go as fast as proper execution allows. Kerwin’s Red zone efficiency percentage numbers were in the 90’s, I think I read. So I think he gets it.
  11. I can see having to earn the scholarship. Will USF be at it’s full 85 limit this year? Speaking of QB recruits for Bell, it would be awesome if he could pull Tucker Gleason from Plant. I think he’d Be a perfect fit.
  12. I agree completely. I don’t recall it ever happening. Although Scott Frost took his back up QB with him to Nebraska last year. I just thought it was an interesting idea. Very little chance it happens for any number of reasons. But I will say that Rogan Wells’ older brother played for Kerwin at Jacksonville. Maybe the ties are strong enough. Who knows.
  13. Are you saying you wouldn't take a full class or that you wouldn't use those ten spots for ol, dl, and lb?
  14. It is unlikely that a football player is graduating in just three years. Unless you can show that more than 50% of NCAA football players graduate in 3 or less years, you are incorrect. As you said, wanting something to be true and it actually being true are very different things.