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  1. I agree with your point about top P5 schools having no incentive to play us, but the thought of playing Alabama, Clemson or Oklahoma 3 times is horrifying. Any one of those schools would likely mop the floor with us 3 times. However, I'd happily take a 2-1 with some mid-tier P5 schools like Texas A&M, Penn State, and Tennessee. 2-1 with reputable P5 schools certainly beats another season of UMass, Illinois and GT; yeah, Illinois and GT are P5, but they don't represent the strength of the P5 anymore than UConn represents the strength of the AAC.
  2. https://www.tampabay.com/sports/usf-bulls/2018/12/05/report-usfs-sterlin-gilbert-headed-to-mcneese-state/
  3. FootballScoop is reporting that Sterlin Gilbert is the new HC of McNeese State!!
  4. Hopefully this works better than the petition to change the logo.
  5. Well, CCS isn’t going anywhere: https://www.tampabay.com/sports/usf-bulls/2018/11/29/sorry-charlie-critics-strongs-usf-buyout-bigger-than-presumed/?template=amp&__twitter_impression=true
  6. Agreed. Anyone who was at the Illinois game at Soldier Field can vouch for how electric it was in there!
  7. As if we needed any more reason to dump him. Now we get to pay an extra 300% to watch this dull play calling...
  8. In a 24-10 game against your rival, in a game you know will be high scoring, where you have nothing left to lose, absolutely go for it on 4th and 1. What did the defense do that made Strong think they could hold C from scoring again and get the ball back to the offense with enough time to score 2-3 touchdowns? We had no momentum on offense after the first quarter, so something had to change to ignite that flame; punting will not get your offensive going. Also, Mitchell Wilcox has been clutch all season; he's the one I would have trusted to pick up that yard on a short crossing route.
  9. Looks like Brohm is going to Louisville https://www.courier-journal.com/story/sports/college/louisville/2018/11/28/jeff-brohm-louisville-football-recruits-hear-hes-new-coach/2134524002/
  10. Might be a long shot, but its good to know some other school may be willing to take him off our hands http://footballscoop.com/news/update-texas-state-head-coaching-search/
  11. I truly hope that big changes really do come. Yes, Strong is a good guy, but he is not a great coach. He has never won anything, and his winning seasons at Louisville just happened to coincide with Lamar Jackson's tenure there, before he dashed off to sink Texas into the ground. If not for Q last season, he would probably barely be above .500 at USF. The team is playing uninspired football like they are just going through the motions to survive. And Strong is defensive-minded to a fault; he trusts his defense so much (why, I don't know) that he refuses to take any chances on offense (how many 4th and 1 punts against C?). Nothing can change with this uninspired coaching staff at the helm, especially when we are competing for recruits with a school 90 miles up the road who seems to just piss excellence.
  12. Not to mention, we are the 14th or 12th most penalized team in football (depending on whether total penalties or yards matters to you). That falls squarely on the coach's shoulders.
  13. UCF fans are ready to blame this game on Milton’s injury if they lose
  14. We will never win with CCS ultra-conservative style of offensive play calling. He puts too much faith in this hapless defense and refuses to take chances on offense because of it. Against Temple, we punted on a 4th and short on the Temple 40 (45?) with about 5 minutes left and netted only about 19 yards. We'll never win games like that!
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