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  1. tampatony

    Bold 2018 Season Predictions

    Bold prediction? 11 - 1 with a NY6 bowl win (only loss is Houston on the road) Barnett shows that he is one of the best passers USF has ever had and makes all the mid passing routes that Gilbert's offense is predicated on. McCants and Salomon go for 1k Cronkite goes for 1k on the ground Mack 2.0 shows that he's a great change of pace back and goes for over 700 yards. Expectation: 9-3 with losses to GT, Houston and one of Temple or UCF (hopefully Temple) Have multiple QBs start games defense struggles with lack of experience and gets hosed by GT option but gets better as season progresses and dominates UCF in our house.
  2. I would say having an OCS probably 7-8 years ago would have been dumb. Now I think it holds water. The New Tampa area, Land O' Lakes, Wesley Chapel, and the area directly around USF are exploding. The USF/VA/Yuengling/healthcare facilities provide a huge boom for jobs in the area. The USF Campus and surrounding area are booming. I think a 30-35k stadium would generally be filled just from walk ups. We were getting 26k at RayJ last year. To say we can't get 4k more from students alone is kind of silly. I think finding the money is going to be the difficult thing. IPF has to be done first as someone said earlier. Once that ball is rolling, I think that the argument starts to become whether we build 35k or 40k stadium and not whether we have a OCS. I'm looking forward to buying my season tickets in our new OCS in 2023.
  3. Manderson to the line with 30 secs left, down by 5.. misses the first.. missed 3 of 5 from the line in the last 2 mins
  4. Memphis is shooting terribly from the line.. Keeping us in the game. 67-74 4:40 to go. Jiggets with the dagger, cuts it to 4.. 70 - 74
  5. 67 -72 Memphis with 5:42 to go Memphis had a 12 point lead with 9 mins to go.
  6. tampatony

    WBB AAC tourny

    UCF is fighting for their postseason lives. If they beat us it may just get them into the tourney. They will be motivated. Their defense was tough to play against in Oviedo last month and I just hope they are a little run down from playing games so close together. We need a cake walk if we want any chance of beating UCONN. We obviously don't but I'd rather not get beat by 40 because we're tired because of a pesky UCF defense.
  7. This gives me hope for .500 next year. If we can be a couple games over we might see a NIT Birth. That's something I never thought I'd say in year two of Coach Gregory's reign. I was hoping for double digit wins this year so I think .500 next year is definitely doable for this team going forward, that's exciting.
  8. We've done this already but here's what I'm excited about: Biggest question marks first Kean vs Oladuken: I personally would love to see Kean win this. He has been great with my son at multiple sporting events. I think CO wins out though. Last year people were saying that he may have been the fast player on the team and he was pretty accurate when he was on the field too when he was out there. I think by now we can all see that Q was not accurate with intermediate passes in which this offense is primarily based. Both of these guys will be a step up there as long as they have time to make the reads. RBs: Cronkite should easily win this battle, many for the past year have said he was the best RB on the team. Hopefully that comes to fruition and he continues to progress. I'll be interested to see if any youngsters make a difference, specifically Elijah Mack and the true freshman that is the size of a house I don't remember his name off hand though. I think those types of players (Tice like) fit this offense better. Big Backs that can get 3-4 yards up the middle. We'll see if Sands can be a change of pace guy but he may have just got pushed out due to this offense. It's just not set up for smaller quicker guys. WR: I think you see Salomon and McCants solidify their spots in this offense. Salomon started to really come on at the end of the year. If McCants can slimmed down just a little he could be an absolute terror as a position/deep threat. Dukes will definitely have an opportunity this year much like Salomon and Phillips had last year. This offense is much more WR friendly and could see multiple 1000 yard receivers when it gets clicking (if our coaches don't leave first). Oline: We lost 2 starters but have 3 returning players. I think that alone will stabilize us. We have some beef up there and with another off-season to transform this line from a primarily zone scheme to a more traditional run blocking scheme I think we'll be okay here and may even see some improvement. Defense: LBs: I think we see Sawtelle and Johnston starting with Polk playing as the third LB and McGee as back up with a few younger players stepping up out of pure necessity. I think losing Miller in the recruiting process hurt pretty bad and could've made an impact on day one. When we are losing players to Indiana we're in trouble and shows how the media shoving the P5 crap down our throats is starting to do. DBs: Although we lose a lot here I'm excited to see what Watts, Hampton, Hoggins (money year), and others can do. I think this group is extremely deep and may even see an impact guy from last years recruiting class come in and shine a little. Culpepper would be my first guess because he got so much playing time last year. DLine: Inside we should be solid with Pinkney, Bronson, and the other Kevin plus the addition of the two dukies coming in. I think Reeves turns into a monster this year and is that pass rusher that teams can't handle. My hope is that Bronson can be a Senat clone in the inside as well. Sacks and tackles for loss for everyone! We also have 1000 DE/DTs coming in with this recruiting class and I can definitely see guys like Waller, Boyles, and Laing make an impact this year providing much needed depth. I could also see some of those guys transferring to LB too, we'll see. Special Teams: I'M DEEPLY SCARED, I do not have confidence in a Strong led special teams unit. His units in the past have mainly been terrible.
  9. tampatony

    Early Enrollees

    That's great news! Roland (4 star), Kirby (second highest rated recruit that signed), Boyles, and Norris may all contribute next year. And these guys free up an additional 5-6 slots for Feb signing period.
  10. Only losses I'd bet on is Houston and GT, Temple if it's late in the year. But if I had to put money on it this would be my win loss total. 9-3 and a bowl win. My reasoning for the losses are a second year Applewhite team in Houston and I'd give the advantage to GT because of their option running attack against our young front 7. Also give me .500 against UCF and Temple this year, UCF because we're at home and Temple will be tough on the road especially if it's late in the year. Elon (W) Georgia Tech (L) Illinois (W) Umass (W) UCF (L) UCONN (W) ECU (W) Tulane (W) Cincy (W) Houston (L) Temple (W) Tulsa (W) Bowl (W)
  11. I'm excited about next year for the AAC because it's the year prior to our negotiation window with ESPN. If our league turns out like it did this year, 3-4 top 25 teams, 6-8 bowl eligible teams, and respectable OOC and P5 bowl wins we should be in a pretty good place for renegotiation. USF looks like it will be in a transition year but a transition year for USF now is bowl eligible and possible double digit wins.. That is an amazing privilege for any university and speaks to the depth that Tags and Strong recruiting. I'm excited to see what our defense looks like next year under J-M and Strong with our D-line recruits from last year and this year. The offense will look a lot different next year. I think it will look a lot more like the Veer and Shoot you see at schools in the Big 12. Lots of mid level passes and down hill running up the middle.. Hopefully not as much HB Dive as this year. I think Gilbert's trust in Flowers' accuracy waned at times and depended on the run to play it safe. Hopefully he trust O and Kean a little more this year in regards to their accuracy down the field. Hopefully depth on the O-line is there to provide them with time too. They won't have Flowers back there to save them when the pocket breaks down. I know O is fast but we can't hope for him to be as shifty as Flowers is. I'm ready for the Feb signing period and spring training I can tell you that!
  12. After reading the article it sounded to me as if he was saying that now that the system is in place for the offense that the next QB to step in doesn't have to be a world beater, they can just be a game manager and the offense will still be able to function.
  13. They were pretty tame.. had no issues and they seemed to welcome us. I’d say it might be different now that there is some history but I doubt it. Stadium is in a pretty isolated location outside the main part of the city and it’s pretty open, very little chance of silliness
  14. I went to Temple last year. Great city, although the game didn't go so well.